Yes Bernie – That is What a Pardon Means!

There is just something comforting about knowing what to expect from some people. Bernie Sanders, in his classic Bernie form, made a recent statement regarding the President choosing to Pardon certain people, and of course, he did it as only Bernie can.

For those of you not familiar with the off-beat, off-topic, off-color, off-center and essentially just a little “off” Democratic front runner, Bernie Sanders, this would be a great example of a typical Bernie move. Without fact-checking, absent of common-sense, and sprinkled with a little politicianese, Sanders recently made his thoughts about the President’s latest pardons known.

As one story reporting on the comments made by the Vermont Senator shared, Bernie, had this to say via Twitter:

“Today, Trump granted clemency to tax cheats, Wall Street crooks, billionaires, and corrupt government officials. Meanwhile thousands of poor and working-class kids sit in jail for nonviolent drug convictions.”

Hmm? Should we take a look?

One of the people recently granted a Presidential pardon by Trump was Tynice Nichole Hall. According to our story, the Trump feed tweeted that this woman is “… a 36-year-old mother who has served nearly 14 years of an 18-year sentence for allowing her apartment to be used to distribute drugs.”

No tax cheats, billionaires or corrupt government officials there Bernie.

Another of those to receive clemency from the President was a woman by the name of Crystal Munoz. Crystal is a native American and as the story reported, “…mother of 2 young girls who spent the past 12 years in prison for her small role in a marijuana smuggling ring.”

No, no, and again, no. In fact, the kind of folks that Sanders singled out, like the “poor” and those guilty of “non-violent” crimes, are precisely who these people are – Bernie!

Of course, no good politician would be worth their weight and anyone fluent in politicianese knows that every good yarn must have an iota of truth within it. So here it is…

Yes, Bernie, very wealthy men like Edward DeBartolo Jr., of San Francisco 49ers fame, was one of those people also pardoned. Just a little digging and we quickly realize that this was a thoughtful and thorough decision. Like all of the pardons made by President Trump.

Regarding DeBartolo Jr.’s pardon, the now 73-year-old former NFL owner who was guilty of crimes like extortion and gambling-related charges is certainly a threat to society. The 49ers elder statesman also was cited by the Trump administration for his philanthropic efforts, which have largely defined the man.

There you go Bernie, there is your hardcore criminal, even at 73 years of age. Except, there is still one more major oversight that only a guy named Bernie could make, which is the idea of a “pardon” to begin with.

Perhaps Bernie doesn’t understand what the definition of the word is or maybe he is confusing it with another word? To pardon, to forgive an error or wrong, to excuse. Yes, Bernie, the President did pardon people who have done wrong, but that is the idea of a pardon.

Bernie Sanders, however, may not get it. He finished his Twitter commentary on the President’s pardons saying, “This is what a broken and racist criminal justice system looks like.”


If you have never met Bernie Sanders, this is simply more of the same. No, we don’t understand what it is that he is trying to say either, and we aren’t even sure Mr. Sanders does. At least, for those of us who have come to know and endure him, none of this is strange – at least not for Bernie.

There is a strange comfort in knowing what to expect from people. This might also be a comfort for the President and his chances in 2020 because remember, Bernie is a front runner for the Democratic nomination. No offense Senator Sanders, but that could be really good news for President Trump.

Meanwhile, it might be helpful if someone could talk to the Senator about the definition of the word pardon, after all, it seems people have to pardon Bernie faux pas all the time.

Yes, Bernie, that is what a pardon means!



  1. Poor old Bernie has proven to have a rich imagination. Unfortunately, it’s very deep and very dark;, kind of what you expect for one trying to destroy our country.

  2. You want to see a list of Criminals names that was released, than you should look at the list from Obama and the past Govern of Virginia. About 90% was hardened Criminals. Rapist, murders,Drug lords and Big time Dealers, mass murderers, and LOW Lifers. Just what the Democrats (Yellow Cowards) need to vote for them.

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