Wow! Chinese Communist Party Controlled Propaganda TV Station Holds Seat in WH Briefings

President Trump was recently forced to call out yet another reporter. Phoenix TV is based in Hong Kong and they serve as the Chinese Communist Party’s mouthpiece. He called out their reporter during his coronavirus briefing on Monday. It is hard to believe that Phoenix TV is allowed to maintain a roving seat at these briefings.

Doesn’t this go against everything that America claims to stand for? According to the People’s Republic of China, Phoenix TV is important because they are the link between their Ministry of State Security and the rest of the world. They are said to have a substantial presence on American social media sites as well.

The Chinese Communist Party being given a roving seat in these crucial briefings is the type of thing that should have Americans rioting in the streets. Unfortunately, these types of things tend to be back page news at best. No one actually cares because they believe that they are being told the honest truth by their mainstream media outlets.

In reality, these outlets are already in the pocket of the Chinese. They are terrified to offer their true opinions because they do not know what will happen next. The Chinese have created an environment where American outlets are fearful of speaking the truth. Could you imagine the level of outrage that would take place if the Russians were allowed to have this sort of roving seat?

THAT would be a front page headline. Trump would be accused of selling all of our nation’s secrets to Putin and that’s all anyone would want to talk about. Meanwhile, the Chinese Communist party has their own seat in the US’ daily coronavirus briefings. They are not even being honest with their own citizens about their outbreak but they have time to spy on the rest of us.

This is pretty convenient, if you ask us. Trump supporters have already taken notice of the way that conservative news networks are treated under this administration. OANN is a popular network that regularly offers support for Trump and they have been removed entirely. The White House Press Corps was forced into this decision and it is a regrettable one.

Why should the Communists get a free pass to monitor our comings and goings when they are not being reciprocal. The United States is not being offered any sort of viable information when it comes to the Chinese. They do not tell anyone anything but they expect to know it all. The White House Correspondents Association is flabbergasted by the decision and rightfully so.

Jon Karl serves as the president for the organization. The press corps used to be much larger but they have been asked to trim the number down a bit. Instead of allowing 49 press corps to be in the briefing room, the number has been slashed to 14. This is understandable, of course. The social distancing guidelines need to be adhered to, even in the White House.

Allowing the Chinese to remain present is the part that people are struggling to wrap their minds around. If the press corps is being cut down, why are foreign television stations receiving first priority? In our humble opinion, Phoenix TV should have been one of their first to go. Instead, they are being given preferential treatment for reasons that no one can actually figure out.

One of the 14 seats that are now open are shared on a rotating basis. ABC, CNN and CBS are still allowed to occupy these seats on a fairly regular basis. Why are so many stations that fundamentally oppose Donald Trump and his administration being given this kind of special treatment? These seats should be saved for those who have real questions to ask.

Time is of the essence when we are trying to handle a global pandemic. There is no time to be spending on “gotcha” questions and general tomfoolery. The reporters who are being allowed into the room are some of the nastiest and most vicious journalists in the business and we are not even discussing the Chinese anymore. They pose an ever greater problem than most Americans could possibly realize.

Is the White House going to be forced to shut down all of their future briefings? That’s the way we are headed if things do not change. The number of press corps that are being allowed into the briefings is declining rapidly and it is only a matter of time before none are permitted. This is the environment that is being created with the childish behavior that is taking place among the reporters.


  1. Why are we allowing a Chinese reporter in the briefings anyway? She doesn’t look American and isn’t. I heard her yesterday. Has a “smart” mouth.

  2. The fact that the communist China agent was allowed inside the White House is questionable, let alone the Briefing Room. None of the communist countries allow the United States to sit in on their news releases, so why should the United States? The Chinese “reporters” are all so brainwashed that they only believe in communism; they do not respect any type of government other than communism. They are taught to cause distrust of our citizens at every possible opportunity. Some of these “reporters” are nothing less than spies – outright spies!! If there are important things discussed in our Presidential briefings, then the White House staff should be the activity who does the presentation of the briefings to “reporters” who are not allowed to attend the briefings. There are some of the American news media who often ask questions that are totally out of order, and perhaps they should also be excluded from attending the briefings. Acosta, of CNN, is one who constantly tries his damnedest to irritate or discredit President Trump. He should also lose his privileges to attend the briefings until he learns how to act like a professional newsman instead of making a complete ass of himself trying to appear like he has an interest in listening to the briefing.

    • he dont have to try making a n ass of himsess , he is already one and should be baned from attending any place that our president appears

    • I agree about Acosta being a loud mouth thug and should be ousted — he was and took the admin to court and the courts allowed him back in due to his constitutional rights…I say he should be out. Also this chinese girl has been in the audience for about a wk or so, I have seen her there and this was the first time she asked a question, and I think because there were vere few in the audience. However Trump should have her removed. She doesnt come under our Constitutional Laws.

  3. He should make all of the view it from home just like everyone else and prevent their endless strings of inane questions!

  4. Having a Chinese reporter in the White House Briefings on the virus or on any other subject is absolutely idiotic. I am sure President Trump has his reasons, but I do not trust the Chinese or anyone who works for them. I believe the Chinese are like Islam, in the sense that it is all about China or Islam. Neither group truly cares about anyone or anything that does not benefit their country or culture. Why hasn’t China stepped forward and admitted the virus originated in China? The virus was initiated in China either intentionally or unintentionally. China’s failure to admit the truth about the virus starting in China makes you wonder, “Was it an accident?” Send the Chinese reporter back to Hong Cong until our media personnel are allowed to be in communist briefings. God Bless President Trump and God Bless America.

    • Jesse Waters had an excellent show on Saturday night and he had a guest but I didnt catch his name. He was a doctor and he showed videos of the chinese in those caves with their hazmat suits on giving these bats injections and then putting the bats back where they took from the walls they were clinging too. Also they were marking the walls of the cave with blue marker to show something? Once they injected something into these bats then they withdrew some liquid via injection needle. Very strange indeed. Now the Chinese have said those bats are not near the wet market they are hundred of miles away but this doctor had proof of them with the bats and told Jesse that he had a lot more videos on the chinese with the bats and Jesse said they were out of time and wanted to have him back soon. I dont remember the doctors name but this was on his Saturday pm show jesse waters….maybe you can see if its on youtube or contact fox for more info.

  5. Evidently Trump is a part of the problem but when things get to tuff for him he wants change I don’t trust Trump for the simple fact it’s a whole lotta mix in the mix trying to close the Post Office Down so we can’t do mail in votes Everything that the Republicans got up in the air is only hurtful and harmful for the American People Wake Up Pay Attention…

  6. There is no good reason for China to have a seat in the press corp. This is not only wrong but it is moronic to honor a stupid set-up such as this. No foreign country should have a seat in an American press corp.

  7. She said Hong Kong , NOT China and her radio station was privately owned and not by the “State” , hopefully. If what she says is true , give her a pass ! Cause the Hong Kong chinese were demonstrating against the Chinese government in Hong Kong. “IF” she is lying they already know ! “OPB” and will react accordingly !

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