Why a Pastor Was Suspended on Facebook

Facebook has the ability to suspend anyone’s account if they go against terms and conditions. As to what those terms and conditions are, it’s a long list to include using a fake name, posting inappropriate photos, engaging in spam, engaging in hate speech, and much more.

A Christian pastor in Spokane, Washington had his account suspended for three days because of a post that was criticizing Iran and their homophobic policies. Ken Peters says that he is an example of social media bias with his Facebook account being suspended. He also tweeted about his account suspension.

Facebook’s reasoning for suspending his account was because of making the LGBTQ community look “less than human.” His actual post compared LGBTQ supporting Iran to how chickens would support KFC. He said that Facebook didn’t understand the point and that it was leftist censorship.

Although Peters understands why his account was suspended, he doesn’t accept the rationale that’s behind it.

The pastor explains that his post was not hateful in any way. He was identifying that totalitarian Muslims in Iran persecute and execute LGBTQ people. Meanwhile, there are a number of freedom-loving Christians throughout America that disagree with the immorality of the LGBTQ but would never harm them. He finds it to be “strange and ironic” that the LGBTQ community would take the side of Iranians who would actually murder them if they were able to do so.

Facebook has received a significant amount of scrutiny in the recent past because of political bias that it appears their algorithm has, unfairly screening out some social media posts.

Peters, who has made headlines recently because of being the founder of the “Church at Planned Parenthood.” He holds his services outside of one of the offices of the abortion services providers as a way to show those seeking abortions that there’s a more Christian way of dealing with an unwanted pregnancy.

Additionally, the Christian pastor isn’t the only one to accuse Facebook of political bias recently.

Republicans and conservatives seem to be the target of Facebook algorithms. Trump has been calling Facebook and Twitter for their discrimination for quite a while, too. Trump has said that they are trying to get to the bottom of it. The president’s comments were made following the Director of Social Media for the White House, Dan Scovino, was blocked by Facebook for making comments. Facebook apologized and said that the Director of Social Media was mistaken for being a bot.

With social media giants being accused of bias more frequently. The term “shadow banning” has become more popular as it involves posting a piece of content on social media. It appears normal to the person created it but it’s not visible to anyone else. So that other users are protected from “harmful” content. This is a practice that encourages people to leave forums due to poor engagement.

Shadow banning is typically identified because a person doesn’t receive any kind of engagement. Facebook and Twitter are the two platforms that have been accused of shadow banning the most. Facebook has responded by saying that if there is repeated use of the same word, a number of @ mentions, a significant amount of exclamation points, and such, they have trained the bots to either ban or not allow the comment to be seen by other users (shadow banning).

In regards to Dan Scovino’s account, they identified that it was a mistake and unfroze the account.

As for what Pastor Peters experienced, the account was purposely suspended for three days to prevent him from continuing to post what they deemed as hateful content toward a specific group – in this case, the LGBTQ community.

Even after Peters explained why it is that he posted, the Facebook officials did not agree. However, it was a temporary ban and Peters now has full use of his Facebook account once again.

The main issue is that it seems as though the only ones experiencing any kind of censorship are the Republicans. This has led many to wonder if social media giants are in as some part of a conspiracy with the liberals as a way to squash what conservatives are trying to say. While plenty say that it is not the case, it’s only leading to more investigations of Facebook in terms of exactly what their algorithms are being taught so that certain posts and people are filtered to the point that their posts are taken down or their accounts are being suspended.



  1. If this pastor’s church is a 501-c-3 church, then it is a Government Corporate church so he can also loose his license as a 501-c-3 if the State says so.

  2. I notice that the article reflects the opinion that FB uses an automated algorithm to do all this work of identifying a culprit and automatically suspends or takes action against a customer. I don’t believe that hogwash. I think the algorithm picks out a highlighted word and the article or sentence or whatever is brought to the attention of the FB hired company to review it. For the smallest of infractions this company, more than likely Disqus then make a man made decision to take action against the writer/author.Then they go so far as to publish what you have done wrong in their opinion and if it was really wrong like you making a statement about a group or action they support then you get a stinger, suspension, or worse like in my case more than a suspension. I’ve had many and will get more. I’ve written thousands of comments and articles on every conservative thought you can imagine and they don’t like it and whatshis face on FB just thinks he is above any kind of rule of existence and can do whay he wants to anyone at any time but he stops at murder, for now. He just hasn’t any ethics or morals and eventually will go over the top and take the next step.He doesn’t realize what good he could do the world if he took the right tack. 7 billion people in the world and could promote to all of them a wish for freedoms and human rights they all could enjoy with peace and cleanliness and picking the right fight at the right moment, like getting the people of India to protest the level of filth they live in and squalor they have to give to their children when they have no toilets or TP and do their duty on the street because the gov’t uses any income they get to line their pockets and they even have the bomb but no clean water or sanitation. Such a simple thing that determines the view of a country. India also the only democracy in the world that leagally allows persecution of a Christian including murder but allows all other religions to co-exist. and we continue to give them foreign aid for them to use for war. In hospitals in India no room is cleaned unless the family of the patient does it to stop the filth and the contamination. You would think that a country of”equals” in the population of over 1.5 billion would want to care for their own people instead of not caring for anyone and our insurance companies send our citizens over their for cheap surgery with pictures of whitewashed rooms but filth and desease in the OR. They claim not to anylonger have a class system but that’s hooeeh, they still have them and that is how the lowest cass gets a bag of rice cheaper in the same store as a highest cass member gets. Look at Nikki former U.N. ambassador and her priviledged family.

    • Thank you tc for your comments. I would also add the constant negative articles that I’ve read about women being raped in India which I find abhorrent!!!!!!! 🙁

  3. I’ve got about 15 more days till I’m out of FACEBOOK JAIL. According to THEM I posted 5 NO NO’S on the web site. As far as in concerned what I said was within MY CONSTITUTIONAL FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS! I’ve seem far worse written by Democrat Libtards, and they’re not suspended. FACEBOOK SUCKS JUST LIKE ZUCKERBURG.!!!

    • Here’s an idea: close down your “fakebook” account and don’t ever re-activate it. You’ll be surprised at how much stress you’ll avoid, AND how much you’ll be engaged with other people. Just sayin’…

  4. Just like all liberals they want to protect the poor minorities from any words that might harm their little psyches. LGBTs or whatever they are have to learn to live with some situations they don’t like just as the rest of us do.

    • Yes!!!!! I have just HAD IT with the lousy attitudes of the punk-a** Mexicans in California that think they are above everybody else and should have special rights for the ******* ILLEGALS that have infested that state!!!!!! Talk about a p.c. culture and sense of b.s. entitlement!!!!!! 🙁 California is now going to provide $98,000,000.00 a year to the illegals for free health care!!!!!!! That is a crime!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  5. It seems to me that all “media”, it being social or main stream media, are loaded with muslims, and their goal is to destroy America from within.

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