Video: Was the Roger Stone Sentencing Recommendation a Setup?

Rogue Stone on his way to his hearing on the gag-order today, 2/21/19

Those who called this one ages ago are currently crowing to their friends and loved ones. The deep state prosecutors who were responsible for the Roger Stone case tried to do everything in their power to stack the deck in their favor. They even tried to lean on the Attorney General’s office, seeking a sentence that was certainly not proportionate to the crime.

They wanted Stone to be sent to prison for at least 7 to 9 years. The Attorney General’s Office disagreed with the assessment. They said that this sentence was not appropriate. This sentence didn’t seem to align with the crime that he had been accused of committing. The Trump collusion that this investigation was based on was also proven to be a hoax.

That never stops the Democrats from trying to get their way. The Department of Justice disagreed with the assessment that had been made, rightfully so. They went on to say that they were shocked by the recommendation that was made. Why would anyone want to watch an old man potentially die in prison?

This is not the sort of justice that anyone should want to say but the Democrats are a deranged bunch. Even when they cannot win, they simply try to rig things in their favor. The Department of Justice even said that the sentence that they tried to recommend was not even the sentence that they had been briefed on at first.

The deep state was determined to convict Stone and they did not care what corners they had to cut. Bill Barr, the Attorney General, was also stunned by this turn of events. When the prosecutors looked to consider prison time for other parties involved, that was when things started to take a turn.

This gambit was merely a setup to get a rise out of Trump, of course. Once he heard about these plans, it did not take long for him to spring into action. That’s exactly what the deep state wanted. Matt Whitaker, former Attorney General, made a serious allegation about these matters. He said that the whole thing was a Democratic setup and it is hard to disagree with that characterization.

The deep state actors know that they are on the verge of being exposed. Once someone decides to tug at one thread, all of the rest tend to unravel pretty quickly. These criminals want to lie to the American people, just to get Trump out of office. According to Whitaker, it is quite obvious what is going on here and even when the decision had been made?

They decided to go in the opposite direction! This is not what democracy is supposed to be about. The events that took place prior to Whitaker’s commentary were just a setup, so that the Democrats could set up the perfect “kerfuffle”. By the way, we love that word and wish that more people would start using it on a regular basis.

Former Attorney General Matt Whitaker: It is very clear from his interview that they had told him that they were going to do quite the opposite and then did exactly what he had said, no let’s go in another direction. The decision had been made and then they went in the opposite direction anyway. This seems to be a little bit of a set-up to cause this exact kerfuffle. Very much choreographed. Fundamentally all of their power is driven from the president and the Attorney General. And if the Attorney General is led to believe that we should make this recommendation and they don’t! They shouldn’t be concerned about resigning, they should be removed.

Whitaker went on to say that those who are responsible for this deception will not have to worry about tendering a resignation. Instead, they are going to have to worry about being removed entirely. At long last, someone with sense is stepping up to the plate and saying the things that need to be said.

The bias that has been on display throughout the duration of the Stone case has been disgusting to watch and we are beyond glad that someone is calling it out. We cannot believe that democracy is being perverted in such a way. There are enough evils in the world without having to manufacture new ones in an effort to get your way. We all have better things to do.

The more time that the powers that be spend on stuff like this, the less time that they have to actually fix the ills of the nation. The deep state does not know how to fight for what is right. All they know how to is abuse power and use the government as their own personal tool to pursue vigilante justice. No one should consent to have their government agencies used in such a way.

That’s not how things should be and going forward, we hope that the usual chicanery is stopped. The integrity of our government agencies is being compromised and it is high time that we stepped up to put a stop to it. In the meantime, we are happy to see that there are some sane people left in positions of power who are willing to speak publicly on these matters.


  1. The thousand or so ”prosecutors” ( persecutor really) who want Barr to resign should be fired on the spot. It is clear they are afraid all the people they railroaded might wake up and come after them. The NSA, FBI and DOJ all have dirty hands in this attempt to torpedo the Trump Administration. Obama started it and they figured Clinton would overlook their crimes as they did hers and they could go on running the show! I am very afraid for President Trump. I believe and am afraid these guys are so desperate they may try to assassinate him. Watch your back President Trump.

  2. Trump should have kept Mathew Whittaker as Attorney General. Instead, he listened to the swamp and appointed Bush Boy Barr.
    That’s why the coup goes on and the Obama Clinton Cabal Cabal traitors remain free.

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