Video: Venezuela’s President Guaido Attacked on Return to Venezuela

There are some who like to portray socialists in a certain way. In their minds, socialists are all kind and loving people who live to help others. The reality that socialist regimes actually live with is completely different, though. Just ask the people who live in the country of Venezuela.

Their president recently experienced a violent attack when he returned back home this past week. These are the sorts of stories that need to be shared more, so that people have a better idea of what actually takes place in the world around them. Photos have obtained of the president after the attack took place.

No one thought that something like this would take place but those who are experienced observers know differently. Juan Guaidó had successful visits to America and Europe, where he was treated very well. He even received honors from Trump during his most recent State of the Union address.

The violent socialists wasted no time attacking Juan Guaidó, though. Upon his return, he was beaten with various sticks and treated like an intruder in his own country. These are the grim conditions that socialism breeds. We wonder if Bernie Sanders would still sing the same tune after getting whacked with a stick or two.

We are going to go out on a huge limb here and say no. That’s why a serious conversation needs to be had about the mentalities that socialism breeds. The level of entitlement that is on display here is absolutely insane. What kind of country would allow its citizens to behave like this with no repercussions?

The videos that you are going to see are jaw-dropping. Americans who have gotten too used to the idea that they are somehow oppressed would do well to check these out. It just might change some of the perceptions that have been allowed to circulate. Socialism is a concept that breeds nothing but anger and violence and no one should want it in America.

We do not care how bad people think it is nowadays. It cannot be worse than living in a country where the president is attacked with impunity. When Juan Guaidó made his arrival at Simón Bolivar International Airport, the socialist group that is seizing control of the nation wanted him to know that they did not approve of his efforts to meet with the United States over their sanctions of Venezuela.

The attack was led by Dubraska Padrón, better known as the political coordinator of CONVIASA. The officials at the airport were also in on the attack. They confiscated all of the president’s travel documents, so that he would not be able to leave the country again. This is the type of thuggish behavior that no country should be proud to be associated with.

Even the van that Juan Guaidó was traveling in was not considered safe. The socialist group that is responsible for the attack did not allow the van to make it out of the airport. When the president attempted to travel to Caracas, the group resorted to violence. However, the violence has done nothing to stop the support of those who remain in Juan Guaidó’s corner.

These supporters are definitely some of the bravest souls on the planet. We are happy to report that the president is still safe and sound. The cowards may have been able to launch this attack but we are proud to let the world know that it was not successful. Hopefully, Juan Guaidó is able to put an end to this plague before it is able to spread any further.

Socialism is a pox upon our planet and it needs to be eliminated expeditiously. The interim president does not have an easy road ahead of him but it is clear to see that he has support from those who have not lost their minds yet. Kudos to the journalists that are willing to risk their own reputations (and even lives) to report the news that the mainstream outlets are too scared to provide.

We owe them a massive debt of gratitude. These angry and violent socialists should not be allowed to behave in such a manner without retaliation. That does not mean that anyone should be resorting to violence, though. The type of retaliation that we are talking about is a bit different.

The fair and unbiased reporting that allows these stories to be told is all of the retaliation that anyone should want. Let’s all come together and make sure that this type of violent socialism is never able to come to pass in America.


  1. The Soviet Union, the East block nations are gone, but Mao’s China still here, the Kim family owns North Korea, Cuba is still Castroite, and Venezuela is in the Communist dump.

  2. Guaido is simply trying to help his country and their people. I know it’s not the responsibility of the U.S. to interfere, but how I wish Trump would throw a bomb on Maburro and get rid of him so the people of Venezuela can have somewhat of a normal life if that is possible. No wonder the people have left in droves and are spreading to Colombia and other countries. Very sad.

  3. This is just what antifa is doing here in America, and our own msm is part of the socialist agenda. They don’t cover the violence that any of the socialist left comits here in the United States, they just try to help cover it up, just remember demonrats when you are up to your neck in socialism if you bend down to kiss your leaders a$$, you will drown or starve.

  4. If you haven’t noticed here in the great USA…the one’s pushing for the socialist agenda are people who seem to have a lot of personal wealth so they know it won’t affect them. What a bunch of lying, power-hungry idiots here in the USA. I say ship them all out ASAP never to return. Moreover, freeze all their assets so they too can live in squaller with nothing but the clothes on their backs!

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