Ultrasound Law Stays in Place

Abortion Protection Law Stays In Place

Abortion is the Democrat’s way of murdering a baby and justifying it in the end. The Democrats at every level of government hate the idea of making abortion illegal. In every case where the act of abortion has been limited, they have challenged the validity of the law. The stupid Democratic states have opened the doors for abortions to happen without much effort. But in the states where it is illegal to do certain things is where the dumb Democrats are creating the biggest fight.

The state of Kentucky has a law that makes abortion illegal if an ultrasound is not performed first. The ultrasound shows the baby to the mother and anyone else in the room. It makes the would-be murderer come face to face with the life that they are about to extinguish. The law is there to help the person supposedly make the best choice concerning what they are desiring to do. The stupid Democrats hate this law because more people are choosing life when they see the face of the baby that is about to die at the hands of the vicious doctor.

The American Civil Liberties Union has been challenging this law for a long time. Their argument is twisted and stupid as they claim that the doctor’s speech rights are been violated under the First Amendment because of this law. To say it plainly, the nasty ACLU wants the doctors to have the right to tell the patient to abort their baby. What the ACLU is trying to do is make the decision out of the hands of the patient and make it what the doctor wants.

There is no choice in abortion. There is only murder. When a person aborts a baby, a person dies. The stupid ACLU and the dumb Democrats dimply ease their conscience with the term abortion because they like it rather than calling it murder. The law was challenged by the ACLU and has made its way to the United States Supreme Court.

More of these cases are ending up at the highest court of the land. At some point, they are going to have to deal with the issue as a whole. But for right now the Supreme Court has left the law in place in Kentucky. Every person that wants to abort the baby will have to see the baby’s face before making the decision. The Supreme Court did not even review an appeals court decision because it was just not worth the effort.

When it comes to the appeal courts it matters where the case ends up. One court in Ohio upheld the Kentucky law, but another in Virginia would go on to strike down a similar law in Virginia. These kinds of cases are coming up all over the country. Many of the states that are run by the people and not the stupid Democrats are wanting to make abortion illegal because it is murder.

There is also another aspect of this law that is driving the ACLU crazy. In Florida, it was common that the doctors could talk about gun safety but one court in Atlanta struck it down. It limited what the doctors could say about gun safety. Gun safety is not within their field of expertise. Doctors should only give advice medically, but nothing else. Of course, no one would ever consider an auditor should be able to tell an EMT how to do their job. Nor would they try because it is out of their field of expertise.

The ACLU just wants to see people murder, so they want the doctors to be able to tell patients that it’s ok to murder their baby. They hate the idea the doctors now in Kentucky must describe the baby in detail as the heartbeat is sounded out. Of course, this kind of medical talk is not acceptable to the ACLU because it promotes life instead of murder. The patients can choose to look away if they do not want to hear them or see the sounds.

But for the doctor, they must comply or lose their medical license. Matt Bevin is the Pro-life Governor that signed the awesome bill into law. He and others like him are the reasons why President Trump can make America great again because they stand for the rights and freedoms of the people; both born and unborn.


  1. Everyone seems to talk about the “woman’s right to choose”. What about the “baby’s right to live”? WE don’t have rights over that most helpless of all U.S. Citizens: the UNBORN and the NEWBORN child. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

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