U.S. Immigration Arrests Over 600 Illegals at Plants in Several States

There are illegal aliens everywhere that have infiltrated and taken jobs away from hard-working Americans. The devilish Democrats want open borders so illegals and criminals can walk right into the country and take jobs away from hard-working legal residents of the country. To keep America safe ICE raided over seven plants in Mississippi and removed over 680 illegals that have been stealing from Americans for years.

The raids have been planned for over a month and were perfectly executed. These individuals would not have been taxpayers or even paying for their fair share of healthcare. They simply work a job that should be filled by a true American that is paying for their part of the benefits that living in America has. Some people taken into custody would have a criminal record and all were guilty of crimes against the country because they are living here illegally.

The true heroes of ICE spread out around the five plants in an attempt to keep the people from running. Over 600 ICE agents were involved in the operation. In one plant alone three busses were needed to remove these illegals. With all the illegals out-of-the-way Americans now have a chance to find a job that they have been denied for many years.

These companies have violated community trust and should be investigated for illegal activity. Just because they can hire an illegal for less money does not make it right. These companies have exploited people for their gain. They will now have to hire real employees and pay taxes to the government legally. Friends and family members were not so friendly with the heroes from ICE as they did their job. Many of them wanted the people to let go.

All the illegal aliens were taken to a hanger where they would be processed. Many of the illegals tried to flee on foot but were soon captured. These people know they are here illegally, and they know that they violate the law. Many of them would have ignored their court date, so they could avoid being deported.

The maniac media would have the world believe that legal families have been separated and illegally removed from their homes. But the fact of the matter is that these people are criminals and are to be removed. The family members no doubt have mixed feelings about the deportations, but they are needed. Illegals take away from the strength of the country as they milk the nation for money and healthcare. Much of what is sent back to their families in other countries. The ICE agents have done an exceptional job in removing foreigners from the nation. There is still more that needs to be done. With the southern border getting better under control. ICE can now step up its raids at known plants and regions where the illegals seem to live.

The media and stupid Democrats have never been in favor of ICE raids. Many of them would love to see the organization done away with. They view ICE as a Trump political diversion. President Trump has only one concern at that is the removal of the illegals found throughout America. This is the best and only way to ensure the safety of America people.

The company owners and managers can be charged with hiring people that are known illegals. They all will be investigated for tax fraud. Of course, the liberals would have everyone believe that Trump instigated the raids based on racism accusations. President Trump has consisted of his crackdown on illegal aliens crossing the borders.

There is no doubt that these raids and removal of people will hurt the companies in the short term. But in the long term, it will only benefit the communities because now they will have hired at fair wages people that are in the country legally. They will have to hire real Americans that pay taxes and pay for their portion of healthcare that they use daily. They must be deported to keep America safe.

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