A Powerful and Tragic Reminder that Change is Needed on Gun Violence – NOT Gun Control

The President has recently been talking about new ideas regarding how we can better control gun violence in the country. On Friday, there was another stark reminder that change, not more of the same, is needed. These latest shootings don’t need to be dramatized for effect to empower anti-gun activists and groups. No more than they need to be hyped for those who support our 2nd Amendment rights. What should happen, and hindsight says it should have happened long ago, is a serious look at new gun violence measures.

To hear those from the other side of the aisle tell it, they would have you use gun violence and gun control interchangeably. They wouldn’t even mind if they were synonymous – but they aren’t. It is possible that there are still some who believe gun control as in more gun control and more restrictions are the answer. Then there are a few who still believe that guns themselves are the problem and removing them completely is the answer. Enter your own commentary here regarding that select group.

Meanwhile, gun rights supporters and 2nd Amendment defenders are fighting for some sense of sanity. The kind of sanity that would lend a hand toward ending the kind of insanity we have witnessed too often lately, like the kind we heard about on Friday. One story reporting on the two shootings released this statement from authorities in Midland, Texas:

“We believe there are two shooters in two separate vehicles. One suspect is believed to be at the Cinergy in Midland and the other is believed to be driving on Loop 250 in Midland. The two vehicles in question are a gold/white small Toyota truck and a USPS Postal Van.”

Along with a statement from law enforcement in Odessa:

“A subject (possibly 2) is currently driving around Odessa shooting at random people. At this time there are multiple gunshot victims. The suspect just hijacked a U.S. mail carrier truck and was last seen in the area of 38th and Walnut. Everyone is encouraged to get off the road and use extreme caution!”

According to the aforementioned report covering these shootings, early numbers suggest that as many as 20 people have been shot. As these details unwind and as we get more information on what exactly happened in Texas that day, and after we have had time to grieve, we will be reminded that change is needed. The President has addressed the ideas of looking into the gun violence problem from the mental health perspective. An idea that he has received considerable flack for and exactly the outside of the box type of thinking we need.

Does it seem like there has been an increase in gun violence recently? Does it feel like we have heard more reports about mass shootings this year? There’s a reason for that and the problem isn’t getting any better with more gun control laws. It shouldn’t take a tragedy to invoke change but it often does. So… how many more?

Don’t let the left smooth-talk you into thinking that gun control is the same thing as gun violence. It is this agenda-driven legislation that has increased gun restriction and made gun purchasing (and selling) more tedious, time-consuming and difficult with no evidence of any impact on gun violence. Outside of the evidence that the plan isn’t working.

Those questions and more ideas about controlling gun violence need to be seriously investigated. Right now, however, it is time to keep those in harm’s way and those who suffered as a result of these shootings in our prayers. If this is the tragedy that wakes us up, then at least we can say something good came out of something awful.

The news is still swirling and details are still being collected as the story out of Texas isn’t a good one. It is also one that we have heard about too many times. Two separate shootings, two more tragedies and let’s hope for all of us, two more reminders that we need change now – more than ever.

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