Trump Town Hall on Coronavirus Highest Rated in Cable History

Fox News’ recent special that featured various members of the White House coronavirus task force (and President Trump, of course) received the highest ratings for a town hall meeting in the history of cable news. In addition to the high level of viewership on television, a million viewers tuned into YouTube.

The virtual town hall had over 4 million viewers. Harris Faulkner and Bill Hemmer hosted the town hall and this unusual forum provided viewers with the chance to ask the necessary questions. Trump has actually broken his own record in this instance. The March 5 town hall meeting had over 4 million viewers as well, although it did clock in slightly below Tuesday’s edition.

Without live sports or new television productions to pass the time, President Trump has been able to dominate our nation’s airwaves. People are looking for answers in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. He is more than happy to provide them. Americans are trapped in the house during these quarantine orders and are quite bored.

That’s why they are grateful to Trump for providing daily dispatches that are designed to ease their worried minds. With so much idle time on our hands, Americans have no chance but to consider what comes next. According to recent polling, 60 percent of Americans approve of the manner in which Trump has handled the coronavirus pandemic.

As you may have expected, the Democrats are not so thrilled. They are only offering up a 27 percent approval rate. This number stands in stark contrast to the Republican approval rate, which currently stands at 94 percent. 60 percent of independent voters are offering their approval and these numbers are interesting for one very important reason.

“And voters are largely giving Trump positive marks for his handling of the pandemic, with 94% of Republicans, 60% of independents, and 27% of Democrats approving of his efforts. That’s higher than his general approval rating among each group,” Bloomberg News reports.

They are all higher than his numbers with each voting group, in general. Trump’s approval rating has been rising over the course of the past few months as well. The latest Hill-HarrisX poll places his approval rating at an even 50 percent. His approval rating is higher than it has been in the past two years and it is an easy connection to make.

At a time when people are starved for information, they are looking for their president to take charge. By presenting himself to the American public on a daily basis, he is remaining accountable for his words. The voting blocs that have been pro Trump in the past are still on his side and the Democrats are still finding ways to oppose him.

In other words, it is business as usual. Even the independents are starting to see the light, as the Hill-HarrisX poll places their approval rate at 50 percent on the dot. The liberal media types that are looking to silence the president and have his briefings taken off the major television stations are not going to like these numbers.

They would all like to make the world believe that the coronavirus pandemic is all Donald Trump’s fault. All he has done is attempt to provide information to those who are looking for some small measure of reassurance during these frightening times. The First Amendment is always cited by the left when it is convenient for them, though.

In reality, they do not want anyone to enjoy the privilege of free speech unless it is one of their own. As soon as they do not like the message that is being presented, they are the first to cry foul. These Trump town hall meetings are going to continue to garner high ratings because the nation is experiencing the sort of uncertainty that we have never seen in our lifetimes.

There is no precedent that we can point to at the moment. We are all waiting to hear more together. That’s why these town halls are so popular. It has nothing to do with anyone’s like or dislike of Donald Trump. The left cannot help themselves at times like these. They have yet to find a crisis that they could not attempt to politicize.

The media has done everything in their power to make President Trump look bad and they have not been successful. When you view the current situation through that sort of lens, the level of rage that the left seems to have is fairly understandable. That does not make it right.

The left has allowed themselves to be swayed by Chinese propaganda. That’s how desperate they are to find fault with the current administration. It would be sad if it were not so predictable. People want a president that is offering a plan of action, not a president who simply whines and throws up their hands.


  1. The people want a president who offers solutions, not one who just whines and throws up their hands, the article states. I think he means one who draws a line in the sand and then promises that if that line is crossed, he will absolutely draw another one. I think Trump has been very proactive in his handling of this new pandemic. He has placed travel bans on countries where the virus has caused the most damage (he was condemned as a xenophobe by the left for this action, but experts say it probably saved thousands of lives), he quickly established a team to advise him and handle virus related actions, he got money approved to get PPE and medical equipment and he got money to cover those who were most hurt by the virus and the government actions. The greatest criticism involves the late arrival of test kits, masks and gowns (PPE), ventilators and respirators. Most of this equipment was used up by the Obama administration and not replaced. This is, of course, Trump’s fault and complaining about it is an impeachable offense.

  2. I believe we are blessed by God to have President Trump and VP Pence are the right leaders for these times. We are fed up with the “career politicians, IE Schummer, Pelosi, and the new left-wing faction are the most dangerous element I have seen in my 60 years of observing our politics. I am 80. NO MORE politicians, America was designed to be run by the citizens. The Democrats think we are not intelligent enough to govern ourselves. The Democrats of old should be embarrassed for the attitude of today.


    • Thank you Tess for that great and wonderful comment about our President Mr Trump yes he stood his ground dispirited the hates come from left he not give in. Thank you Mr President for keeping your promises to all american once again thank you.

  4. This is the best president ever. I am so glad that he is a citizen of this country and talks like ordinary people. he feels and acts like most people in this country. We are tired of the bullcrap that goes on in our government and Nancy and Chuckie have just proven how far from Americans that the democrats have gotten. People used to love and help. Now it is who can throw whom under the bus for their own political gain.

  5. If the democrats want to commit suicide, why don’t they just do it and stop subjecting the rest of America to their insane ramblings!!!

  6. Can you imagine what it would be like IF Hillary had won?? Not only socialized medicine, WE would be under their control, they would be in charge of our health!!! The Dems would then “Get the good stuff” while WE THE PEOPLE” would get the left-overs, yeah, thats how socialism works. Been there seen it!

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