Trump Gets a Letter from North Korea

Kim Jong Un is a tripwire just waiting to go off. He is unstable and extremely moody. Just moments after President Trump and crazy Kim met at the demilitarized zone He fires off test rockets that are short-range missiles. His reason for firing them off is because the United States and South Korea have been participating in joint military drills. This action is all the crazy needed to fire his rockets once again.

This past weekend the president said that he had received a letter from crazy Kim for firing off the rockets. This apology letter is nothing short of crazy Kim trying to play both sides of the fence. He wants to continue to develop his rocket technology while at the same time trying to keep a friendship with the United States. He just does not want to become the next recipient of sanctions or tariffs from the United States.

Crazy said that he wanted to start up negotiations with the United States once the military drills were finished. President Trump said that the crazy dictator complained a lot about the drills and how expensive they were. Crazy Kim needs to understand that He is the reason for the drills in the first place. If North Korea would just give up their crazy missile tests and stop threatening people around them, there would be no reason for the two nations to engage in practice drills.

President Trump has a vision of what he sees as future North Korea. He believes that he once the Northern country stops their drills, then the crazy Kim and his people will become once of the most prosperous nations in the world. There is also mention of a future meeting for the two leaders. President Trump knows how to deal with people. He knows how to get them to the table for negotiations. Crazy Kim likes to have his handheld along the way. He is a little child that needs to be guided by daddy Trump. President Trump is doing what Kim needs to get him to stop his crazy military exercises.

The short-range missile tests are being fired out over the water near Japan. They are short-range missile designs that are meant to be an unspoken warning that they will attack if they feel they need to do so. Crazy Kim is willing to start another war just to get what he wants. Kim wants to be taken seriously as a world leader and not just a president or dictator of a small unimportant nation. But North Korea continues to be a puppet of China and Russia.

The military drills are supposed to help prepare South Korea for the need for self-defense. These are simple drills that are preparing the south for an attack from the north. They are not preparing the south for an invasion of the north. North Korea is the aggressive nation, and they will be the ones that will start any modern-day Korean war. They have always threatened other nations around them and have even tried to develop missile technology that could hit the United States with nuclear weapons.

President Trump has gone out of his way to help the crazy Kim come to his senses. Kim wants respect but President Trump knows how to give it to him. Kim is acting like a little child that wants to control others. President Trump has had to be wise and changes the way he deals with the unstable crazy Kim. Over the past two years, he has had two peaceful summits with Kim to help him learn that peace is the best for everyone.

Peace brings prosperity and President Trump wants Kim to learn this fact. He wants Kim to know that it is better for North Korea as a nation. The crippled nation has struggled under the leadership of Kim and his crazy push for communism. The nation is ready for another type of government that promotes freedom and prosperity. President Trump is the one that can give it to them.

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