This Crackpot Judge is Playing President and Trying to Destroy the Country

The liberal agenda continues to reign in many areas of the United States as they cry and violently protest the conservative values of the majority of people. When people stand in their way they usually get violent and cannot even hold a decent conversation.

In a way, the liberals of America seek only power for themselves. A liberal Judge from the San Francisco area has decided that he should be president and not Donald Trump when he put back in place the injunction that a higher court removed.

President Trump has developed a law that prohibits Asylum seekers from entering the country if they pass through another county along the way. The international standard for asylum laws states a person must seek asylum in the first country that they come to.

Many of the migrants headed to America are skipping right through many options on their way to the United States. The problem is that the Democratic Party has been secretly coaching migrants as they have taken secret trips to the south of the border in an attempt to keep the flow of migrants coming. They seek to destroy America.

The judge in question is Jon Tigar. He is a liberal judge that thinks he can be the president by putting back in place an injunction that was removed by a higher court. This is the typical reaction of liberals. They think they are above the law. For all practical reasons Jon Tigar is supposed to adhere to the higher court ruling, but he is choosing to ignore because he is delusional enough to think that he is the president.

He claims that there is no new evidence to warrant such an injunction. Evidence for what? Is what the country is asking. Everyone knows these new asylum laws are meant to protect the people of America from invaders from the south. But apparently, Jon Tigar has decided for the nation that these people deserve to be here more than the true citizens of the nation.

Jon Tigar believes that he should be the one making laws instead of interpreting them.

The Court of Appeals decided that the nationwide block was not warranted and narrowed it down to only two states. But Jon Tigar has decided that his law is better than all others and went against the higher court ruling and put the unlawful ban back in place.

He believes that he should dictate who can come into the country and which people should stay out. He believes that he should be the one that decides international law for everyone in the world. Jon Tigar is not the president, and he has no right to be something he is not. His job is to interpret the laws of the land that the president and the other lawmakers have passed and placed into effect.

Jon Tigar is an appointed judge from the Obama era. He is a judge that judges based on what he feels and not on what the law says. Every liberal person believes that the world has a right to enter the country illegally. But sadly when those same people decided to come after the things of the liberals, they want the very law enforcement officers that they ridicule to come and protect them.

There is a huge irony to the liberal agenda that is extremely harmful.

Mark Morgan who is the current Customs and Border Protection Commissioner has stated the ruling by Tigar is nothing more than “unprecedented judicial activism.” He goes on to point out that “Every single time that this administration comes up with what we believe is a legal rule or policy that we believe will address this crisis, we end up getting enjoined.

It’s very, very, frustrating, but we’re just going to keep going.” But this is what liberals do. They cannot see past their agenda of destruction to see that the country is under attack. It is almost like they want the nation to fall into the hands of an enemy.

The President will not stop until the nation is safe and secure. He will continue to fight for the people of America. Because that is what he has promised to do.

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