The Left’s Stupidity: Oregon Orders Everyone Must Wear Masks Except People of Color

All of the woke epidemiologists in America should have been proposing this idea from the get go. They were the ones who decided that mass gatherings were suddenly okay, as long as people were protesting police brutality. Since we are allowing these gatherings and throwing basic precautions to the wind now, we knew it was only a matter of time before the racial component came into play.

Black Americans are suffering at a disproportionate level but that did not factor into Oregon’s thought process at all. Everyone needs to wear masks in the state of Oregon but if you are a person of color, the rules do not apply to you. Anyone who has a health condition that is exacerbated by the facial coverings is also excluded.

Any child who is over the age of 2 but under the age of 12 is going to be able to make their own decision. None of these provisions sound all that smart but hey, what do we know? The rules when it comes to people of color are focused on reducing the potential for racial profiling. Anyone who believes that they are going to be subjected to more harassment because of the masks can opt out.

Racism is now being considered a public health issue and that’s why the experts are making all sorts of exceptions. Are these exceptions truly useful, though? That’s the all important question that needs to be answered as soon as possible. While it is all well and good to want to help those who have been disenfranchised, how does exposing them to a potentially fatal illness actually do to assist them?

Our main worry is a simple one. There is bound to be a local cop or two who takes it upon themselves to strictly enforce the social distancing measures. We are terrified as to what will happen when one of the black residents of Oregon is tested by these types of officers. They will claim that the people who aren’t wearing masks are spreading the disease.

That’s the sort of thing that you simply cannot plan for. Meanwhile, there are those who are going to point out the racial demographics of the county in Oregon that was silly enough to make these rules. Can you believe that they are 90 percent white? This is the sort of virtue signaling that makes people laugh at the left’s attempts to seem down with the struggle.

The black population in this county is less than 1 percent. We are sure that both of the black residents are sharing a good chuckle about the white people’s insane rules. All jokes aside, woke white people are making all sorts of awful choices now and we are sad to see them endangering the same people that they claim to care about.

Everyone should be wearing a mask but then again, there are states that are issuing mandates and we have mixed feelings on that topic. We believe that masks should be mandatory but there is something about empowering the police to enforce those policies that does not sit right with us. Jay Inslee is already handing out his latest edict on the matter to the residents of Washington.

The goal is a noble one but Americans are not fans of mandates. We have created a nation full of staunch individualists who are not going to do what they are told. That’s why it is better to let people make choices for themselves. The average American has more common sense than the liberals would have you believe. People are capable of making the right decision, without needing their hand held.

We cannot wait to see what happens in Washington now that Inslee is mandating masks. Will their numbers rise or fall? Will people take to the streets to protest like they did in Michigan? Only time will tell if folks are willing to take basic precautions against infection.


  1. All the WA St. are morons as are Or. Gov. typical liberal no clue dumb asses who want power to control peoples lives. WAKE UP AMERICA we are losing the right be a free country!

  2. Who’s being discriminated against? Children between 2 and 12 can make their own decisions? Black people don’t have to wear masks although from what I’ve read the black community is supposedly hit the hardest. These people have lost their minds if they ever had any.


  4. The blacks ask for freedom you got. No masks. Get infected then you can it racism . I’m sure the virus doesn’t care who it infects. But stupid governors have no idea. But you people voted a Looney tune in. Not all people but most so live with your summer of death and destruction. Your all idiots. Too bad the troops are called in.

  5. That’s a great idea, we could all make ourselves look like moon crickets and avoid wearing masks, problem is, you would need to start shooting innocents.

  6. Wear a badge of idiocy. For a total hoax??This is the biggest most in depth Psyop in world history. It is a giant nothing burger.Wake the hell up???

  7. I am shocked!!! If I understand the news correctly the people of color are MORE susceptible to the virus!!! This sounds like you really do not care about them. I personally would be terribly offended to be told not to wear protection if I were a person of color.

  8. OK … but first answer me this … is this to kill more black people or to give blacks special racists treatment ? If blacks are that stupid as to go out with out a mask … then they risk their own life’s and falling into the plan to kill blacks off . If you ask me I’d say its to kill yall off knowing yall stand to get the virus twice as fast with out a mask . But that’s ya special racists decision … To live or die . Just make it your decision not someone else’s for reasons yall don’t know about . Don’t start crying because yall start dieing . It’s yall special racists decision

  9. I dont think wearing mask has nothing to do if you are black or white or any other color to ware a mask is to protect your self and everyone around you and it shows respect that we all are in the same boat and we all need to follow the rules mandatory mean everyone suppose to ware a mask if you dont that is disrespectful I will not disrespect you and all I ask is please dont disrespect me we are all trying to stay well this covid19 can kill you but if we ALL stick together on this ware our mask everytime we go out of our homes we will soon see things getting better so let’s show each other we care we respect each other by wearing our mask I do care and love every body God made us ALL we are brothers and sisters

  10. Wearing a mask compromises your immune system. Masks are for surgeons, bandits and sick people, NOT healthy people. Get out in the sunshine to up your vitamin d which strengthens your immune system, eat healthy and get enough sleep, 8 hours per night.

  11. Any law or declaration that specifically favors any human rights or restrictions based on skin color in itself a RACIST ACT/ LAW. Making this an illegal law. GO POUND SAND YOU COMMY “RATS”

  12. The knee grows are contracting the china plague at roughly a 4-1 ratio so it’s a great law for the Einsteins in Oregon.Now we need to find a way for the HONKY lib-idiot maskhole nut-jobs to keel over from the CHINA plague.

  13. Sirs : for the sake of honesty, you should remove this “news”. It was never true and has been recinded in the one county that, at first. advocated it.

  14. I spoke with a friend yesterday, she said “I hope they burn the entire country’
    to the ground”! I must admit that I was taken aback at her comments. is this
    where our country is going. My feeling is that the Black People are being used by the Dems., to further their misguided prospect for the future. I am
    shamed, the people who claim to want to help people of color and the ones
    using them for the political games. Marks was correct “A country will not
    be destroyed from without, it will come from within”! I am concerned about
    my children and grandchildren being used as they are now. GOD, HELP US:

  15. Agreed White people are the minorities now, but have no say few can make police departments fold and run away,but we can’t seem to vote out the democratic congress, they need to go, TERM LIMITS NOW

  16. BAAAAAAAAAbaaa baaaaba. Ba baba bbaaaa
    Let me translate, you are a sheep. Masks are ineffective in the spread of a virus, you are being controled. Cloth masks weave is too large to stop transmisson papper masks do not fit the face tight enough and the N95 will keep out about 95% of pathogens ot allows 100% of your breath out. So inless we all use the N95 mask we wont slow the spread. I for one want as many as can to get infected but not die. That is called heard immunity

  17. These morons don’t seem to realize there are more white people destroying America. Obviously they don’t care about black lives, I read that people of color were more likely to die of the virus. So there you go, the real reason such a stupid law, their agenda is to kill off the black people. Hopefully they will wise up and go attack their dumbass politicians!!!


  19. How much longer are we going to put up with all the BS that’s going on in our country? Have we sank to being cowards afraid to confront what we know is wrong? Have we abandoned our children and grandchildren? Will we allow them to be deprived of a safe and successful future? That’s exactly what the Democrats, Antifa and the BLM are striving for! I don’t care if you’re black, brown, yellow, white or red, you/we are being attacked and if we don’t get our act together we are going to lose our country! What’s happening, right now, in our country isn’t a coincidence, it’s a well planned action by those people both, inside and outside of our government that want to destroy us, our future and our country! As for me and mine, we will fight for our children and grandchildren. How about you?

  20. Everyone should read with an open mind, the Book of Mormon. It tells of the twelve tribes of Israel. One tribe became lawless. It tells eleven of the tribes to watch out for the one that has gone against the others. The eleven tribes were told to keep their guard up as the one shunned tribe would come like thief in the night to steal and plunder. They wanted a sign from above how will we know which tribe has gone astray to look out for? Wait till you find out what one single trait made this one tribe stand out from the rest to alert the other eleven. Your clue will be, History does repeat itself!


  22. You’re an indoctrinated fool. God created the negro and white separately, we are NOT brothers and sisters. Try reading your Bible instead of listening to the lying preachers of the denominational churches and catholics. God warned us of the negro in the Bible, -https://fathersmanifesto(dot)net/behemah(dot)htm — change the(dot)to a period!

    In the Hebrew text, God describes a bi-pedal creature called behemah (translated to beast in English), and there are 7 other Greek and Hebrew words that are all translated to beast. We are told of “beast” that wear clothing, cry to God, have evil ways and violence in their hands, that are hired, etc. — none of which are characteristics of “animals”! In the 10 commandments, number 7 refers to adultery, which is defined as infidelity, yet it is mentioned again in the 10th commandment when God says to not cover thy neighbors wife…. The 7th commandment has nothing to do with infidelity, it has to do with “adulterating” the purity of man, which God reiterated in other verses that said neither man nor woman shall lie with the “beast”(negro). Remember the verse where it says: Leviticus 18:23

    “Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion.”
    Why would it be confusion only to the woman? What is confusing about a horse, cow, bear, etc.? Because a negro looks like a man!

    Wake up! Whites are being led to the slaughter by the liars and deceivers that God said would come in his name!

  23. As a biologist I find it really amusing at just how gullible the general population has become. It is really telling how ignorant they are of basic science. I am not optimistic of the future!

  24. Oh STFU! Those masks do NOTHING to prevent infection, even the multiple layered ones. The filter material are not small enough to stop viruses or bacteria.

  25. UV radiation from the sun kills viruses almost instantly so wearing a mask outside is a fools errand! Staying inside to prevent getting infected actually works the opposite. This whole pandemic is a huge fraud.
    1) It is being used to distract the people and justify a Trump loss.
    2) It is being used t intimidate the general population to accept a mandatory vaccine.
    3) It is a test run to see just how much the government can infringe on the rights of the people by using fear.
    4) Mandatory vaccines will be a way to secretly microchip everyone.
    5) The next pandemic will pave the way for complete government take over!

  26. You are so right! I’m almost going to hate when the masks are no longer “mandatory”. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  27. Rattlerjake…just because you’re a “biologist” doesn’t mean you are any smarter than the rest of the world. Your nonsensical statement proves that you are really not that smart.

  28. Actually you’re NOT far off!

    Have you ever wondered why the human “race” is NOT categorized in Taxonomy the same way that ALL OTHER LIFE ON EARTH is? In science we have a system called Taxonomy, the Linnaean system of binomial nomenclature, created by Swedish naturalist Carolus Linnaeus in the 1750s, and internationally accepted. Yet humans are NOT categorized by the same system, because if we were there would be at least three separate species, a couple of races, and a lot of mutts! What this shows is that the entire Theory of Evolution is phony!

    Interestingly, the Holy Bible states that there are at least three separate groups of “humans”. Caucasians(MAN), negros (behemah/beast), and nephilim (children of fallen angels and the daughters of man). God warned of beasts who wear clothing, cry to God, have evil ways, and violence in their hands; he also warned of man and woman lying with the beast-

  29. To Rattlerjake, this is racist trash. The Bible says no such thing about creating blacks and whites separately. It says “He is not a respecter of persons,” meaning He loves us and cares for us without prejudice. In the early churches, there were many nationalities. This racist view does not help our conservative cause. I am a Christian oonservative.

  30. maybe this is their way of saying, let the blacks infect one another, that will then be their problem… but this mandate is also RACIST and ALL white people should refuse to wear a mask, they cant arrest the whole town can they? This is so racist and so wrong… Oregon is just another state that has lost its credibility and we the people will not endorse anything these idiots say or do

  31. maybe we should start protesting and calling out racists…. we are the minority and as long as our government lets people have three, four, five, six children just to collect more money from the government, this is the way it will continue….. there needs to be a maximum of how many children our government will pay for… ANYMORE THAN THREE CHILDREN and you pay your own bills for them…. stop this over populating just to screw the people and collect more money… get your stupid ass out and get a job. If you can reproduce, you can work

  32. if the woman is not married, one child should be the limit. there is no woman that can’t get birth control and then say it wasn’t their fault they got pregnant. this unlimited children scam has spawned generations of lazy assed women having kid after kid just for more cash flow.

  33. True True most of the younger Generation are total Idiots ! Time to make the younger Generation to wake TFU !

  34. Rule following is what allowed the Nazi’s to exterminate millions of innocent people. There is NOTHING these ridiculous masks can do to protect us from VIRUSES. The ‘bugs’ are 10 times smaller than the pores in the masks. It is a scientific fact that the masks reduce blood/oxygen levels which acidify the blood causing the immune system to weaken. We are being made sicker by mask-wearing, NOT SAFER! Also, you have the right to wear a mask and take a vaccination if you choose BUT YOU DO NOT have the ‘right’ to insist that I must comply with this INSANE plan. In fact it is a legally prosecutable offense to discriminate against ANYONE, for ANY reason. My RIGHT to freely and peaceably assemble is an INALIENABLE RIGHT. NO GOVERNMENT OR MAN MADE LAWS CAN INTERFERE WITH THIS RIGHT. Trying to enforce mask wearing and physical distancing IS an interference in this RIGHT. What YOU BELIEVE has NO BEARING on what is RIGHT. Your self-righteous fascist insistence on conformity is the REAL DANGER!

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