Susan Rice Defends Sending Billions to Iran

Susan Rice

Susan Rice, the national security adviser under the Obama administration, has chosen to go on record to defend the billions of dollars that were sent to Iran to help establish the Nuclear Deal. Although the funds have helped to increase the terrorism spree that the country has since gone on, Rice defends the decision.

Billions of dollars were sent to Iran as a result of the Iran Nuclear Deal. Typically, giving money to the enemy is a bad idea. Yet, Rice has no problem defending what was done, even now as it has led to Iranian attacks at a US embassy.

Trump addressed the nation, talking about the Iranian missile strikes that occurred on Iraqi bases responsible for housing American troops. The president identified that there would be additional economic sanctions placed against the Iranians. He cited countless aggressions that the Iranian government was responsible for in recent months.

Trump talked about the “foolish” Iran Nuclear Deal that was signed in 2013. He cited how the hostilities have only increased since they were given $150 billion along with $1.8 billion in cash.

The president also reminded how Iran didn’t say “thank you.” Instead, their chant was “death to America” – even on the day that the agreement was signed. They’ve used the money to go on a spree of terrorism, raining hell down on such countries as Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen.

For most people, it would be clear to see that Iran is the problem, not Trump. Pres. Trump even reminded people that the missiles fired at us were paid for by the funds made available by the Obama administration.

Susan Rice went on MSNBC shortly after to react to Trump’s speech. Andrea Mitchell, the show’s host, also asked her to fact check the $150 billion.

Rice didn’t exactly start off with denying the money. Instead, she said that it was a “series of despicable lies” by Donald Trump and said that Trump is assessed with Obama, showing off extreme weakness and insecurity.

Rice defended the Iran Nuclear Deal. She also goes on to explain that there were no proxy attacks by Iranian proxies on United States personnel in Iraq. She also says that Iran did not attack drones in the Persian Gulf, yet those are all false. She also claims that Trump withdrew from the deal against the advice of his advisors – yet his advisers continue to back his decision.

Rice seems to want to avoid the hard facts – that Iran attacked first. They’ve attacked military ships and they attack the US Embassy in Iraq. However, by admitting that those happened, she would have to face the facts herself, that Obama got the country into a bad deal when he signed the Iran Nuclear Deal and provided the country with billions of dollars to help fund terrorism.

Sen. Ted Cruz seems to have a better finger on the pulse, identifying that the missiles fired on US servicemen and women were paid for by the billions of dollars that the Obama administration offered the ayatollah. Cruz also pointed out that the Obama administration went as far as flying out $1.7 billion in cash in unmarked bills in the dead of night on pallets.

Whether Susan Rice wants to discuss this or not, the Obama administration already admitted to it happening in 2016. As part of the deal, tens of billions of frozen funds were released. However, most of the deal was as a result of transferring $1.7 billion to the country entirely in cash. Most people can see that this was a bad idea, yet Rice is so dedicated to Obama that she’s willing to lie to herself and to the rest of the country.

Cruz and others are speaking loud enough to make sure that Americans know that the Iran Nuclear Deal was bad for the US and good for Iran. The problem is that there are people who are such die-hard Obama fans that they’re willing to say anything to make sure that his reputation isn’t tarnished. And Rice has the audacity to say that Trump is obsessed with Obama? That’s golden. Trump has to keep mentioning the previous president’s name because of the dumpster fire that he left behind.

Now, if Rice and others would stop helping to fund the terrorist nations of the world, Trump and other world leaders can actually manage to keep terrorism at bay as it belongs. One thing is for sure – Trump won’t be flying unmarked bills over to Iran anytime soon.



  1. Could someone ask mis rice just what do you think iran is doing in those military compounds and or buildings that the un eu and the rest who agreed to the deal all of their inspector’s even the nukulary safety commision could not inspect?? does she really know being an x security adviser she should know along with the nsi cia and a couple others , and will someone who dishes out warents or the doj look into kerry’s talking to foreign countries such as iram and other’s on our countries security, last i knew that was treason.

  2. The obama group is just like the Iranians. They never did anything wrong or aren’t responsible for their obvious scams. You can see why they got along so well.
    One common denominator, they are all anti-American.
    obama gave weapons to the cartels to use against us,& gave iran billions to support terrorism. Most people would call these treasonous acts.
    I totally agree. obama will go down as the worst POTUS ever. Sick of his & his inept staffs bs.

  3. When we re-elect Donald TRUMP we have to keep the senate and take back the house then we can put all the traitors in GITMO for the noose and show the world America is back then
    it will be Made America Great Again and K A G Allways.

  4. Susan Rice is a democrat and everyone with a fraction of a brain should know that all democrats hate and despise America and would love to see it destroyed. We know they support terrorists but the worrisome part is what they did that we don’t know about with our enemies?

  5. Osama aka Obama and his cartel are stinking traitors-liars they even sacrifice own family to have power and money, Obama is not born in USA, he is Muslim, he was race by his stepfather-fanatic Indonesian muslims, he don’t care about USA or nation, most important he was in power and make illegal tons of money (most corrupt, sorry for my word “president “history of USA, we need to do American Revolution same like French Revolution, install guillotine front of Congress and start showtime (2020 be justice year clean this country from insects is totally infested, I don’t guarantee one year be enough start from Clinton and Obama aka Osama family’s and confiscate all goods from them, that bloody money!!!!!!!!
    Freedom for US NATION!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sounds like Obama Administration had no way to inspect and certify that any foreign aid was being used for its intended purpose. That is so naive and bad business. Iran has been lying for over 40 years. No different than North Korea. Wake idiots! If anyone else used public funds so loosely they would charge for something.

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