Surviving the Coronavirus Now Depends on Millennials. Are We Doomed?

Dr. Fauci

The headline may elicit a chuckle but we are definitely not joking. Dr. Fauci has been on the front line since the pandemic began and he is offering severe warnings to the young people who are convinced that they are invincible. COVID-19 is only going to worsen as time goes on when people are not willing to follow warnings.

Young millennials are not going to want to stay indoors for extended periods but they are going to play a key role in our collective survival. If they are not ready to stay inside, the spread of the coronavirus is going to take a massive toll on the nation’s older population.

They are especially vulnerable to the virus and young people tend to be unwitting vectors. The millennials will often carry the virus without even knowing it. Young adults who are actually listening to the warnings and staying home deserve their kudos. However, those who are not?

These young adults need to be called out for how selfish they are being. We refuse to believe that they are too idiotic to know what they are doing. They know full well what they are doing and they simply do not care. That is the more depressing part. Some of the photos and videos that we have seen are absolutely heartbreaking.

When young folks get the disease, it is only a matter of time before it is passed up the family tree. Once your mother and father have it, they are sure to pass it along to your grandparents. Do the young millennials realize this when they are going out to the bars or do they tuck it into the back of their minds?

All it takes is a singular infection to open the door to thousands more. One person’s poor decisions could cause the deaths of many. If the millennials are not willing to make the right choices now, they are going to be the first ones complaining when martial law is declared. They are going to be on social media whining and crying about how unfair it is.

Local governments are trying their best to seize control but there is only so much that they can do. The young people are considerably less vulnerable but they are not ready to make any sort of sacrifice for the greater good. Those who are currently experiencing underlying health conditions are also far more vulnerable than the average young person.

COVID-19 is very hard to fight off when you are old and grappling with other health conditions. Those who are under 60 and in great health do not have the same risk factors. Sadly, this knowledge is causing young people to behave as if their actions do not matter. Even millennials are still likely to be making hospital visits as well.

Italian officials have already reported a high number of disease-ridden young adults. In France, at least half of the patients who are currently in intensive care are under the age of 60. Teaneck’s Holy Name Medical Center is located in New Jersey and they are offering similar numbers.

This should all serve as a lesson to the young people: please, please, please stay indoors. There are underlying factors to these numbers. Many of the Jersey patients had other health conditions. That does not mean that young Americans are out of the woods. Plenty of millennials know people with these sorts of conditions if they do not have them themselves.

Take the story of jwdaddy80, for instance. This young man was on Twitter horsing around and acting like the virus was a “media hoax”. Now, he is quite ill and doing an about-face. He suddenly wants everyone to know how serious the virus is. As a Type 1 diabetic, you would have thought that he would be taking precautions before now.

This man should count himself lucky that he experienced the infection now. We cannot imagine how unfortunate he would have been if COVID-19 had struck next month. It should not take getting sick to start doing the right thing. Young people need to realize that they are not free and clear from all consequences related to the coronavirus.

America is on the brink of a generational war and we just hope that young people stop acting like they do not have a care in the world. It’s time for all Americans to come together. We need to be doing everything in our power to keep each other safe. If that means staying home for a few weeks, that is a small price to say. You’d think that the “Netflix and chill” generation would understand that.


  1. My children’s generation are idiots. They all got participation trophies. My father’s generation survived a depression and a World War. They were asked to fight and these kids won’t even get off the beach. We have been told not to gather in groups. I drove by the playground and noticed it was full of yuppies and snot gobblers. So much for keeping the kids out of school. Basically, until they see their piers die like flies they will not pay attention, by then, they will have killed their parents. The truth hurts. My father would have said “Smarten Up”!

  2. if You’re expecting The millennials to save anybody else wrong they can’t even wipe their own ass and most of them are illiterate can’t even read and write anymore thanks to Obama and his Muslim thug government here and don’t tell me they’re going to be the ones we have to depend on because I don’t think I can depend on them to be is just to be stupid little assholes.

  3. This could be a blessing in disguise. These punks are the generation that has Antifa. They’re also the ones who want burned out Bernie to be president. But since Bernie is pretty well done, they’ll reluctantly vote for Uncle slow Joe hoping he’ll pick a radical communist to be vice president so that old Joe will die of mysterious circumstances and then the whole country will turn communist with the Antifa punks being the new KGB. So since these fools insist on having their party, hopefully most of them will catch the virus and be too sick to vote by November or a few may even die. TRUMP 2020!

  4. You are right Nancy Trump will not save us and he shouldn’t have to , he is doing everything he can do but when no one listens his hands are tied, and these punks think it’s a big joke it’s very sorry how much will they to laughing when they see there Mothers,and Fathers laying in a bed trying to survive it will,be to late then and no one left to support them they just might have to work for a living

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