Sorting Through the Clutter of Where the President Stands on Background Checks

The Press might say one day that President Trump supports gun control and then on another day the headline might read, Trump, opposes gun control. While the problem here is that these sound like contradictions, the bigger problem may be that both are or can be true. One recent story highlights this curious dilemma and another one of those seemingly apparent contradictions that leave many asking – “Where does the President stand on universal background checks?”

As is always the case, following these far too common tragedies, the discussions about gun violence and inevitably gun control heat up. The aforementioned story reports on the latest series of shootings, this time in Ohio and Texas, and the President’s response to these awful events. After a visit to hospitals in these states President Trump fielded questions from reporters. The story quotes the President during these sessions saying, “There is a great appetite for background checks… I’m looking to do background checks. I think background checks are important.”

Now comes the left and they come charging hard. They will accuse Trump of playing politics and both sides, but they would be wrong. Democrats seem almost hell-bent on demanding that we be for or against guns. For many Dems, that means more gun control… like background checks. Is it becoming a little clearer now?

Too many misguided Democrats view and associate pro-gun control support as a definitive anti-gun stance. While they see pro-gun rights supporters as the enemy. So how can the President, who has clearly stated his allegiance to defending the 2nd Amendment be in favor of (gasp!) background checks? How can President Trump, who has reassured gun rights supporters that their voice will be heard, say that he is against guns? Wait – that’s right, he didn’t.

Here is the fundamental difference between Donald Trump and every politician in Washington – President Trump isn’t a politician. What that means is this, the President doesn’t use legislation to push agendas, hassle opponents or bully people. No, the President doesn’t have a lifetime of experience playing those “games” but has spent his life, getting things done. Mistakes have been made fair enough (feel free to cast the first stone if you dare), but he gets things done. That is why President Trump uses legislative channels, to impact change.

Now, about that, where does the President stand question. First, we have to realize the fact that gun violence, pro-gun rights, and pro-gun control are all different aspects of this gun violence issue. So it is possible to be pro-gun rights or pro-gun control and against gun violence. We better hope so, right? But do you see the common denominator there? What that equates to is this, we can and probably should be pro-gun control and pro-gun rights, supporters. President Trump is.

He said so himself:

“It’s very simple: There’s nobody that is more pro-Second Amendment than Donald Trump, ” Mr. Trump told reporters Tuesday before departing for a speech in Pennsylvania. “But I don’t want guns in the hands of a lunatic or a maniac, and I think if we do proper background checks, we can prevent that.”

When the acts of the legislative branch aren’t being used as a weapon or a bullying stick, legislation is good. Gun rights supporters just like everyone else including the President, don’t want firearms in the hands of the mentally unstable. When we use gun control to make guns safer, not harder to get for everyone, we make progress. When we use gun control legislation to ensure safeguards that benefit all of us, we all win. Where does the President stand on universal background checks? He stands where it makes the most sense, not on one side of the aisle or the other. Mr. Trump isn’t a politician, he is the President of the United States and he understands that gun violence isn’t a political issue – at all.

Gun violence is a safety issue and it is an issue we should all be concerned about. It is a problem that we must all come together on to resolve, no matter what side of the issue you stand on just as President Trump has. That’s not politics, that’s leadership.

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