Shameful! Democrats Cashing in on Their “Black Wokeness”

There are some who have compared Stacey Abrams to James Comey. While this may seem like a bizarre analogy to draw, it actually makes more sense than you would expect. When an election does not go her way, she whines and complains. She plays the victim on a consistent basis, offering up phony narratives as to why things have not gone her way. She does not engage in any form of activism without expecting to profit from it, either.

Her ego is as big as her… get the point. Now, there is a documentary in the works that was created by Abrams. Amazon has purchased the rights, so you will probably be seeing it on their streaming service at some point. She’s credited as a producer. The documentary is examining the issues that are associated with voter suppression, which is one of her pet topics.

No Democrat ever loses an election fair and square. They either win or they blame some tactic that was out of their control. The press coverage has already struck this sort of tone already. It’s like they are in the process of preparing their excuses before the defeat has even taken place. If the election does not pan out in the Democrats’ favor, we already know who is going to get the blame for it.

According to the documentary, America is bad right now and it has always been bad. If Abrams’ documentary is to be believed, the nation’s democracy has been corrupted from the get-go. We’ll reserve our judgment until we have actually had the chance to watch it, though. No one should ever make the mistake of offering up opinions about things that we have not even seen.

That’s what sets many of us apart from the Democrat. They think that they can leverage their “wokeness” into political brownie points. Abrams has done everything short of getting down on her knees and begging to be the Biden vice president pick. We are willing to bet that she thinks this documentary will help her cause.

She’s already received a slight boost from a very unlikely source: Amy Klobuchar. The Senator was probably not going to be selected anyway and decided to use this particular moment to signal her virtue. You see, she’s not going to take the slot (that was never going to be offered to her) away from a more deserving African-American candidate.

In related news, we are also withdrawing our names from The Sexiest People Alive list. That’s how ridiculous Klobuchar looks right now. It should give Abrams more of a fighting chance, though. As for Amazon Studios, they are looking to position themselves as being more woke because we in the midst of an election year. They are even calling this “the honor of a lifetime”.

The pandering is being laid on nice and thick, isn’t it? Abrams may still believe that she was destined to be the governor of Georgia if not for that darn voter suppression but nothing could be further from the truth. The vote was not all that close. She lost by at least 50,000 votes and Georgia experienced a record turnout for voters during this particular election.

That’s why she is trying her best to get everyone on the vote from home train. It is easier to meddle in elections when people are sending in ballots from all over the country. The Democrats are going to keep beating this drum until people finally stop listening. Long lines at the voting booth are not a form of voter suppression.

They are a form of local incompetence. Now that various states are in the process of developing their own multi-point plans to deal with this issue, we hope that it can finally be put to bed. Be prepared for all of the clueless liberals to start jabbering about voter suppression as soon as this documentary comes out, though. They love any documentary that oversimplifies complex problems.


  1. Vote by mail may seem like a great idea,especially for those homebound for whatever reason. But! The level of fraud is too high! The State Of Oregon has had mail in voting for almost 40 years. Our current govener was not elected by over90% of the populace, but big biz. And special interest dictate in blue states.


  3. Democraps don’t have to jump on the train BLM and most Blacks BLINDLY vote for the Democraps despite the FACT they have NEVER kept even one promise they have made to blacks and this is TRUE for all levels of Government.

  4. All Lives Matter We All Gods Children.

    Always Treat People The Way You Want To Be

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