Video: Seriously? Democrats Believe Campaigning Is a Joke

Joe Biden must think that he is some kind of John Wayne to go around talking like he is the star of the west. The image of John is of an American hero. He battled the bad guys of the old west and brought peace and safety to the town people. But Joe Biden is just the opposite. He is a man that lies to people, favors little girls and is mean and hostile to people that oppose him in public.

Biden was in New Hampshire trying to catch up to the other loser Democrats as they debate and beat each other into the ground trying to scrape enough voted to win delegates in their run to the White House. When he looked squared into the eyes of a woman and accused her of lying and did it a way that mocked John Wayne. He called the woman a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier.”

The moment of name-calling is being downplayed by the media as a moment of joking. But Biden went off on a voter from New Hampshire who did not think it was so funny. In Iowa, he called another voter a “damn liar.” And in another rally, he told a third one to “go vote for someone else.” Biden is losing because he is pushing away voters left and right.

Biden’s performance in the previous campaign election was called into question by the woman. Joe Biden’s response was even more offensive as he tried to make her look stupid and uninformed. He said to her “It’s a good question. Number one: Iowa’s a democratic caucus. You ever been to a caucus? No you haven’t. You’re a lying, dog-faced pony soldier. You said you were; but now you got to be honest. I’m gonna be honest with you. It was a little bit confusing in Iowa.”

His attacks are mixed with confusing words to try and throw people off the trail. He is trying to sound intelligent but is not having any luck. He had no basis to know whether or not she had been to a caucus or not. He made it sound like it was only for the elite and not for the common people.

Joe Biden must really think he is the John Wayne of the Democratic Party. Or, maybe he has just proved that the Democrats all think that this is a game to mess with people’s lives. With Biden’s statement, he ends up calling the woman a person that speaks with the tongue of a snake. As the name “pony soldier” alludes to. Biden has started calling Democratic voters snakes. Which for him might just be a compliment.

Joe Biden has opened himself up to a bunch of attacks with this latest slip-up on the campaign trail. He is proving that he just does not have what it takes to take on President Trump. Jonathan Turley from George Washington University stated that “Calling a voter ‘a lying dog-faced pony soldier’ must be a new voter suppression strategy by targeting your own voters.”

Way to shoot the voters Biden. He has just proved that Democrats hate people. Joe Biden has just stepped on the defensive train, which shows that he is incapable of leading a nation. He is acting like Nancy Pelosi when she storms out of meetings with the president.

Biden and the other Democrats think everything is a joke. Their statements of attacks are aimed at making people feel stupid while they try and appear intelligent. Every time Biden is confronted with something in his past his flies off the handle and goes on the defensive. This is certainly not a person that can negotiate or speak with other international leaders that do not care for the United States.

Creepy Biden is upset that much younger and less intelligent than himself Democrats are beating him bad in the campaign trail. His futile attempt to appear wise has only led to him looking like a fool. A foolish old man that is starting to look and act like Bernie Sanders.


  1. What can you expect from a really sleazy politician? Democrats don’t seem to care who runs for our highest office under their banner. It’s another embarrassment. Warren and Sanders are traitors to our country. They are socialists! Is that what the Democratic party stands for now? Serious Democrats should rise up and do some swamp cleaning of their own. They should be feeling betrayed by their party. I’m not a registered Democrat but I feel betrayed!

  2. well that was clickbait! He maid a joke and everyone in the room laughed.He didnt attack anyone seriously and it was light hearted! The Demoncrapic Liberals are even lying about their own candidates!!! Who do they want to have win the nomination?All these mouth pieces of shi* in the MSM will be told what to say,how to say it and when to say it in their future Communist country! I cant believe that Obama abolished the laws forbidding the MSM from propagating Propaganda and the MSM fell in line! Now they are all stuck doing as their told! What fools and useful idiots!!!I pray it never happens but this country is looking at a coming Civil War and if its going to happen i pray its while im still young enough to fight for our freedoms! Id rather i die in a war to keep our country free then my children or grandchildren!Trump keeps claiming to be our 2A warrior and its a lie! Hes banned bumpstocks and thought about enacting gun control bills all to pedal backwards and change his mind ,knowing it would cost him votes!What happens in his 2nd and last term?Dose he change his mind about our 2A rights?Lets hope not so we dont have to start a shooting war!

  3. Trump isn’t perfect but he sure as heck beats any Democrat. A vote for any of the Dem candidates is a vote for Socialism with capital letters. They would take this country to unimaginable places with their ideas of “free health care”, “free college tuition”, free everything for illegals, open borders, etc.

  4. Biden is a stupid thief and belongs in jail along with the Clinton s and Obama.
    Obama was part of the Clinton,s theft and schemes in numerous country s and Obama was part of the Biden’s theft in the Ukraine.
    Obama has recently purchased a house on Martha’s Vineyard for more than 17 million dollars.
    Maybe he made 17 million for his pay as president.He is a thief along with the Clinton s and the Biden s.The lying Democrats love their Thieves!

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