Sanders’ Weird Math: $53 Trillion in New Spending Paid for With $28 Trillion in New Taxes

There is no shortage of people who are pointing out a very obvious fact: Michael Bloomberg is looking to purchase the upcoming presidential election. Even someone with zero experience in the political analysis realm could tell you that. However, his billions are no match for the spending plan that Bernie Sanders is trying to unveil.

Bernie is promising his voters the sun, moon, and stars….with no real plan to deliver. If you don’t believe us, just wait until you see his plans for yourself. We were not math majors but this seems a little bit off to us. He wants his voters to believe that they are going to receive free health care and free tuition.

Of course, the rich are going to be footing this bill in the form of new taxes. The Progressive Policy Institute group has decided to actually sit down and do the math on Bernie Sanders mania. Over the next ten years, the United States would be spending an additional $53 trillion dollars.

Bernie claims that the tax hikes will cover all of that spending but those who are examining his math so closely are not so sure. For starters, this spending would effectively double the size of the federal government as we know it. Bernie might not want to drain the swamp but this is a bit ridiculous.

For someone who acts like such an anti-government firebrand, these estimates fly in the face of the image that Sanders is looking to project. The estimates are also designed to be as favorable to Bernie as possible. There are other analysts who believe that the costs of Bernie’s proposals could reach as high as $100 trillion over the course of the next decade.

The left seems to think that the rich have never-ending wallets that can be taxed into oblivion to pay for all of this. This is the hill that they have chosen to die on. The Sanders agenda is going to be a costly one and he is finally being pressed on that fact. Once he decided to produce his own figures, that is where things started to get interesting.

He was on stage at a town hall event for CNN when he unveiled the numbers. Give Sanders credit. He is at least willing to outline some sort of plan for paying for all of the new spending. It might be a cockamamie plan that will not actually work but he is trying his best. After all, that’s how you win over the left.

All you need is make outlandish promises and tell them that the rich are going to be paying for it. They are not ever going to examine the numbers more closely. They will leave that for the rest of us to do. It did not take long for the Progressive Policy Institute to find serious holes in the logic that Bernie Sanders was presenting to the world.

The proposals that Bernie is making do not even come close to covering the costs in question here. The document that Sanders is publishing only accounts for roughly $43 trillion of the costs. He needs another $10 trillion before he can accomplish his goals. Good luck scraping up that kind of cash, Bernie. We are skeptical about the initial $43 trillion, to be quite honest.

The estimates that various other organizations are providing fall significantly short of his and we are wondering when Bernie is going to address this in a meaningful way. Does he think that his voters are simply going to expect him to figure it out? The sad thing is that he might be right about that. Bernie Sanders voters are not exactly the most discerning bunch in the world.

He has been selling them a dream for a while now and they do not seem to care that they are being led astray. We don’t honestly believe that he would get elected but if he did? It would be funny to watch them all come to the realization that he is unable to follow through on the insane promises that he has been making for the past few years.

Left-wing wish lists like this one are how you get them to elect you and then you worry about the rest later. Bernie Sanders might not believe that he is a politician like the others and in that sense, he is right. He is actually more like a high school presidential candidate. He’s going to promise more free periods and plenty of pizza parties until he is able to score a date with the homecoming queen!

If the leftist media ever decides to push back against any of this, it spells doom for his campaign. We are not going to hold our breath when it comes to that, though! Don’t worry, lefties. We are sure that the rich are going to pay for it all. Bernie said so.


  1. Bernie wants to play Santa Claus with our money. They want to add many new agencies and get their own benefit from those they hire in to fill positions and run these places. There is plenty to be had and plenty to be hidden. Get the bums out of our government.

  2. Tax the rich, tax the rich, tax the rich. A constant left wing commie mantra. But it never stops there. Tax the rich, tax the middle class tax the bottom feeders till there’s no one left to tax and we’re all eating out of garbage cans. 53 Trillion minus all American tax payer money equals a negative 106 trillion plus 150 million Americans killed by guns multiplied by 12 Demoncratic candidates minus mini Mike. Makes perfect sense to Demoncrats.

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