Sanctuary County Rolls Back on Anti-ICE Policy as Illegals Continue to Wreak Havoc

From the time President Donald Trump stepped into the White House, one of the main concerns has been trying to stem the amount of illegal immigration into our nation. The vast number of illegals entering our borders is causing massive problems within the agencies that are tasked with handling newcomers. Vital resources such as water, food, housing, and the money to provide those necessities are quickly being dwindled as a result of the sheer amount of people crossing daily.

However, rather than offering support to our nation’s citizens and working together to find a solution to this, Democrats have dragged their feet and only exacerbated the problems. Some, who tend to be a little more liberal and progressive, have even declared their cities and counties to be sanctuary localities in protest to Trump’s attempts.

In these locations, city or county police officers are forbidden to ask about any individual’s immigration status, as well as to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. Most also refuse to honor ICE detainer requests and do not allow ICE agents to even enter their law enforcement buildings.

The idea of such laws, at least according to these liberals, is that no one should be persecuted or not allowed to be here simply because of where they come from and if their papers aren’t in order.

However, what it does is allow sanctuary to any illegal immigrant who doesn’t want to leave, regardless of their criminal background. This means that when known convicted felons who are illegal are arrested, they are not reported to ICE or handed over to immigration authorities. Instead, they might be jailed for a short time, but since they are not US citizens, they can’t stay there and are simply released back into the public to strike again.

One such place to do this was Montgomery County, Maryland, where Executive Marc Elrich signed into law “The Promoting Community Trust Executive Order” back in July. However, only three short months later, the ruling is getting reversed, or at least somewhat.

The decision comes after law enforcement officers in the area have arrested no less than eight illegal aliens in the county on charges of rape or sexual assault crimes. The amount of rapes and charges compiled by illegals in such a short amount of time and only weeks after the sanctuary law was signed has gained national attention.

Many, including law enforcement agents themselves, have demanded that the law be removed or at least changed to protect their community more.

After all, who in their right mind feels good about letting known rapists and child abusers go free to find more victims in their neighborhoods and streets? Nothing about that “promotes community,” as the name of the law implies. If anything, it destroys it and makes people fearful to even live in the area let alone raise their children there.

But Elrich has stood firm on his decision up until now. In August, he made a public statement saying that he would only allow ICE detainers to be honored if they were accompanied by a judicial warrant. However, he must not have done his homework before requiring this because both ICE and several other immigration experts note that isn’t how the system works. No judicial warrants are even needed in such a case, according to the Immigration and Nationality Act.

An ICE spokesperson told the Daily Caller News Foundation, “The public has been misled to believe that certain judges have the authority to sign a warrant for civil immigration violations – but no such judicial authority exists.” And they continued, “This idea is a myth created by those who either oppose immigration enforcement efforts, are misinformed, or who do not understand how the immigration system works.”

After much more media attention and several more similar arrests, it looks like Elrich has finally come to his senses, at least in part.

A county spokesman told the local news on November 1 that Elrich is now allowing ICE to access “identified areas” of the Montgomery County jail to arrest illegal aliens. This is to “ensure that transfers are conducted in a safe environment.”

However, along with only be allowed access to certain areas of the jail, ICE agents must also submit an immigration detainer and arrive before the illegal is to be released. If not, the individual will be returned to the streets, even if having committed murder.


  1. The people that keep voting for Demoncrats are getting exactly what they deserve and there should be no sanctuary counties or city or states in the UNITED STATES. This is treason as far as I’m concerned….

  2. I wonder if one of these illegals raped Elrich’s wife or daughter how he would feel when that person was released back into the community. How’s that promoting community trust? These democrats are getting crazier by the minute. God save us all!

      • I’m sorry to say Don, I know You feel better saying this but that is cruel and unusual punishment and unconstitutional. We must not disobey the Constitution, it’s all we have to protect us from the democRATS!

        • The Dems do not take any law, to do what they want and get the results they are after. They are fighting against a legally elected President and they are using False Witnesses against a anyone that gets in their way. Romans 13:1-12, read this and you will see what is going to happen to the individuals whom are fighting against what God has put in place. I am sure this statement will have them calling me every negative name they can to make it seem like there is no one but the Dem party whom make the rules. MSM personnel are going along with them, watch what happens to them. God bless America and all who are in it, hold this page for the real truth, coming soon………..

        • Lance, what imaginary planet are you living on? The days of “wine and roses” are long gone and reality can only happen when truth is the only answer. Cruel and unusual punishment? Really, Lance? Where hell are you coming up with this gobble-de-gook? Look at America today, Lance. Look at it with open eyes and in honesty. We must not disobey the Constitution? Reason being it will protect us? Have you ever read the book “The Constitution For Dummies?” Good place to start, Lance. Pax!

    • Can’t get any crazier than Coumo here in NEW YORK . He gives pardons to illegals that are in jail for MURDER ! Recently on the news I heard a lady and her son were killed by an illegal . I don’t know if it was one that Cuomo released .Now he wants to give them a drivers license ! These stupid people can’t understand what ” illegal ” means .

      • Marty, the sad fact is they DO understand. They just don’t care. As long as immigrants vote mostly democrat, they will coddle illegals till hell freezes over just because it gets and keeps them in power. We are the richest nation in the world. George Soros made most of his money because of the US. WHY he now wants to ruin this great country, the source of his wealth, is beyond me.

      • The Democrats are absolutely nuts. This has got to stop! President Trump should send Federal troops to every Sanctuary city in the United States and station them their until they get rid of their ridiculous Sanctuary cities. Then they should arrest all the government officials who authorized the Sanctuary cities in the first place, and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

        • Totally agree William,stop all fed .$$$$ as start, then jail them,I think there should be a law,get caught here illegally once,go back,twice …shot them ..Enough.many countries SHOOT FIRST..

  3. As long as People keep voting to keep Democrats in Office things like this is just the beginning worse. AOC is know wanting to eliminate prisons altogether. She thinks there is a better way to handle criminals without locking them up. All of the Candidates want open boarders which will let criminals in as well. Between the impossible Medicare for All and the Green Plan which is impossible as well but there insisting on doing it at the cost of $156 trillion. Under there turning America a Socialist Nation all of your rights will be stripped away. Remember Obama stated that Americans are not capable of taking care of there own affairs that they need to be guided (One World Order). That is when they thought Hillary was going to win where they stated that the next President (Hillary) would be the last President. Under a Socialist rule it is run by a Dictator who make all of the rules without a Congress or Senate. No Constitution or Rules of Law. America as we know it will disappear and you then will be entering a down word spiral to hell. Once you are a Socialist Nation it’s almost impossible to get back to being a Democracy. Example Hong Kong and Venezuela know.

    • Ah, but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does not really want to eliminate prisons altogether but rather expand the prisons’ perimeters to include your home and your neighbors’ homes. Instead of having a president, we would have warden. If one prisoner would present too much of a hazard to guards or fellow prisoners, the policy would be for the guards to simply lock that person in his or her apartment, rather than deposit the prisoner in a more remote holding cell.

      • Legendary, Always On Cocain (AOC) is a two-faced triple horned jackass, a certified lulu with the mouth of a wide-mouth bass and eyeballs a bigger than a full moon – and evil to boot. She would fit right in on the Island of Misfits. I guess recognized her as being one of their own, huh? Wouldn’t it be interesting if she debated our President? Her fork-ed tongue would spew out babble babble babble yada yada yada, the dumb cluck.

  4. If the demonrats get their way America would look like a 3rd world country with peoples poop on our streets garbage all over tents on our main streets and giving Medicare for all would bankrupt our Medicare program because it would go broke. These idiots forget that Americans paid for this it came out of our paychecks that we earned illegals never paid into this get these morons out of office while we still have a country illegals never paid for anything. There is a front door if they don’t want to come in the front door throw them out

  5. Time has demonstrated liberals don’t easily change. Think, how many years has California been burning from record forest fires? And how long has Baltimore been a filthy crime ridden city? Do we need to mention South Chicago? Have the residents of those places voted out Democrats? Well, no. And they are even voting for the same individual Democrats who brought them to where they are. Can you spell “Elijah?”

    • We could look at Chicago as well. They are averaging 48 people shot every weekend. About 9 every week are killed. And this is just gun violence even though Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the country. Every city that is run by Dims is a killing field. And they want to impose stricter gun laws on law abiding citizens?! Not gonna happen! The people in the Dim run cities are always in fear for their lives. Please, please vote them out!! We can’t let the Dim vermin overrun the rest of our America.

  6. Nature abhors a vacuum, they’ve been allowed to take God out of almost everything, whose left? People need to start voting their conscious not party. Right now the only democrat that makes any sense, is from Hawaii and democrats are slaughtering her.

  7. I’m just glad that MAYBE SOME people are finally coming to their senses about ICE and illegal violent criminals. This is not the first time I have read about this. I’m hoping conservatives win in a landslide next November so we can get the House back along with the Senate. Then maybe Congress will get something done besides the coup they have been after for 3 years!

    • The GoP had both House and Senate, remember? And they did NOTHING. Do you think it’ll be any different if they take them back in 2020? Don’t hold your breath!

      • Shirley I believe the Republicans have shown that they are the civilized party and do not resort to violence like the Democrats do.If you vote Democrat you will deserve what you get if they are elected, No More Freedoms

      • The big hang up in the House for the two years was Paul Ryno. He would let nothing go to the Senate to be voted on. He is not a Conservative regardless of what he says.

      • You need 60 Republicans in the Senate to get Republican most Republican Bill’s to pass then it goes back to the house. Republicans did not have 60, I believe they only had 52. They need 8 Democrats to vote with them. Just like the Democrats need 2/3 votes in the Senate to remove President Trump from office. That’s why this impeachment endeavor is just a campaign for Democrats.

  8. people vote these idiots in office then have the nerve to complain. well you get what you vote for. i hope christians and conservatives get out and vote these morons out of office and take our cities and states back from the libtards and democraps. trump/pence 2020.

  9. Simple solution: victims should file suit EVERY SINGLE TIME someone with an ICE detainer is released and subsequently commits a crime. The defendants? Every state legislator who voted for the law, the governor, the town/city/county and their respective LEA’s that refused to honor the detainer, etc. Enough lawsuits and you can make it a class action suit, including violation of citizens’ civil rights, and thereby allow treble (triple) damages punitively. If you can’t vote ’em out, bankrupt the system….

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