Progressives’ Priorities: Pelosi Seeking to Fully Fund Illegals

The Democrats are the biggest copycats that have emerged in the past decade. The president and Republicans championed a stimulus package that paved the way for recovery after the virus damaged every area of life for Americans. But, the Democrats feel that there must be more done to help people. The only thing that needs to be done is to reopen the country. Let people get back to their lives so things can progress forward again.

The Democrats are trying to copy a bill that essentially saved the country. Their new version is a socialist’s dream. The $3 trillion deal would plunge the country into major debt and inflate prices beyond recovery. The Democrats have lined their bill with their socialist agenda. And Pelosi has personally seen to it that illegal aliens are given their fair share of socialist handouts. She wants to personally hands billions of dollars to illegals and sanctuary cities. She is basically saying that people that do not cooperate with ICE will be paid a lot of money.

According to Nancy Pelosi, it is just fine to rebel against the laws of the country. After all, she is going to pay people to rebel. She is calling the bill the HEROES Act. This bill is nothing more than a bomb waiting to go off. Its purpose is to destroy the country. The Democrats do not care about legal citizens. They simply want to destroy the country so they can make President Trump look bad. And in the end, take control of the White House so they can decimate the rest of the nation.

The bill is over 1,800 pages long. That is long enough to bore even the most devoted reader. Pelosi is shouting out for illegals from all over the world to come to America, defy law enforcement, and get paid for doing it. The last bill that was passed only allowed for people that paid taxes with a valid social security number to get help, but this bill hands it out like a broken ATM.

It is thought that over 14 million illegals are in the country freeloading off the American people. Preston Huennekens, who is a government relations associate with the Federation for American Immigration stated “FAIR estimates there are 14.3 million illegal aliens, meaning that in the last stimulus alone illegal aliens could have received over $17 billion in direct payments from the Federal government. This bill provides other relief to illegal aliens outside of the recovery rebates. Take for instance the eviction protection for renters. The way the bill is written, illegal aliens also benefit from that protection because it is so broadly written.” It is broadly written so Pelosi can change things along the way as she sees fit.

It is anti-American to put illegals first priority in the long list of people that need help. Unemployed legal citizens should be at the top of the list. But that is not the way it is for the Democrats. They put illegals and criminals over everyone else. Democrats do not love Americans. They hate them. They see them as obstacles to them controlling a nation. The American people have the right to help long before any illegal should ever receive a single cent.

Roy Beck is the President of Numbers USA. He stated that “House Democrats prioritizing foreign workers, legal and illegal, over unemployed and underemployed Americans in the middle of a crisis is shameful.” He also made fun of part of the bill that would essentially “expedite the permanent importation of foreign health care professionals, apparently to take the jobs of the tens of thousands of American health care professionals who have been laid off or furloughed during the pandemic.” The Democrats are seeking to replace Americans already working with illegals.

The Democrats are saying that it is not enough that money is given to illegals first. But now, they need to have the jobs of every hardworking American. They would bump everyone out of their jobs and give them to illegals if they could get away with it. They cannot be trusted with the care of the country.


  1. This BILL is one of the most asinine attempts by the socialist liberal demo-rats ever to even be considered. This is one person dreaming up this OBNOXIOUS POS to screw over the AMERICAN CITIZENS. This alone should be enough PROOF that she does not care one little bit about the people. NOTE: Just look at her district in Ca and you can see that she does not even feel that her own constituents deserve to be taken care of. She flaunts her being ELITE and shoves her “ELITE MIGHTIER THAN THOU” in their faces.She needs to be removed from office ASAP and charged with dereliction of duty and malfeasance along with treason and inciting terrorism by her China dealings.

  2. Has ‘princess’ EVER done anything that would have benefited REAL American Citizens?
    Her strategy is obvious – make such blatantly horrendous demands (she never asks) that she knows won’t fly. When the next round comes – and we know it will she will tone things down just enough that they will seem ‘reasonable’ and they will slip through.

  3. William Barr needs to stop this insane bill and open the country back up. She and her cohorts just want to ruin our economy thinking they can force our elected President out. Justice needs to be done and heads need to roll. When are the American people going to see this dirty bunch out of action. They are stepping all over our rights. If you are willing to go back to work knowing all you can about the virus and take precautions than by all means go back to work. The American people are not idiots and we know what is really going on and I say enough is enough. Maybe some patriots need to visit Washington.

  4. Lobbyists don’t belong in our government; illegals don’t belong in our country; Pelosi doesn’t belong in our congress….what the hell has happened to our country?

  5. I agree it is no longer We the People but it is we The of Real Americans. And that does include any person who came here from a different country who went through the proper process pledged their allegiance to this country and became a United States citizen no matter what their nationality their color or their ancestry is if they became a citizen of this country then they are a real American. Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Communist Party are all anti-American traitors to this country and all of them should be fired and charged with treason to this country and either put in prison for life or hang by the neck until dead. They’re scum and all they care about is getting votes to get in Democratic communist president and I do not give a damn about the Democrat constituents of this country and you people they stand behind them are a bunch of mindless sheep that needs to get your heads out of your ass and see what these people are doing to our country

  6. Hopefully she will be pushed out and put in a nursing care facility without her ice cream or alcohol.

  7. Joseph I couldn’t have said it better. Is she even capable of making proper decisions. I don’t think she is and we ALL should demand her resignation.

  8. Nancy perfect comment and I agree completely. I demand William Barr bring action against Obama and his minions. He said he’s not going to arrest them. WHY? Is he a DemoRat too. We The People need to demand that these criminals are brought to justice and pay for all they have done. They are worse criminals than the Mafia and the people that are in prison for doing much less than Obama and his Administration. They committed Treason, Murder, and many other things and lied, lied, lied to the American People. Soros should have his American Citizenship taken away from him along with not being able to send his dirty money to anyone running politically for any office in America.

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