Pro-Trump Boss Killed With Trowel

A construction worker decided that he had had enough of his poss. The man, who police said had “anti-government views” killed his boss on a construction site. Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, he draped the boy with an American flag. This has led many to believe that the murder was politically charged.

The 28-year-old employee, Mason Trever Toney, was arrested for murdering his boss, William Knight, also 28-years old.

Toney and Knight were longtime friends. Knight had just hired Toney for a construction job in Florida for widening one of the freeway exits. As to whether Toney was an experienced construction worker or whether Knight was simply doing a favor for a friend is not clear.

Witnesses identified that the two men got into a heated discussion on Monday, potentially over some political differences. That is when Toney took a construction trowel and stabbed Knight to death. Following the murder, Toney used a new American flag to drape the body.

Witnesses state that they tried to stop Toney. However, he fled the scene in a company truck while yelling that they were all “terrorists.” He was apprehended by the police shortly after since he was in a company truck and witnesses were able to provide the police with a full description of Toney.

While plenty of media reports suggest that the killing was politically motivated, especially because of differences in political opinions as well as the use of the American flag for draping the body, Knight’s family suggests otherwise. They identify that Toney was a friend of the family for years and hint at the possibility that Toney was suffering from a mental illness.

Julia Knight, the mother of the victim, says that she can’t explain what happened and she doesn’t understand. She said that she never thought Mason would do that to her son but she says that it wasn’t about politics. Later in an interview, she said that there is “something wrong with Mason.” That is certainly putting it lightly since the average person doesn’t stab a friend with a construction trowel. Additionally, it requires some effort to actually stab someone, so it was clear that Mason was motivated to move forward with the kill, despite witnesses at the scene.

While it’s very possible that Mason is suffering from a mental illness, that will come out during his trial. If the victim’s mother felt that Mason was dealing with mental illness, it would make sense if William Knight knew it, too. Why would you hire someone with a mental illness for a construction site that you’re running? Family friend or not, you make decisions that allow you to get the job done properly – and mental illness and construction is not a combination that has positive outcomes, ever.

With the anti-Trumper being the one to commit murder, it’s hard to say that it wasn’t a political murder. If he was a friend of the family, he knew long ago that he and his “friend” had differences in opinion when it came to politics, so the argument shouldn’t have become so heated. Realistically, most friends with a difference in political opinion never bring politics up as a way of saving the friendship. It’s as if Mason needed an excuse to commit the murder. And if it wasn’t politically charged, why use the American flag? It’s also possible that the murder was premeditated since Mason had a brand new flag on hand to use to drape the body. Most people aren’t simply driving around with a new American flag on their person.

It is not clear as of yet whether Toney is pleading guilty or not guilty. However, witnesses were there to see the stabbing. Further, it is possible that Toney could plead insanity, especially if he does have a mental illness like the victim’s family assumes is the case.

The only thing that is clear is that a man killed another man. Regardless of what the victim’s family wants to say, all signs point to the fact that the murder happened as a result of a difference in political opinion. And, of course, the one who did the murdering was someone known to be anti-Trump. Somehow, the Dems feel as though they can justify murder and violence if they don’t agree with Trump.

One man had to die at the hand of a supposed friend simply because he supported our current President. Toney has been arrested, but it will likely not serve as a deterrent to other anti-Trumpers who believe that they can justify violence.



  1. Throw Toney in prison and throw away the key. This violence by the left wing must stop. Why can’t you people see that the end is coming and Jesus is soon to return? You won’t make it to Heaven doing these dastardly deeds.

  2. Democrats, and the MSM, are to blame for any political violence, and although this may not have been the reason, there is plenty of violence over political ideology vomited by the fake news, and classless, vile, disgusting, criminal, Democrats!
    It has to end, this insanity because of hatred for Trump, because he defeated Hillary Clinton, who by the way, was only running against Trump, because the DNC cheated their own party’s Presidential Nomination Election! Hillary Clinton was not the DNC voters choice, Bernie Sanders was! Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer, thought that they knew better than their own voters, so they cheated them and stole the nomination from Bernie!

    • The hatred of the democrats has no end in sight! The whole party should be abolished and a lot of them being thrown in jail for creating chaos in a country, where all is going the best as it has been for decades and more! The democrats create hatred, chaos, decision, moral corruption, baby-murders, and those are only a few of the reasons, they should be abolished.

      • The hatred of the democrats has no end in sight! The whole party should be abolished and a lot of them being thrown in jail for creating chaos in a country, where all is going the best as it has been for decades and more! The democrats create hatred, chaos, division, moral corruption, baby-murders, and those are only a few of the reasons, they should be abolished.

    • Bob Waddell is so correct. Beside the hate (the democrat’s) in the house are very good in lying and advocating violence. Maxine Waters started the ball rolling and that ball has been picked up by a senator that works now for Bernie Sanders. She is pushing for more protests against the President. Any protest will turn into a bloodbath on the streets whether it is in Chicago or Seattle. This sudden pressure on depressing the vote of the voter whether locally, by the State or members of the Democratic House up the Hill is not going to fly. The voter at one point is going to stand up for that right. After all we are still a Republic were the vote of the people count. Or doesn’t ???? Al I can say more do not let the enemy take over guard your vote. Remember Freedom is not FREE. It is paid for by the blood of your ancestors. Honor that.

  3. A gunshot is much more humane than a trowel, if you’ve ever done any work with a trowel, it’s a horrible way to die! A gun, boom-bye, bye!



      • These radical socialist communist demorats are the hateful people. Just watch when President Trump is acquitted. The demorats will be on a rampage beyond anything we have experienced yet. You don’t see any crap going on with the Republicans right now.

      • I agree with you 100%. I constantly hear the Democrats, MSM Media and Hollywood Elites constantly accusing President Trump of this hate and political unrest. In my opinion the day President Trump one the 2016 election all I have heard is hate spewed by the Hollywood Elite, the Democratic Party, hell even our DOJ, FBI, CIA, DNC, State Dept, etc have all been trying to undo the Presidency of Donald Trump by inciting hate, bogus accusations, accusing all Trump supporters of being NAZI’s, Russians, Stupid, Drug Addicts, and on and on… They’re behavior is appalling and if there are not any charges brought to Comey, McCabe, Strozok, Page, Brennan, SCHIFF, among many others this country might as well give it up. The two most deserving of charges are non other then Hillary and Obama but we both know that will never happen!

      • PROMPTED VIOLENCE by the Likes of Mad MAX MUDDY WATERS.., & her ILK that has , & continues to PROMOTE ATTACKING ANYONE THAT NOT ONLY SUPPORTS PRESIDENT TRUMP , but those that WEAR ANY TYPE of TRUMP SUPPORTING APPAREL.. She should be held RESPONSIBLE ….Throw that Howler Monkey in a CAGE in the Political Menagerie…

    • You mean swift justice. With the modern justice system we have, I doubt that will fly.
      Just watch the left harlequins on the hill. Who voted those jokers in is beyond me. General Patton can you come back?????

  4. The DNC is a Criminal Organization, they do nothing good, for America! Adam Schiff stood before the Senate, and perfectly described the crimes Jo, and Hunter Biden, and Obama and his administration committed, only he is trying to blame Trump, for crimes that were actually committed by DNC politicians!
    Why? Because they are terrified because so many of them have their hands in the cookie-jar! The truth must come out, and arrests made, and the crooked federal law enforcement agencies corrupted by Obama must do their jobs! Enough!

    • You’re not kidding me. Keen observation. Especially when you read in Survival Update the article of Robert A. about Pelosi and son. Heading reads. Pelosi’s Son paid $180 K despite No experience. It seems Mother and son were very active travelers in 2017 doing the same thing Biden and son did. Energy company name was infoUSA. Then it goes on to list all the fraudulent cases Paul Jr. was involved in. Amazing the guy is not in jail. Nah his mama is Speaker of the house. Yah….right.

  5. If the politicians and the corrupt, biased, federal law enforcement agencies, don’t get it together very soon, I will have no choice but to gather with my fellow taxpayers, form a citizen posse, and go to DC! If I am forced to do this, we will not talk, we will not include law enforcement agencies, we will get to town, do what we must, and set DC straight! Then President Trump can do his job, without any interference! Remember, if the law forces us citizens to act, act we will, and swift, straight to it action will be carried out by my hand picked posse!

    • Our entire family stands w/ you on this & I’m sure millions of Trump supporters will come with you. Our President is patriotic, loves America and is trying his best to stop all the criminal activity that had been the mainstay of too many members of Congress for years. He has so much energy & enthusiasm like we haven’t seen in decades. He packs out all rally, travels to many cities to give our legal citizens hope for a great future, but the only topic the Democrats want to talk about is how to get rid of Trump & all of his supporters, free everything under government control so the leaders can be another Kim Jung Un. They want to destroy America, the constitution, the rights of all to live free. The many of us who believe in our freedoms may soon have to stand up & fight in another civil war. We all need to be ready.

  6. My Posse, and I, will be armed with brick hammers, it’s a lot more humane than the trowel, but first we will stop off and a local watering hole and drink them out of “Wild-Turkey” and a beer keg! No reason we can’t have a little fun while we’re there! Once the job begins, we won’t stop until we’re done! Not to worry, we’ll take a cab! We will send the tab to the DNC!

  7. It has become clearer and clearer that the major cause of these shootings and attacks against Repubs and conservatives and followers of Trump is just plain mental illness and just a bit of brain washing and potential hypnotism to put the person over the edge. It has already been suggested by Psychologists and other experts in the fields that almost all of the shooters or those responsible for the acts have had prior difficulties or one sort or the other and could very well be easy prey for brain washing and/or hypnotism or both. It is far less likely that these people are involved as a criminal act only. It is also not likely that they are plainly just so mortified that the political atmosphere has the responsibility. The effectiveness of any psychological effects from brain washing and/or hypnotism is easily transferrable by any means that is available and practiced since the 1960’s and before. Since it is very plausible to have occurred , the likely it has indeed been used as we’ve seen since the early 2000’s with the attitudes changing to absolute hatred without any room for forgiveness from the Dem and liberal leadership along with a collection of lies and fake stories and news, it becomes more likely easily starting in schools and Universities. We can also foresee foreign gov’ts using these tactics through religion and military classes and gatherings, such as the recent Fla. military shootings by one shooter but full knowledge of over 20 of his comrades that either were there or joined a party for his trip to his heaven and 72 virgins while during the exercise part of the group were involved in filming the entire act, to take home to Saudi. this and all the other terrorist acts by Saudi are a reason to view this as an act of developed terrorism by means of brain washing and hypnotism.

    • Yah, just look in the big eyes of Schiff. Do they look that they can hypnotize Nancy and Chuck leave alone Nadler. They have to look deep, cause those eyeballs are about to pop out of his face.

  8. Mental illness by way of liberal socialist brainwashing and the desire to be the sole dictators of the people. Wake up people–social liberalism = subjugation and slavery under ultra communism by greedy demo-RATS. In other words, kiss your ass and your liberties and freedoms GOOD-BY.

  9. These younger generations had better wake up and listen to their elders. We have seen the Demorat’s trying to take charge for a very long time.If they can get enough of you to be hypmotized into believing what they tell you. you are going to lose everything you have now and will ever have. They don’t give a rat’s ass about you,where you come from, or how much money your parents have. They are going to bag and tag you and will know every time you even fart. wake up AMERICA.

  10. you got to be crazy or just plain stupid to make a statement like that.Dump the lying ass hole trump has cause more division in this country then any mob boss
    could have He is the biggest liar that ever lived and the most corrupted snake that ever drew a breath. Trump is nothing but a bag of left over shit and all that go along just to get along

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