Predictable: CNN’s Acosta Fumes Over Award to Rush Limbaugh

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There are certain temper tantrums that are too easy to predict. Jim Acosta is a CNN journalist who is well known for being on the left side of the aisle during most disputes. That’s why we are not surprised to see him taking direct aim at Rush Limbaugh. He could not even wait for the State of the Union address to finish before he took a shot at him.

He just had to interject with the usual liberal spin. Acosta does not believe in finding the right time and place. He would rather shoot his mouth off and ask questions later. When President Trump decided t bestow the Medal of Freedom upon Limbaugh, Acosta’s commentary was as rude as it was predictable.

The liberals can simply never let anything go. They do not care about things like context and personal circumstances. Instead, they pride themselves on saying awful things about the dying and the dead. Their friends and loved ones are then forced to hear these comments, not that anyone on the left cares about things like that.

Acosta certainly doesn’t. “I think this was a state of the base speech,” he said. He did not view this as a typical State of the Union address. In his mind, Trump was merely trying to talk to his voters directly. The Union is divided in his eyes, while Trump’s base remains strong.

He acts as if this is anyone’s fault but the left. The leftists of the nation are the ones who are looking to divide everyone into two piles: racist and non racist. Acosta did not care about any of the incredible tributes to the nation’s armed services. All this address did was provide him with the springboard to offer more and more unwanted hot takes.

Decorum has fallen by the wayside and it is sad to see the left leading the charge. The President’s speech was designed to bring us together but he would rather interject with commentary that no one asked for. Maybe the left wanted to hear what he had to say but that audience is starting to dwindle. As it turns out, people do not have the same appetite for negativity as the fake news media.

The Medal of Freedom being given to Limbaugh does not diminish the inroads that Trump has made with minority communities. Acosta does not share this sentiment, however. In his mind, anything that Trump does is null and void now. He will have to answer for any past comments that he has made forever and ever, no matter what he says or does to rectify the national divide.

Bo Snerdley is Rush Limbaugh’s producer and he was not going to accept the commentary from Acosta. He challenged him to produce proof of the claims that he was making. There is no reason to use black people as political fodder and this is the part of Acosta’s spiel that bothered Snerdley the most.

It gets tiring to see pundits allowed to use minority groups as pawns to win whatever argument they are having that day. This type of behavior is crass and unacceptable. The nation as a whole needs to come together and put a stop to this type of behavior. Why should anyone want to live in a country where people can go on live television and say whatever they want?

Free speech is one thing but telling lies to ruin an otherwise touching moment should feel wrong to anyone with a pulse. Acosta even tried to use the words of a top Obama aide to justify what he was saying. We are sure that Obama and his team were beyond thrilled to have Axelrod’s words bent and twisted to meet the needs of a man with a clear ax to grind.

Why this behavior is allowed is beyond us but it is par for the course for CNN. This is simply what they do. Their whole ethos depends on taking shots at Trump at every turn, no matter what he has actually done to deserve it. He could be a charity event and they would find a way to spin it to the clueless liberals who mindlessly consume their output.

In the future, it would be nice if these pundits were willing to keep their personal opinions to themselves. Their job is to report the news, not engage in various spear campaigns that are designed to fluff their own egos. Rush Limbaugh deserves better and this is no time to a kick a man while he is down. Let that have been someone on the left and there would have been hell to pay!


  1. Acosta is a punkand is deep need of a punch in the face. The left wing pukes have given that scumbag awards. He needs to be reporting on the Food Network. Rush Limbaugh has forgotten more about being a a voice of the people , for the people than that greasy boil on the butt of humanity will ever know. Acosta is a weak talking head. No real network would have him.

  2. Jim Acosta is a lightweight liberal grandstander. He should get the boot once and for all from the White House press pool. He is rude and not very good at all being a qoute on qoute reporter.

  3. Acosta is merely displaying the modus operandi required of all CNN talking heads. If you can’t report on some carefully researched fault of someone who does NOT think exactly as you do,make something up.

  4. The proper use of the English language does not allow me to expose Mr. Acosta for what he is. His comments vis a vis Rush should be censored and redacted.

  5. Rush listens to people’s points no matter how goofy or way out there the caller’s
    points might be, that is something that almost 40 years of listening to people can
    do for you, Acosta is a goof ball with leftists mentality, I wish you well mr Rush and
    hope that your treatment goes well.

  6. Has anyone checked to see if Acosta has a degree in Journalism, as to his fuming over the Award he couldn’t carry Rush’s jock strap.

  7. I don’t recall any of these liberals being upset when Whoopi Cushion was awarded the Medal of Freedom, for doing nothing but trying to rip the country apart. At least Rush tries to inform and advise.

  8. Acosta is a typical liberal loser who feels every person that disagrees with his warped beliefs is a racist etc. Acosta is a typical child. When you disagree with him he first starts by calling you names. Then he accuses you of being anti-color. Next is the female or racists card. Acosta is a Piece of Shit, plan and simple. He is a loser and will always be a loser. His parents probably considered aborting him at birth.

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