Pelosi Planned Her Stunt and Pre-Ripped the Speech

Nancy Pelosi won the hearts of whiny liberals everywhere when she decided to rip up Trump’s State of the Union speech as soon as it was over. The move seemed to take place as a spur of the moment event initially. However, Vice President Mike Pence made an audacious claim soon after.

He says that this move was not actually spontaneous at all. Pence says that Pelosi had it planned all along. Of course, the left reacted with a great deal of skepticism. They were ready to call the Trump administration a bunch of liars. As it turns out, Pence was telling the truth the whole time.

Hopefully, their apologies are as loud as their disrespect was. We aren’t going to hold our breath but it would be nice nonetheless. Pelosi even said that she did not and she would never lie, would she? Unfortunately for her, a video has surfaced and it would seem that Pence was the one who was telling the truth this entire time.

Can you believe that Pelosi did not trust her fingers to do the job when the big moment actually arose? A video shows her “pre ripping” the speech, so that she could create more of a dramatic effect. You have to hand it to the Democrats. Even their most “authentic” moments are actually just scripted theater.

Even Nikki Haley did not agree with Pelosi’s tactics at first and we are with her. It does not matter how you feel about Trump or his legacy. This is the sort of childish behavior that only serves to make the Democrats look terrible. The photos that have started to pop up would seem to indicate that Pelosi planned the rip job ahead of time as well.

When you zoom in, you can see where the papers have already been ripped. There are a lot of things that can be tolerated but this has to stop. The back and forth between the Democrats and the Republicans is headed to a dangerous place. Democracy is on the line and no red blooded American should be content to sit back and watch it happen.

Pelosi was even caught practicing her big move underneath the table before it even took place. The evidence is mounting and none of it is good for the Democrats. She wanted the moment to go off without a hitch. She got her wish and then some. We are sure that Pelosi would probably do things differently with the benefit of hindsight but that opportunity has come and gone.

The best thing that she ever could have done was leave well enough alone. This silly stunt did not actually accomplish anything, unless the objective was to make herself the center of attention. We all know that’s what Pelosi and her cronies love the most. They would rather soak up attention than do anything that will actually help the country over the long haul.

Rush Limbaugh was being introduced and she could already be seen grabbing at the speech. We cannot believe the sheer audacity that is on display here. She truly thought that she was going to get away with this. Apparently, Pelosi lives in a world where cameras and video have yet to be invented. She did not stop to think that she is not actually the smartest person in the room.

Now, she is left with egg all over her face and the rest of us get to enjoy a hearty laugh at her expense. It is safe to say that this backfired on her badly. That is an understatement to say the least. Pence speaks for all of us when he says that she was trying to make this moment all about her. The American people are getting fed up with the constant theatrics from the Democratic party.

They are the first ones to cry when the Republicans do anything that might be perceived as childish. On the other hand, it is perfectly okay to rip up speeches on national television. Their hypocrisy is disgusting and we have had enough. Hopefully, Pelosi is sufficiently chastened for this behavior and thinks twice next time.

In the meantime, we get to share this video and have lots of chuckles at her expense. She really thought that she was going to go viral for all of the right reasons. Instead, she has brought more shame to her party with her silly behavior. According to her, the speech had to be shredded because Trump has been doing the same to the truth. Oh, the irony!


  1. We the People, need to disband the Democrat Party! They were the Original Party Of Slavery! A new Opposition Party, should be started by some SANE Liberals! If such people Exist!

    • You are TOTALLY RIGHT, Rough/ Rider9! They NEED to get rid ( by imprisoning) the whole lot of demonicRATS, til they rot, go to hell and burn! Until then, we’ll have nothing but violence, opposition, freaks and fruitcakes, baby killers, traitors etc… SICK of these bastards!a

    • All the libtards still claiming to be a dem are just as guilty of treason as bo & hilary being supported by their dem socialist, commie treason ! Hang’em !

  2. I believe the speaker of the house embarresed
    herself as well as all the house of representatives.
    I believe she should be punished/chastened and take vote
    To dismiss her from her current position as speaker of
    House. This action by her is inexcusable.

  3. Shame shame shame on the speaker of the
    House for such infantil action. She really is not
    Representing the congress at all. She should
    Go back to California and stay out sight.

  4. She jumped up and started ripping the speech document before President Trump even finished speaking. Showed her ignorance and hate for President Trump and we the people that voted him in office. Democrats have become evil.God is wiping the smirks off their faces.They are being exposed for who they really are.

  5. im glade she was seen for what she truthfully is a lie white woman speak with forked tong AND HOW dem wit, go trump 2020 dis ban the losers they only work to ruin this country and make friend,s hater,s stop wasting are tax payer dolloars on this fake crap we need people who work for all of us smoke some pot and pass the peace pipe Indians THINK YOU ALL NUT,S WE SMART NOT DUM ASS,S LIKE THE REST

  6. the best we can hope for is that the voters of her district have all seen their neuroproctologists and will vote for someone else in November.

  7. Not only was what Madam Pelosi did at the end of POTUS speech a stupid spoiled BRAT move …IT was illegal…she broke the LAW 18 US code 2071 (B) which says what she did is punishable with a fine, and removal from office and jail…and she herself said “No body is above the law” Well when will she be punished?????

  8. She should be immediately removed from office and fined severely like about 25 million dollars and sent to prison for threes years according to the articles of the constitution as she committed a blatant felony act on national TV. She can’t lie her way out of this one. Anyone else would have to pay for it so why should she be above the law.? The judicial branch should go after the other democrats also. They are all so damn stupid they flunked their entrance exams to kindergarten.

  9. I believe that it is time for term limits so that our representatives will work for us as a nation and do what is best for us and not what will make them richer. No one spends more time ion the senate or the house than six years at a time. They can be reappointed after six years have passed if the citizens reelect them for doing a good job the first time.

    • I have been pushing for this type of “consecutive term” limitation for years now. They can stay in politics, just have to run for another office, negating the power of incumbency.


  10. Nothing is going to be done about this at all. The whole system in Washington is crooked and disgusting. When God comes back he’ll clean up the swamp. If anyone at all had done or said anything about “Obama(the worst president we have ever had) they would have been locked up at once.

  11. It amazes me that the world watches what Nancy Pelosi did by ripping up Her COPY of the SOTU address in plain sight on television and everyone goes crazy. However, the sexual predator/con man/liar does EVERYTHING disrespectful, illegal and in total violation of the Constitution and NO ONE ever sees that, hears that or cares about that. It is only worse now that he’s on a tirade to punish everyone who testified truthfully against him during the impeachment inquiry. The one good thing about that is he will be forever known as an impeached president no matter what. Love him all you want if you must but stop denying the truth. You only endanger our democracy when you do that.

  12. She needs to be charged with the crime of destroying the speech that did not belong to her, do not let her off with this or what is next? het her with the law she claims to uphold! Ret USN/USMC HM2 (AW/FMF) 100% SVC Disabled, I would still die for this this Country!

  13. Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace to The House, her State and her District. Please notice I did not use her title, she disgraced her position. I agree that she should be removed from any place of authority. I completely agree with term limits. I suggest 3 for Representatives and 2 for Senators. That would mean 18 years at the most. Life time benefits, except Retirement and Health Care, should be eliminated. So many problems would be eliminated. This would never pass a vote in Congress, so I think it should be left up to the voters, you know, the people that pay them. Ra

  14. The democrates always get a free pass on bad behavior and lying…… Always have and always will …. Unless we the people vote them out when elections come up to remove them from office…. Can’t wait until all these elections come up…. We need more statemen instead of career politicians …..we the people have the power to make a difference! Nancy & her pals have been getting rich & powerful for years by us voting them in office …. What really have they done for our nation except whine and have “five year old” temper tantrums. The have outgrown their usefulness for our nation ….. Maybe we need to do what Nancy says …. We need to PRAY for their defeat in the upcoming elections!!!

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