Obama White House Photographer Tweets “F*** You POTUS” to Trump

As American tensions over the COVID-19 outbreak reach their boiling point, senior Obama officials are taking all kinds of unprovoked shots at President Trump. Barack Obama’s official White House photographer has decided that they would like to get in on the action. We are not sure who this type of behavior actually benefits.

Pete Souza is the White House photographer in question and his recent tweet is about as disrespectful as it gets. While he has since deleted his Twitter account, he should have done that before he fired off his potty mouthed insults. Do Souza or any of these other Trump haters realize what they are doing?

When Trump or the people adjacent to him insult the left, what happens next? They get accused of inciting violence. Where are these critiques when it comes to what the left has to say, though? They are nowhere to be found. That’s because the left always feels like they are justified for whatever they say, no matter what it may be.

Souza’s tweet was a doozy. He asks if he is allowed to drop an F bomb on Twitter, which is a silly question in and of itself. We are allowed to use whatever language we want on Twitter. The beauty of Twitter (or the curse, depending on your point of view) is that you can essentially say whatever you want.

You just have to be willing to take whatever comes with it. The quote tweets are sure to come raining down when you say things that are impolite or incorrect. Souza was clearly not willing to take the heat and it shows. People love to take their shots at the current president but they tend to fold pretty quickly once they realize that the court of public opinion is not going to be on their side.

It’s especially funny coming from a member of the administration that loved bragged about going high when other people go low. Once Souza asked if he could use the F word, he directed it towards Trump and referred to him as a pathetic human being. The Resistance crowd may have eaten this nonsense up but everyone else was not as easy to fool.

All you need to do to impress them is say mean things about Trump. Their bar for acceptance is that low. Soledad O’Brien even stepped up to offer her approval. Is this what passes for journalism nowadays? Souza deleting his account shows how regrettable this sort of behavior is.

If he regretted the tweet within hours, why didn’t all of the people who liked it and shared it feel the same way? The disconnect in these instances is astonishing. This man had the same Twitter account since 2017 and decided to ditch it because of the backlash that his tweet received.

This is the sort of behavior that is typically reserved for trolls who are constantly being suspended for trying to actively annoy people. The pandemic is causing Americans to fight with one another more often than usual and while this is understandable on a certain level, government officials do not need to stoop to this level.

They are the ones who should be setting a positive example by coming together during these sorts of moments. How are the American people supposed to come together when this is the lesson that they are being taught? These are the same liberals that will cry Trump’s supposed lack of class but then they turn around and behave like this.

We are waiting for the statement from Obama himself. Knowing him, he will act as if he had nothing to do with the tweet and disavow Souza’s words. One of the best tricks that he has been able to pull is convincing the left that he is on their side, even while backtracking and disassociating himself. That’s why he’s made sure to derail Bernie Sanders at every turn.

If he felt the same way as the Resistance crowd, he would probably be cosigning these statements. Instead, he is staying in the background and doing whatever he can to help Joe Biden. Souza’s avatar photo on Twitter was a picture of him with the former president.

This was his only claim to fame and now he’s been forced to delete it. We are sure that he got the call from Barack not long after the tweet started to circulate. Maybe Souza will think twice in the future before he decides to take random potshots at the current leader of the free world. It is safe to say that this tweet did not go as planned.


    • In my opinion President Trump is the worst president in history!
      He’s a liar, a criminal, and an idiot!!
      He needs to be kicked out of office!!!
      Trump’s acquittal in the shameful senate house is the biggest Republican Party corruption cover up in American history!!
      What a disgrace for America!!

      • Your king Odumbo is the worst, Trump saved Americans from the loony left liberal idiot democRats, who to date have done zero to help Americans, Barrack is a sorry excuse of a black man, the great divider did more harm than good for 8 long years… That negro can go back the the bath house and suck dick for all I care!

      • Not a damn word you said is true, proves you are a Trump hater and a stupid Dumocrat, only people like you can’t stand progress after 8 years of going downhill in everything governmental, a real President leads by example and you could not recognize it by listening to your comments..Too bad !! Good thing we did not have one of your kind in power, we would all be dead or enslaved by now.. Enjoy freedom while you can, God can’t even help us if a Dumocrat got in…

    • You need to go away ! Your disgusting and your a has been . What do you do for humanity ??? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  1. Takes less muscles to smile than it does to frown.The proper thingKillling Babies to do is something beneficial.The Republicans are attempting to do good things for the Country.on the other
    hand the Democrats don’t care ABOUT ANYONE ELSE.For instance,killing Babies,Always
    whining and complaining,never putting any positive action to work.WHO NEEDSW THESE

  2. I want to respond to Souza’s comments. However if I use the same “F” word back at him. He will love it..He will get all the replies that come back at him with same language that used and find a dark corner and use them to self pleasure himself..

  3. The Photagropher did not have a colored lens. With Odummy he just neede a Black and white film and then used it mostly at his Mosque!!!

  4. When i hear these comments i just consider the source an feel sorry for their ignorance,which for some is grace

  5. I’m glad this author put this story out there but I disagree with him stating the pandemic is causing America to fight with each other. The sick progressive leftist and their disciples of satan FAKE MEDIA are the cause of the American people not getting along. Where is the POS LYING FAKE MEDIA calling this POS a racist??? Trump calls the virus “The wuhan virus” and the FAKE POS MEDIA scream “racist”!!! WHO ARE THEY TO DECIDE WHAT’S RACIST OR NOT? They need to be drained right along with the SWAMP!!!

  6. Still wondering why anyone pays attention to these “News Readers” and Obama whatevers!!! Very few Journalists in the US anymore. Many more opinionated people who create discontent and inappropriate information for the rest of us. I really could care less about that mans’ opinion of anyone!!!!

  7. In my opinion President Trump is the worst president in history!
    He’s a liar, a criminal, and an idiot!!
    He needs to be kicked out of office!!!
    Trump’s acquittal in the shameful senate house is the biggest Republican Party corruption cover up in American history!!
    What a disgrace for America!!

  8. Sorry excuse for a human being! Best President Ever
    We are blessed in this terrible season of time to have him! Our country is so much better off because he is fighting for the people. Liberals have tormented the USA for decades, hopefully we are getting back to how we should be. If the Democrats would fess up and star t fighting to bring us into battling for this great country instead of a global one, we could, but the won’t. We can still win and we will in 2020. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT!!!!

  9. To the so called photographer.
    Tell me, if you would, do you eat with the same mouth you talk with? If so you must run around all day with an horrible taste in your mouth. Do you know how to get away from that?

  10. To the so called photographer.
    Tell me, if you would, do you eat with the same mouth you talk with? If so you must run around all day with an horrible taste in your mouth. Do you know how to get away from that?

  11. Any one with a brain can see the Dems and the Repubs are all after one goal. The way they get there varies. So if you think any of the current corrupt Politicians in Wash. today are good then you’ll get what you deserve, Sheeples.

  12. happy easter may u all lay a egg u fools, still as dumb as bird shit we Indians think keep messing with way,s to kill your selves, the one,s running things dont care about you only them selves you need seeing eye dog,s the captain of that aircraft is smarter than most he wanted to save his crew tell ass wipes to give that man a medal term limit,s no more per,s no law,s with out are vote law makers need to be fired judges and DA,s COP,s need to be held accountable no bank bail outs no more going to the well for more money stop over spending no pay raises to state and government with out we the people getting are fare share health care for us just like they have stop voting for fools that just lie and do nothing for us all stop giving are money away to other country s its the peoples not your,s Americans first if you can give it away you can pay back what you owe if i was the president we wouldnt be broke and ripped off and having to read about polosi the chuck skemmer or trump or AOC

  13. I’m basically old, and when many of the old timers tell me President Trump has and will do more for Americans
    than many of the past Preidents, they will be the ones who show up in large numbers come Nov 2, GO Trump in 2020.

  14. I would say, Pete Souza, is the pathetic excuse for a human being.
    No, he is just a dumb, brainless pinhead that couldn’t hit himself
    in the ass with both hands. He drank so much of the Obama Koolaid
    that his brain is totally fried and worthless. He worked for a
    lying, thieving scumbag and did not have the sense to know any better.
    You are not the only one who can disparage others, “F” you Souza

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