Newly Released Documents Show Dem’s Most Vicious Impeachment Witness Lied to Congress

During the ill-fated Donald Trump impeachment process, Marie Yovanovitch (ex-United States ambassador) decided to tell Congress a major lie. When she was asked about Burisma Holdings, she said that she did not know anything beyond what was mentioned in the initial briefing. She also claimed to have looked at some of the press reports.

For those who are unfamiliar, Burisma Holdings is a natural gas firm in the Ukraine. They stand accused of various forms of corruption and are responsible for employing Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. “It just wasn’t a big deal,” Yovanovitch said under oath. Of course, it did not take long for her lies to be exposed.

State Department memos have been unearthed and they are not kind. We now know Yovanovitch was engaged in activities that she would have rather kept a secret. When she was at the Kiev embassy, she had a multitude of discussions with the aforementioned firm. Burisma spent much of the 2016 election in scramble mode.

They were looking to settle a corruption investigation that had been taking place for some time. President Trump was on the verge of taking office and the company wanted to make sure that they were able to polish their image. Yovanovitch even received an e-mail from a top deputy back in September 2016 that discussed the matter specifically.

This e-mail was received three whole years before her testimony took place. According to the e-mail, Burisma was responsible for the hiring of an American firm. This firm had close ties to the Democrats, of course. Blue Star Strategies was responsible for the aforementioned reputation rehabilitation. Hunter Biden was placed on the board as well.

Yovanovitch had direct meetings with Burisam representatives in her own office. These meetings took place around the time that Trump took office. You would think that these details would have been mentioned in the deposition. Instead, Yovanovitch thought that she could lie under oath and escape all scrutiny.

These discussions were not brief, either. In fact, they were extensive enough to fill over 150 pages with correspondence and e-mails. State Department records have been obtained that verify these findings. Citizens United is a conservative group that was able to obtain the record under FOIA.

Yovanovitch even went so far as to hand-deliver a letter to a Burisma official. Again, this is something that probably should have come up during her deposition. After her recent retirement from State, she decided to recede from the spotlight. She has been asked to offer further background on what has taken place and refuses to do so.

Lawrence S. Robbins was her lawyer during the Trump impeachment proceedings and he is also refusing to provide any further commentary. These types of actions only serve to make the people involved look more guilty but we are sure that they realize that by now. What else is being kept from Congress by all of these bad-faith actors?

We shudder to think. The new records do not support what Yovanovitch has to say. She might want to get her story straight the next time she is asked about this. There are only so many lies that can be told about these types of occurrences. When all of the information is readily available, we are not sure what possesses people to lie like this.

It takes a sizable amount of hubris to believe that you are never going to be called out for lies that are this obvious. Maybe Yovanovitch thought that the problem would vanish once she decided to retire? That’s the only semi-reasonable explanation we can come up with for what she has decided to do.

Hunter Biden has been collecting millions in payments from Burisma for some time now and the corruption is finally being exposed. It’s an obvious conflict of interest when your father is the one who is responsible for establishing Ukraine foreign policy. Burisma has been at the center of a corruption probe for a long time, too. It’s not like the Biden family can claim that they did not know better about what was obviously taking place here.

This is not the first time that Yovanovitch has been questioned about the statements she’s providing under oath. Fox News has already challenged other aspects of her testimony. When she claimed not to have had contact with a Democratic House staffer, this lie was immediately proven wrong. The contact that she was lying about having was eventually discovered on her personal e-mail account. It’s all just another day in the life of the lying Democrats.


  1. too bad Yanovitch isn’t black; otherwise she’d be a perfect Candidate for Joe Biden’s VP pick; she’s female, a spectacular liar and also loves corrupt Ukranian business’, just like Biden’s son Hunter….why oh why did Joe Biden make a trip to Ukraine THREE days before Trump was inaugeration…wonder what that threat was about?

    • Yanovitch was known in the foriegh services branch to be a great cocksucker. She sucked lots of foriegh diplomats’ cocks. They loved her.

  2. She lied because she is a pathological liar determined to uphold the agenda of the other liars like Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, et al. Hard to believe how they remain in power except to say that they are always given free passes by the media for their mendacity.

  3. I hope that the information continues to come up about all the issues related to how things have been handled & covered UP !!! My hope is before the election ,bbt my opinion is things will drug out until after the election !!!

  4. This is what you call career employee they do whatever it takes to hold there job in this case she got caught and was being escorted out her job.Guess what here comes Santa Claus ( Schiff) and you have a witness willing to do anything to retaliate this is Washington

  5. Liar, liar, pants on fire! What will become of it? Probably nothing as all those with a case of TDS all get a free pass. Someday though, the chickens will come home to roost.

    • Dennis, your hate for Trump is so strong, that you’ll do anything to discredit him. Relax and live a little, there is more to life than just hate!

  6. For her lies, the government should strip for her pension. Let obama and the
    DNC pay for her pension and not the Government. The pathological liar should be ashamed of herself if she has any dignity. Apparently, she lacks of that.

  7. the jails aavaible are inadequate to house these father-less indiviuals at the expense of american veterans/civilians.


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