New Biden Audio Release With Biden Discussing Firing of Ukrainian Prosecutor Investigating His Son

Creative Destruction Media released an audiotape yesterday that puts Joe Biden’s corruption on full display. We already knew that he was not on the level but this tape shatters any notion that the left may have had regarding his innocence. Those who did not think that Biden would have what it takes to lean on someone like this are going to be stunned.

Former Ukrainian President Poroshenko is the target of Biden’s ire. He wants him to do his bidding, i.e. firing the prosecutor who is causing him so much trouble. Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin’s commitment to justice landed him squarely in the former vice president’s cross hairs.

Biden did not want Shokin to continue investigating any wrongdoing that was taking place in the region. His son, Hunter, was the target of these investigations. His criminal actions in the Ukraine are well documented. Hunter’s dealings with Burisma Holdings are being concealed by his father, who is looking to maintain moral high ground during an election year.

We are sure that President Trump is going to be mocking old Sleepy Joe about this tape soon enough. He may have wanted to keep this under his hat but the internet is undefeated. Everything that we do in darkness eventually comes to light. For his part, Poroshenko actually complied with the request that was made by Biden.

It did not take long for him to send Shokin packing. The phone call has now been presented to the general public and Biden can no longer lie about its contents. There is very little ambiguity here either. Poroshekno immediately lets Biden know that he has done his dirty work for him. He visited Shokin’s office and leaned on him to resign.

Transcribed from the Video——-

Poroshenko:  (7:10 mark) I have some good news…  Yesterday I went and seat with the general prosecutor’s office.

Joe Biden: Yes.

Poroshenko: …. I especially asked him to resign… as his position as a state prosecutor… He promised to give me statement of his resignation… One hour he gave me statement of his presentation.

Joe Biden: Great!…. 

Joe Biden: (10:20 mark) I am prepared to a public signing for a commitment for a billion dollars.  Again I am not suggesting you want it or don’t want it.  I am suggesting that is what I am prepared to do.  Again it won’t be finalized… Let me when you and I finished speaking let me huddle with my team… I agree with you there is a sense of urgency here.

Here is the section where Joe Biden starts talking and Joe Biden mentions Donald Trump!

From the audio — Joe Biden tells Poroshenko: We will help you get the vote… Let me ask you one thing before I forget, Privatbank… This is getting very, very close. What I don’t want to have happen. I don’t want Trump to get into *** where he thinks he’s about to buy into a situation… where it is about to collapse where he is going to pour more money into Ukraine… So anything you can do to push the Privatbank to closure so that the IMF loan comes forward I stress this is critical to your economic and national security.

If this sounds like something out of an episode of The Sopranos, that’s because it is. Biden’s behavior is more befitting of an organized crime boss than a presidential candidate. Poroshenko received the necessary resignation within an hour so we are guessing that the man knew he did not have much of a choice here.

Biden was even willing to speak about his distaste for the previous prosecutor. It’s easy to see why he wasn’t a fan. Organized crime figures like him do not like being told no under any circumstances. In his mind, Shokin did untold amounts of damage because he is a man of integrity who wasn’t going to let a rich and powerful politician off the hook.

Biden even dangled a $1 billion loan guarantee over the Ukraine, as a means of extracting what he wanted. He tries to play it off in the phone call but it is clear to see that he was not willing to back down. Again, this is what mob bosses do. They play the hand that they have and they are always ready to apply pressure when it comes to getting what they want.

The former vice president even went so far as to call out President Trump by name. He did not want the president to be able to buy his way into the country once he assumed office. That’s why he was so adamant about making sure that the loan got to the Ukraine in time. It was not about helping them get ahead, it was about making sure that any possible opportunity was taken away from the incoming president.

It’s an insane phone call to listen in on, especially when many of our most common opinions about Joe Biden are being confirmed this way. Once you have had the chance to hear this phone call for yourself, you are going to be flabbergasted. Of course, the Democrats are not about to blow this call out of proportion like they did when it was Trump who was on the line with the Ukraine.

Good thing Biden is not already president or he would be subjected to the same behavior that Trump received. The same actions that landed the current president in an impeachment hearing are not leading the same level of outrage. We wish that we could pretend to be surprised here but we are not.

That’s how the Democrats roll. The actions that are troublesome coming from anyone else are no problem if they are taking place on the left side of the aisle. As always, Donald Trump emerges from another scandal smelling like a rose. The same leftists who were scheduling their silly little impeachment parties and acting like he was on already on his way out of the White House are probably feeling pretty darn foolish at the moment.


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