MSNBC Talking Head Backtracks on Claim Trump Wants Hispanic Genocide

Nicole Wallace, an MSNBC talking head, offered something resembling an apology for claiming that President Donald Trump wants to exterminate Hispanics. The AP explains:

“She apologized Tuesday on Twitter for a comment she made on her show the day before. She tweeted that her mistake wasn’t intentional and that she was sorry.

“Wallace was responding to a remark by USA Today columnist Raul Reyes, who was a guest on her afternoon show. Reyes had noted that Trump has talked about an infestation through illegal immigration, and the natural conclusion is to attempt extermination.”

Wallace’s “apology” showed up on Twitter:

“I misspoke about Trump calling for the extermination of Latinos. My mistake was unintentional and I’m sorry. Trump’s constant assault on people of color and his use of the word ‘invasion’ to describe the flow of immigrants is intentional and constant.”

Wallace, before she got a job at MSNBC, was communications director for the George W. Bush White House. She then worked for the 2008 John McCain campaign and earned infamy for trashing Sarah Palin, McCain’s running mate, some suspect to cover for her failures.

Legal Insurrection had a tart response:

“No, you’re not sorry. The answer to Trump’s hyperbole is not more hyperbole. You accuse Trump of using rhetoric to rile up his supporters, but what do you think this does? You add fuel to the fire trying to incite fear in those on your side.

“Trump has truly broken people.”

Wallace’s accusation and her semi-apology comes on the heels of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s accusation that the president is running “concentration camps” for illegal immigrants. The backlash was furious and immediate since the term is evocative of the Nazi era during which Jews and others were herded into concentration camps and were exterminated. Wallace took the trope one step further and suggested the Trump wants to do the same to Hispanics.

Both the concentration camp accusation and what Wallace said were clear breaches of Godwin’s law, which states that the first person who invokes Hitler or the Nazis in an argument has automatically lost the argument. The reason is that the Nazis were so uniquely evil and murderous, very few people can match them, certainly not an American president

In the meantime, a former CNN commentator and academic named Reza Aslan proved that there are exceptions to Godwin’s Law. He took to Twitter to explain his ire against people who support President Trump:

“After today there is no longer any room for nuance. The President is a white nationalist terror leader. His supporters – ALL OF THEM – are by definition white nationalist terror supporters. The MAGA hat is a KKK hood. And this evil, racist scourge must be eradicated from society.”

It could be that Aslan was advocating something less extreme than mass murder. Human Events disagrees:

“The term ‘eradicate,’ when used in the context of groups of people, is a call for genocide. An early intelligence record on Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’ was declassified in 2001 under the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act, which contains statements by Axis diplomats referring to a plan for the “eradication” of Jews in Europe.”

Ironically, Aslan’s family fled Iran after the Islamic revolution in 1979. He converted to Christianity but then returned to the Islamic faith. Aslan is the author of several books on religion and has been involved in several television projects, including HBO’s “Leftovers.”

Aslan had a TV show on CNN entitled “Believer.” However, the networked fired him in 2017 after he offered what is described as a “profane tweet” about President Trump after the president proposed a travel ban in the wake of a horrific terrorist attack in London. He called the president a “piece of excrement” but with another, unprintable word in its place. His response in the wake of the controversy fell far short of an apology either to the network or to the president of the United States. He admitted to being disappointed and acknowledged that CNN had to “protect its brand.”

Aslan, as of this writing, has yet to expand on what he means by “eradicate” in his latest tweet. He has also attacked Ivanka Trump as a “white supremacist” even though she is Jewish.

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