Leftwing Activists Calling on People to Loot Stores During Coronavirus Panic

Far left activists never miss a beat, do they? They are now using the coronavirus epidemic as a means of encouraging people to make the wrong choices. To the far left, there is no such thing as decorum. They use every event that takes place as a means of telling everyone how to think and feel.

The far left is taking this opportunity to encourage to shoplift from stores. Wendy Trevino is the communist activist who has decided to spearhead this “movement”. She ought to be ashamed of herself. This is not the time to be worried about far-left agendas. We need to be looking for our fellow man, not looking for ways to get over on each other.

Trevino claims to be a grant writer and an author but we are not sure who is reading her work. With ideas like this one, she is probably better off as a carnival barker. In addition to claiming that people should be shoplifting, she is also placing the onus on others to “have their back”.

What does this even mean, Wendy? If we see someone shoplifting, we are not supposed to tell anyone AND fight off the security guards on their behalf? These are good and decent people who are just trying to do their job. They should not have to worry about being attacked by crazed leftists because some woman told them to.

Is she going to be the one who pays all of the fines and court fees for the people who decided that it was a good idea to shoplift? What about all of the people who decide to “have their back”? We would expect nothing less from an author whose work is published by Commune Editions.

While her tweets on the matter have received a decent amount of push back, the far left readers who love messages like these wasted no time sharing it. They do not need very much justification to rob innocent store owners. These are the sorts of people who believe that it is their God-given right to steal in order to survive.

They convince themselves that they are justified in this behavior because they are only hurting “corporations”. Those who believe in this sort of logic are never going to see themselves for what they really are: opportunists. Social arsonists only want to see the world burn and they do not truly care about their fellow man at moments like these.

Disguising their selfishness by pretending to care about social issues is all they know how to do. If you take a closer look at Wendy’s Twitter feed, you’ll notice that she is the same as all of the other leftists. We personally enjoyed the slew of anti-white tweets that come from a woman who seems to have forgotten that she is also white.

That’s how the leftists roll. They are often white and affluent and think that they can hide this from the world by pretending to “have people’s back”. For all of her tough talk, how many people is Wendy is really helping? Let’s see her put some of this into action before following her blindly down this road of extreme selfishness.

As you would have imagined, most of these people are Bernie Sanders supporters. He’s the candidate who has everyone thinking that they are entitled to something for nothing, of course. Sanders would probably be saying the same sort of thing publicly if he thought that he could get away with it. The level of entitlement that his supporters have is absolutely ridiculous and we hope that no one gets hurt.

Lots of posts have been made by people who are claiming to have followed Wendy’s advice. It makes us sad to see children bragging about assisting people with their shoplifting. Kids do not need to have these sorts of lessons taught to them at such a young age. They are already impressionable and should be taught to help others in the right way. Bankrupting a local store owner is not the best method in these instances.

No one ever stops to think about the people who are actually hurt in these situations. Thieves would like to think that they are hurting faceless corporations but local business owners (and their fellow man) suffer the most. Imagine how frustrating it would be to head to the store to pay for supplies, only to find that they have all been stolen already. Even if the items in question are supposedly insured, this is no way to live.


  1. That’s a nice way to start Civil War Two, you liberal idiots, you have to respect for anything and it’s not funny!! Just remember the old saying: If you loot, the cops will shoot!!!!!

  2. The two left wing trashy idiots are no doubt familiar with theft. Scumbags that they are. If anyone is caught looting ,during a national emergency you can be shot. This is the same so , loot at your own peril you scumbags.

  3. Welcome to Bernie’s world-everything is free, all you have to do is steal it. The lame excuses for humanity thinks this sounds fine-if only they were capable of thinking. When everyone starts just stealing stuff, it won’t take too long before the stores shut down and then where the hell do folks think they’ll get things they need? Oh, I know, the government can open stores-however, try to steal from these stores and get shot in the face. What kind of jerk thinks living in a world without rules would be fine? Some leftist politicians are even allowing shoplifting to go unpunished. The ass holes who are proposing this world are also up for revolution. If their ideas catch on, they will get their damned revolution and I don’t think they’ll like it as much as they think they will.

    • And if they get shot in the face for looting then they will scream RACISM or NAZI or THEY SHOT ME BECAUSE I WAS GAY or some shit like that. And the commie media will be like….ya! Ya!

      And we all want these stupid pieces of shit to put Bernie in power so we can ‘live in their world’ ….because our world now sucks so bad because they have to go to work and pay for things.

      Wait till EVERYONE makes 15 an hour but all living in the slums breathing polluted air dying of starvation. Welcome to your Commie NEW WORLD dumb fucks!


      God bless my nephew. Thank God every day hes of sound mind and has a good head on his shoulders and KNOWS he will not follow the stupidity of his generation.

  4. Is it possible the dmocrats and the chinese worked together and invented the Coronavirus in a lab, just to ruin President Trumps economy?

    • You’re one trillion % correct. Time for civil war to begin. Leave safety off load and pull triger as fast as possible. Time to mow all lefties down Hope all satanic rats get covid 19 earned it deserve it..

  5. Theft is theft no matter who does it or why. It is illegal. It is also against the Bible. It is in the 10 commandments which we are to obey by God’s command. I hope everyone that steals gets arrested and sentenced to the max. You are not only disobeying the law but you are causing a shortage and rising prices.


  7. Arrest the people who even suggest such a thing. They are just antagonizing a very bad situation in this country. If they have to loot like a thief, they can be punished like a thief. They all will deserve it!

  8. bunch of brain washed shits,go home and try to do something constructive like grow a garden, spend time helping people that need help. and by the way this virus can adapt and start attacking the younger generation

  9. The only way to address looters is the way the Asian/american shop keepers in Los Angeles did back some years ago when a major riot was going on close by. A bunch of looters started to break in to a store and were shot, the the rest of the looters looked around and saw these business owners were stationed in and around their businesses. . . .NO RIOTS ORE EVEN DAMAGE HAPPENED THAT NIGHT TO ANY OF THESE STORES ! ! While most of the rest of the stores in the neighborhood were looted and many burned ! Hot leqd makes for a good teacher to useless individuals ! ! !

  10. If this actually starts happening I really, REALLY hope that means we end up with a LOT of DEAD leftists who have bullet holes in their faces!

  11. Democrats, leftist, they are not either, they are Communist posing in the sheep skin. Since when did the democratic party turn to, killing, rapeing, stealing,terrorism,false impeachment, corruption, planting viruses, since when ? Start looking back to the year 1963. There are some republicans in those same sheep skins. Who can you trust? Right now I trust the president and a few in his administration. But his hands are being forced to take precautions.

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