Leftists Rip Into Stephen King

Stephen King

The 2020 Oscar nominations are out. There are very few people of color being nominated. There are no women being nominated for best director. How could they…

The diversity controversy has liberals going crazy on social media.

Stephen King, the author of countless horror novels, decided to wade into the controversy, saying that art should be all about the quality instead of the diversity. That, apparently, is not what the liberals wanted to hear.

Once upon a time, the Oscars did focus on the art and the quality. However, today’s society wants to see how diverse Hollywood can be. Sometimes it’s not about diversity, though. King is right. It needs to focus on the quality because that’s what the awards are supposed to be about. So, should a white male director not get the award if he’s the one that truly deserved it all to give the award to a black female or a Hispanic male or a transgender director? Of course not. But liberals want to get upset anyway because that’s what they do best.

The 72-year-old progressive author made his comments known on Twitter. He’s also an Oscar voter. He explained that as a writer, he can nominate in three categories: Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Picture. He said that the diversity issue didn’t come up as it applies to actors and directors.

He went on to explain that he would never consider diversity “in matters of art.” He said that to focus on anything other than quality “would be wrong.”

Ava DuVernay, a director, decided that she was not happy with what Stephen King had to say. She went as far as calling it “backward and ignorant.”

Many people felt that he shouldn’t be on Twitter. They said that his tweet was “painful to read” and began to put a whole bunch of added words and feelings into the tweet that King sent that simply wasn’t there. They felt that he framed quality to mean that it was the opposite of diversity and whiteness. They said that diversity isn’t charity and that King is the example of the award shows being so white.

That’s not what King said, however. He’s not opposing diversity. He said that the issue didn’t come up. There’s no reason to focus on diversity. If the quality is there, it doesn’t matter whether the person is white, black, or green. It doesn’t matter whether they are male or female. There’s no reason to make something about diversity when it doesn’t belong.

It’s the same reason why conservatives get slack for keeping characters the same as they have always been. Diversity can’t be forced into situations where it doesn’t belong. James Bond 007 is going to be black after Daniel Craig because the liberals want diversity. However, James Bond 007 was written as a white character. It’s not racist to keep it white. It’s honoring the writing.

Liberals want to make issues where they don’t belong. How many female directors truly created good quality movies this year? Were they better than the male directors? The reality is that maybe they weren’t as good. Why should they get the nomination, then, if the quality wasn’t there? That’s the issue that King was trying to point out.

After Stephen King made his first round of remarks, he added a few more thoughts later on. He explained that the most important thing to do as an artist is to ensure that everyone has the “same fair shot” regardless of orientation, color, or sex. He went on to say that many people are under-represented and acknowledging that they cannot win awards when they’re “shut out of the game.”

Well, that helped to shut a few of the liberals up because they began to understand what King meant. The nature of Dems is to attack without thinking and without questioning. They’re like packs of rabid dogs that simply bite into something without being able to think about what it is that they’re doing or why they’re doing it. One of the most beloved authors in the world was attacked all because he said that the Oscars should be focused on quality. All he did was speak the truth. No Oscar nominated director or actor wants to win because they were black or because they were female or because they were LGBTQ. Ask those who are under-represented. They want to win because they were the best. Because their work was of quality. And they’ll all agree with Stephen King if given the chance.



  1. Ignoring qualityi for the sake of diversity is a BAD idea. The “arts” need to be free of the politicization of everything currently infecting our society. The ethnicity of the artist should not be a factor in the quality of their art. To promote works of lower quality in the name of diversity cheapens the whole idea: Art exists to give the beholder something to look up to and ponder.

  2. It’s not about DIVERSITY . . . It’s about TALENT and CONTENT. and if someone produces ANYTHING without EITHER of these qualities, then these individuals IRREGUARDLESS of gender OR color, should NOT be nominated for ANYTHING except JANITOR, and that’s if they can do the JOB! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  3. Stephen King getting what he gives from his own. How does it feel, Stephen? To get berated and attacked for speaking the truth? Birds of a feather stick together until one birdie splits from the pack.

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