Kennedy On Pelosi – “…It Must Suck to Be That Dumb”

Senator John Kennedy has never been one to mince words, but this was about as blunt and honest as it can get. At political rallies, like the one recently held in Louisiana in support of gubernatorial candidate Eddie Rispone, those rallies can look and sound more like a roast than a rally. The President and Senator John Kennedy (R-La.), teamed up at the rally as the Republicans are looking to flip the state, and it appeared as though the Senator was fired up.

Using colorful verbiage like “unless you are happy with crappy, I want you to vote for Eddie Rispone for governor,” the Senator’s aim didn’t rest only on the Louisiana governor’s seat. In a very Trump-like and blunt torch of Nancy Pelosi, and almost void of any political correctness, Senator Kennedy shared his thoughts regarding the Speaker of the House.

The truth is that the Senator was only saying what so many have been thinking, both politician and non-politician alike. According to the story, Senator Kennedy saved his most seething and smarting comments for Pelosi. He began by highlighting one of President Trump’s greatest achievements during his first term, the economy.

“In three short years, President Trump has doubled the growth in the greatest economy in all of human history. And do you know what our Democratic friends have done for him?” Senator Kennedy asked.

Then he answered his own question by responding and directly naming the target of his verbal assault saying, “Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to impeach him.” At this point, based on the reports, the frenzied crowd at the rally began booing.

Then Kennedy threw his punch and said, “I don’t mean any disrespect, but it must suck to be that dumb,” much to the pleasure of the pro-Trump crowd. The Senator has never been shy about voicing his opinion but he seemed to be in rare form this night. While his choice of words were anything but politically correct and albeit a scorching comment, “with all due respect,” how many have already thought it. Perhaps it just took someone with the passion and audacity of a John Kennedy to give it a voice.

The economy speaks for itself and the historical numbers are etching President Trump into the history books with every passing day. The immigration issue in America is finally being addressed and being done so successfully and our global trade and business relationships are getting stronger every day too. The President has done exactly what he promised, he has helped to make America better, safer, stronger – great again.

And to echo Kennedy, what have the Democrats done in response? Three years of harassment and witch hunts that have been a constant headache for the President to deal with. Could we even imagine how much farther and better off we’d be as a Nation if there was even some workability from the Left? At some point, regardless of your party affiliation or independent status, it has to be about more – about America. There has to be a point when the strength of your country is more important than the strength of your party. At some point, the health and safety of the Nation must be a greater priority than your agenda.

What Kennedy was simply saying was that if you are in the same boat and the boat is motoring along, why would you try to sink that boat? As the adage goes, you know what they call someone who is willing to cut their nose off in spite of their faces? They call them the same thing they would call someone who is willing to sell out their country for their party. They would call them the same thing they would call someone who puts partisanship before patriotism. In fact, they may say something very much like what the Senator said.

It was harsh, blunt, and not exactly politically correct but after three years, wasn’t it about time? It wasn’t nice but it wasn’t wrong either was it? Denying the success of our country, crying impeachment for three straight years, and fighting the President at every turn – do you know what that is? Come on, say it with me, that’s dumb.


  1. You forgot the Botox I ejections that helped rot her brain . But the old bat was this way long ago ! Remember we have to vote for it to find out what’s in it . You gotta know what’s there before you vote . And she’s the idiot who vetted Obama without seeing a birth certificate

    • Well, in her ‘defense’ she was assisted in that endeavor by the scumbag hairy reid…
      …otherwise known as a double dose of dumb

    • Right on Wyatt! I wish the first paragraph in the Affordable Care Act read. Firstly, we all agree that Nasty Piglousy is to be Hung at the next sunrise. I wonder how she would feel about “Let’s vote and pass this “Unaffordable Who gives a shit Act” first and read the bill later. A bill that none of these worthless POS have read to this very day!

    • Another thing Wyatt. What amazes me is that Nasty Piglousy’s brain can exert enough energy to allow her to place one foot in front of the other. What a dumb bitch! With regard to “Oblowzo’s” phony birth certificate. One thing you can’t be a little bit pregnant about. Your mother’s presence is required at the time of your birth. If “oblowzo’s” Mutha (the jackal) was in Kenya at the time there is no way that any oreo cookie slithered out from underneath any pineapple in Hawaii! Is there?

    • Right!
      I’ve been saying that all along!
      How can you act like your all about the people when your rich,your husbands rich (and he is the guru of real estate in California,seems almost illegal) and you have better facial skin than most 20yr olds???

  2. Pelosi that think she is the Mona Lisa has had her time. Her brains are not as sharp as 50 years ago. She has now begun to deteriorate. That girl (if she is a female) better give up before she loses it altogether. Power has gone to her head and it is not doing her any good. The younger generation don’t even give a dang about her. Look how the squad is treating her. The disgust is dripping of their faces when they have to be in one room with Pelosi their leader. Sad but Pelosi is losing it big time.

    • Oh I don’t know, it would be kinda fun to watch the top of her head explode on live TV, even if it’s only on CNN it would enjoy it! Wonder what color that crap would be?

  3. Re Obamacare, Pelosi said, “We’ve got to pass it so we can find out what’s in it”. Sen Kennedy was right on when he said, “It must suck to be that dumb”. You find out what’s in it first, then you decide whether or not you’ll pass it.

  4. Pelosi has become the mouthpiece for the U.S.S.R! The United Socialist Sisters of the Revolution. She has euthanized her party and herself

  5. It’s about time that people are starting to see Pelosi for what she is. I’ve Been saying she is dementia addled for a year and a half. My mom was diagnosed with dementia the last 7 years of her life. Pelosi exhibits ALL the symptoms of dementia. The idiots in her party probably know this but won’t have her removed from office. She needs to be under a docs care, not with her ass parked in a congressional seat.


    • In reality Thomas , what you were saying is ” Hey folks it is time for a CONVENTION OF STATES” ! It is folks it is our only clear way to taking control back and giving it to ” WE THE PEOPLE” not career politicians ! Contact you State Legislatures lets Get Her Done we are almost half way there! See website for Convention Of States!

    • Absolutely, totally agree with Thomas Sanders!!!!!! Sign every poll you can everyone to term limits. Stop the pensions and we will only get people that are patriots to serve for a term or two and only care about serving their country instead of serving themselves!!!! Sign the petitions, sign and stop these greedy, self serving politicos out of so called service and let them get a real job for a living.

    • Which Part? DJIA? Unemployment? Total workforce? GDP? Trade imbalance with China? Welfare rolls?
      OK OK I’ll give you that we don’t have a Wall, The Defense Department is not well, yet, and the massive debt accrued over so many years is a looming disaster. Only the Dems could spin the last as “Trump’s fault”

  7. well if more republicans would follow his lead , there would be a lot fewer democrats in congress , you have to be on drugs to believe and vote for the democrats garbage

  8. Pelosi should be taken out of office, along with her Democratic Partners. We should pee on her front door, since it is now legal, see how she feels about freedom of choice.

  9. Nancy, nancy nancy you are no longer Miss oil jugs your time has passed go home and enjoy your garden or what ever just quit fuc$ing up my country!

  10. Pee-Lousy is as worthless as a……..I can’t think of anything that is so worthless!! So I guess she’s as worthless as herself!!!

  11. There need to be more Senators and Reps who will tell it like it is as Kennedy did. Political correctness has ruined this country and will continue to if people don’t take a stand against the Dems who are nothing but a bunch of malcontents because a business man had the audacity to beat a corrupt woman who thought she owned the presidency.

  12. Impeach this stupid delusional worthless bitch. Investigate her son and family and put all the lying scumbags in jail. Then burn her fraking mansion down to the ground

  13. Seeing all of these comments about Pelosi is refreshing. It seems redundant for me to add to these comments. The people have done a masterful job of saying what I’ve been feeling for years. MAGA TRUMP 2020.

  14. The Dems are furious as President Trump is finally dismantling the communist/socialist goals for our country that Dems were laying out for a few generations. The pendulum is coming back and they are in utter panic. Republicans and Independents must keep pushing the recovery of our Country but they also must make sure the pendulum doesn’t go far to the right, otherwise, they’ll lose.

  15. Someone needs to file papers to have the U S Marshal enter the hall of justice and arrest the traitorous men and women who are working in there to overthrow a duly elected President. I don’t for the life of me understand why they are allowed to commit TREASON blatantly in front of America?

    • Puzzling isn’t it? Anyone who tries to overthrow the government is committing treason, yet they are trying to impeach the President over a phone call that contained nothing illegal. Will we ever see those corrupt “deep staters” brought to justice? It is time that the spineless Republicans stand up for Trump and let people know they will stand behind him.

  16. SENLIE NANCY! . . . Of course, if you are that INSANELY stupid, it doesn’t REALLY matter, doesn’t it? Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).


  18. “NAMBY PIGLOSI” Is a has been. When she opens her mouth, she slime of the party slithers out. She no longer has a brain, if she did, she would put the squad in their place, she would support legislation that would be for the good of the country. In 3 years, she has pushed for only “RESIST AND OBSTRUCT” there has been nothing positive legislated such as USMCA, INFRASTRUCTURE, DRUG PRICES, THE WALL, IMMIGRATION REFORM, VETERAN AFFAIRS, and so on. She and her party have only one agenda “IMPEACHMENT OF DONALD J TRUMP” and nothing else. We must endure her and her party until the upcoming elections where we will take back the house and strengthen the senate. THEN IT WILL BE OUR TURN,.,, TRUMP 2020… REPUBLICANS GO GET THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Is everybody just plain stupid? Ever since the Democrats lost the presidential election they have been using their political positions to derail their political opposition ( Trump), why aren’t they being prosecuted for their crimes against the United States and the legally elected President??? Donald Trump’s son had a meeting with the people that the Democrats children actually work for. That Hilary Clinton got more than one hundred million dollar bribe from when she was Secretary of State. The non-profit Clinton Foundation pays Chelsea Clinton millions of dollars. Four of the top Democrats children work for the people that Trump’s son had a meeting with… Give me a break.

  20. Every time I see Nancy Pelosi on TV I want to throw up. She is so fake, so dumb, so hateful, so arrogant, but thinks that she is Queen of the House (and the entire government). She and her cohorts have done nothing but try to destroy a President who was duly elected by the people. They can’t believe that the American populace would choose a smart business man over a dumb broad like Hillary. They are destroying the country, the government, and everything they touch. If they get back in power we will be doomed forever.

  21. All of you people are as depraved as our so called president. Get your facts straight. He is a bullying, name calling disgrace. He sets the worst example for our young people and the world laughs at his ignorance. DIPLOMACY IS A WORD HE DOESN’T KNOW AND ALL THE sENATE IS AFRAID OF THEIR JOBS. tHEY NO LONGER ARE FOR THE PEOPLE—EVERY rEPUBLICAN IS AFRAID FOR HIS JOB BECAUSE OUR SO CALLED PRESIDENT GETS RID OF PEOPLE WHO SO MUCH AS LOOK AT HIM THE WRONG WAY. mAKE aMERICA GREAT AGAIN—-HE IS DESTROYING ALL THE GREAT PRINCIPALS THAT THIS COUNTRY STOOD FOR. pEOPLE ARE LOSING FAITH

  22. the government does not solve problems .Look at the so called media and the democrat party ,and I will also include rino’s, they create problems.Is anyone happy with what we ,the people ,have had to endure these last 3 years, ? Are you happy with what our country has become? Cut size of government. Term limits,No more department of education. , enforce our laws,The constitution is not a living document. Honor it.

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