Kellyanne Conway: Bernie’s Rise Is Payback for Impeachment Hoax

Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway is definitely known for her rabble-rousing quotes and this one is no different. While Newsweek is doing its best to pretend that they do not know what she is talking about, it does not take a political genius to figure it out. In our opinion, the statement was a rather simple one.

She meant to poke fun at the Democrats for creating a stink with their impeachment hoax and ignoring the very real corruption that was taking place in their own party. Joe Biden and his son Hunter have been engaging in shady business dealings for some time now. The chickens have finally come home to roost but the Democrats were too busy with their wild goose chase to be truly prepared.

The spotlight that is now on the Biden family and their relationship with Burisma is glaring. The cruel irony for the Democrats is that their supposed top candidate is now being taken down by their dealings with Ukraine. This is precisely what they had hoped to do to Donald Trump and now they are being hoisted by their own petard.

It is too delicious to put into words but we are going to try our best to do so anyhow. The Democrats were hoping to escort Trump from the White House and expose him for being corrupt. Instead, they inadvertently shined a massive light on Biden and his relationship with Ukraine. Now, the party is preparing to pay the ultimate price.

Before the Biden news broke, it was looking like he would have an easy cakewalk to the Democratic nomination. Unfortunately, all of that seems to be over. Biden is already licking his wounds after an embarrassing showing in the early primaries. It’s gotten to the point where he is already making up outlandish stories about his supposed connection with Nelson Mandela.

It’s the political equivalent of throwing Hail Mary passes during the first quarter of a football game. If this is what he is resorting to now, we would hate to think about what he is going to say after a few more losses in the primaries. The next thing you know, he is going to be taking credit for the Barack Obama presidency or trying to trade on that connection in yet another embarrassing way.

The Democrats are now left with a Bernie Sanders sized problem and there is no solution in sight. Who are they going to try and nominate in his stead: Mayor Pete? We didn’t think so. The prospect of going against Trump with the candidate that he is already on record as saying he is not afraid of is daunting. Yes, he would like to take down Bloomberg, too. Let’s be real, though.

Bloomberg winning the nomination is probably not going to happen and if it did? The Democrats would hate that even more than a Bernie Sanders nomination, to be honest. Biden could have gotten out in front of the story but instead, he chose to get angry and defensive. This is the worst strategy that a candidate could take at a time like this.

The latest polling numbers bear that out. Voters are far less likely to vote for Biden than ever before. Biden thinks that he can bully reporters out of asking the obvious questions about him and his son. Sadly, the man’s hubris is going to pave the way for his own demise. Biden’s lack of a clear message is also not helping his cause very much.

From the looks of it, he thought that being Barack Obama’s vice president was going to be enough to carry him to the nomination. He will pay the price for the Democratic insistence on impeaching Trump. This is a decision that could now haunt the Democrats for years to come. When Trump easily defeats Bernie in the next presidential election, they will be wishing that they had not wasted their energy.

Kellyanne Conway is much like the rest of us: she does not believe in Biden’s chances. He has never been an electable candidate. It’s sad that it took a major scandal for everyone else to realize it. Instead of being known for the Barack Obama presidency, he is now known for raising a son that engages in corrupt business practices.

The Democrats will now have to reap what they sow. As Bernie’s star continues to rise, they are going to have no choice but to back him as their candidate. This is probably a better punishment than anything that the Republican party would ever be able to come up with.


  1. Are rules for Congressmen and Senators LYING STATEMENTS made in the house and Senate floor supposed to be barred or illegal? If not when the hell will that change?

    • If they aren’t its damn time they were !! I’m sick of seeing common people go to jail for lying to Congress while those in power seem to be immune !! Drain the swamp.

    • Did you not see the attorney on TV recently that said it is illegal for a person to lie to Congress, but not illegal to lie to the American people–you know, the people they are supposed to represent. As we all know by now, there are two levels of justice in this country and nothing is ever done to “square the playing field.”

  2. The Democrats will screw around until Bloomberg or maybe Soros can spend enough money to buy votes wherever their support may be lacking. They may even try to sneak Clinton into their candidacy, but the DOJ may just finally charge her with at least some of her crimes. In short, I feel the Democrats are betting on a lame horse. They deserve to be drastically defeated in November; in the Presidency, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. Clean house and let’s start America on the right foot!

    • I sure hope this happens in November. The Democrats have done nothing but try to oust Trump since he was inaugurated and have wasted time and taxpayer money and accomplished nothing. Will never vote for another Democrat as long as I live I am totally fed up with them.

  3. I have been concerned for a very long time that the disarray the Democrats are facing will result in Mooochelle stepping in at the last moment to “save the day”. We will then have a repeat of another America hating candidate, like Bernie, with a much better chance of getting elected.

  4. The kommiecrats know that whomever runs against Trump will be relegated to the trash heap of political history. So, maybe that will get rid of Bolshevik Bernie. They are saving Mary Pete Buttgagag for 2024.

  5. Just remmber what Khrushchev said 60 years ago:Your childrens children will live under communist rule because you Americans are so gullible we will feed you small doses of socialism daily until you wake up and you are already in communism We will not have to fight you we will weaken you until you fall like a ripe fruit into our hands. The democracy will cease to exist when yo take from those willing to work and give it to those who are unwilling to work. There are 8 steps that take you from socialism to Communism, the are:Healthcare Poverty Debt Gun Control Welfare Education Religion Class Warfare. BUT WAIT A SECOND DOESN’T THAT SOUND LIKE THE CURRENT DEMOCRAT AGENDA? NOW RUN OUT AND VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE DEMOCRAT!!!!!!!!!!!

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