Kamala Harris Proves How Clueless She Really Is

There are some basic fundamental truths about Democracy and how the U.S. Government operates. It appears from a recent address that Congresswoman and Presidential candidate Kamala Harris is ignorant of some of the fundamental principles of Democracy.

At a recent town hall event in Iowa, Presidential hopeful Harris addressed a hot-button topic in the United States, namely, healthcare cost. It is an issue that those who struggle to make ends meet, and those who have enough to have ends that overlap can relate to and understand. It is somewhat like paying seventeen dollars for a loaf of bread. Everyone from the impoverished to the extremely wealthy can at least see and appreciate the problem.

The question regarding the cost of healthcare has long been the elephant in the room during campaign season. A topic most candidates avoid unless pressed on it and then when put to the test, a muted, vague, and watered down answer generally follows. As one story covering this town hall event in Iowa reported, Kamala Harris did something very politician-like, and something not very politician-like, and then she did something very Kamala-like too.

Now, as every good Democratic candidate does, Harris likes to promise the moon, the sun, and the stars to woo voters. While she didn’t quite reach the Bernie Sanders bar of, ‘free everything for everyone all the time,’ it was a glowing promise. Glowing like one of those stars in the night that the Dems will lasso and pull down to hand voters. Just ask them, name the star you want. Is it free education, tax breaks, or just free money? In this case, Harris didn’t quite promise quite that much (sorry Bernie), but a grande promise it was, in fact, it was very politician-like.

According to the story, “she told her audience in Iowa that she had a plan to make drug companies reduce prices.”

What Harris did next, however, was very out of character for most politicians and especially for Democrats. While the common theme among the Dems is all of those aforementioned, whatever-you-want promises, those promises all share the same question. How are those free-everything promises going to be paid for – and more importantly, who will be paying for them? Not only did Kamala Harris make some impressive promises, but she also explained how she was going to get it done. We know, incredible right? And surprisingly not very politician-like.

Her plan as our story reported, said that “she was going to get companies to set drug prices based on the fair market value.”

For one brief moment, it might have actually started to look like this was a different kind of candidate, a politician, and a Dem with a plan. Then Kamala Harris decided to share her plan with the audience, and that’s where it all fell apart, just that fast.

As the story continued, Harris said that she will do more than make the pharmaceutical industry comply. Threatening any companies that used any government resources or funding for things like R&D, she said, “I will snatch their patent. So that we will take over. And yes we can do that. Yes, Yes, we can do that. Yes, we can do that. It’s a question of if you have the will to do it. I have the will to do it.”

Our story, simply encapsulating what we all just heard said, “So if you don’t comply with what they want, the government is just going to grab your private property, under a Kamala presidency.” Doesn’t that sound like something between a fascist or communist form of government? Because it certainly doesn’t sound like a free market system, an American system, or a Democracy.

For one fleeting moment, however, Kamala Harris sounded and looked almost presidential. Right up until the point she revealed that she doesn’t quite understand the principles of Democracy and that she could afford to take a Democracy 101 class. If nothing else though, we could perhaps applaud her on doing more than merely throwing wonderful-sounding ideas around a la Bernie Sanders. No, Harris actually had a plan, although it was an awful plan and one that would spell the end of America as we know it. And that sounds, well… very Kamala-like.


  1. What do you expect? . . . Common sense?!? She is a Left Wing Progressive Liberal Democrat, DEVOID of understanding (Or smarts!). Expose her LUNACY! Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

    • All of these Politicians are always talking about fair prices,fair pay and paying your fair share for taxes who decides what is fair in all of these circumstances, I want to know.

    • Harris is a Berkely educated Communist. Anything coming from Frisco area is anti-American because, that is what Stanford turns out. Look at Pelosi and the other idiots from Northern California. Communists up to their eye brows.

  2. The Democrats are just begging to see a demonstration of the actions suggested in the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence! The long list referred in that paragraph does not specify if the reference is to the passage of time or the length of the list.

  3. Clearly she is an absolute idiot. Unfortunately, her followers only hear FREE, FREE, and more FREE. Maybe if she takes all the monies from her friends in Hollywood that would pay for sometime for a while. Then tax the millionaires and billionaires at 90% that may pay for something for a while…What a crock but that is the Democratic Parties solution.

  4. She like most of the Democratic Party and their leaders only know how to get power and money. They know nothing about anything. They are idiots. They promise everything but can deliver nothing. We must get rid of them in the coming elections. They are destroying our democracy and our country.

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    • Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Sweet Willie and Hillary, Hussein and Michelle Obama never, ever produced a job or a product and now are multi millionaires and living large. Both were re elected. American voters are idiots. Unbelievable.

  6. Ohhhh Kammie, you stopped being relevant months ago … the longer you stay “in”, the more you will embarrass yourself. You have nothing to offer ANY American. Now, more than ever,
    TRUMP IN 2020!

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