Iran’s Mullahs Are Desperate for Biden to Win so They Can Continue Building Nuclear Weapons

The New York Times has decided to investigate Iran’s relationship with the United States and the resulting article has received a sizable amount of attention. The story was focused on Iran’s willingness to back away from the current tensions with the United States.

The story claims that there are no changes being made in Iran in an internal sense but that they are not willing to continue escalating tensions with the Trump administration. That’s why they are looking to dial things back a bit. In the meantime, it seems like they are simply going to cross their fingers and hope that they get a new president to deal with soon enough.

Who knows if that is actually going to be the case, though? From where we are sitting, this seems like wishful thinking. The New York Times is now under the belief that Iran is sitting back and trying their best not to screw up the chances of whoever is going to be running against Trump.

A more moderate approach towards the Western Hemisphere is being taken. Cooperation will be limited but it is still going to be taking place nonetheless. Direct confrontation with the United States is not being encouraged. This is probably the smartest possible approach that could be taken and we wonder what is taking them so long.

Iran’s conclusion is a solid one: they are worried about any sort of direct confrontation and they know that this would not go well for them. If armed conflict takes place, this could have the opposite of the desired effect. In their minds, a conflict of this nature would actually bolster Trump’s chances from a political standpoint.

After years of increasing tensions that nearly led to war, Iran has moderated its approach to the West, shifting from a policy of provocation to one of limited cooperation. The change reflects an effort to avoid direct confrontation with the United States that the Iranians say could benefit President Trump in the November election…

Iran has also concluded that escalating tensions with the United States could provoke armed conflict which, aside from being painful for Iran, could benefit Mr. Trump politically, improving his re-election chances, according to people familiar with the policy…

An adviser to Iran’s foreign ministry said that even the powerful Quds Force — the branch of the Revolutionary Guards that runs proxy militias from Iraq to Lebanon — had been ordered to “act conservatively” and remain in “a holding pattern” until November.

There are plenty of Trump supporters who would be more than happy to see him go to war with Iran. The Quds Force is considered to be one of the most powerful branches in the nation. Even they are going to be toeing the line and acting in a conservative manner. They have been ordered to stay in a holding pattern until the election has come and gone.

Qassem Soleimani’s death has altered their approach in a number of ways. They now realize that there is going to be a major price to pay for any of their actions going forward. There is something about the death of a respected general that will make a country stop to think about what they are going to do going forward.

They had to admit that they were caught by surprise by what had taken place. Iran does not want to continue tangling with Trump and they are going to be waiting for a president that is easier for them to manipulate. No wonder they are placing all of their eggs in the Joe Biden basket. He’s one of the easiest politicians to get over on.

Iran is well aware of this and they will make him bend the knee as soon as they get the chance. If any other Americans are killed, Iran is going to be subjected to an aggressive reaction. That’s why it’s in their best interest to cool their jets for the foreseeable future.

In addition to the concerns about the United States, they are also dealing with the issues that are being caused by the coronavirus. This is clearly not the time to escalate any tensions with foreign countries. On the other hand, Iran is clearly tempting fate with their continued support for the Venezuelan regime. While it is clear that the United States and Iran both have bigger concerns to worry about at the moment, this is an alliance that cannot be ignored.

The possibility of new U.S. sanctions and legal action comes as five Iranian gasoline tankers make their way toward Venezuela, offering a potential lifeline to the embattled regime of President Nicolás Maduro, according to U.S. and Iranian officials and shipping website

Iran has warned it will retaliate against the U.S. if it blocks its ships. As crude markets recover from the disarray of a demand-eroding coronavirus pandemic and a devastating price rout, the Islamic Republic has seized an opportunity to use its oil to curry favor with U.S. rivals, including Venezuela and Syria.

Now that they are in the process of sending various tankers full of gasoline to this regime, they are risking more confrontation with America. This certainly goes against their “avoid confrontation at all costs” ethos. The United States is not going to tolerate anyone who is willing to stand with Maduro and his cronies at the moment. Iran should think long and hard about what they are doing here. They could end up in a confrontation that they are doing everything in their power to avoid.

Iran’s mouth could wind up writing a check that their military is unable to cash if they decided to keep going like this. It’s all well and good to say that you don’t want confrontation but your actions need to match your words. If Iran is not willing to back away from their alliance with Venezuela as quickly as possible, they will soon find out the error of their ways.


  1. GREAT PIECE OF WORK! I knew a little about what Iran has up their sleeve – thanks to you I am much more educated! Our GREAT PRESIDENT will not tolerate this for long!
    God Bless America, God Bless President Donald J. Trump!

  2. Joe, Biden, John Kerrey, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and others by name, Iran would get a Nationalist Socialist Embassy here in America to Go Along With CAIR, the Brotherhood of Hajj El Hussainni Amin.

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