Illinois Governor Bans Reporters Because They “Hang Out With The Wrong Crowd”

Amy Jacobson works for Morning Answer AM 560 in Chicago and her Emmy winning journalism speaks for itself. She also attended one of the anti lockdown protests that took place recently. These rallies and demonstrations offer honest, hard-working Americans the chance to vent their frustrations in a public setting.

However, leftists only like protests when they are about their pet topics so of course, it did not take long before the whining began. What Amy saw at this rally was stunning, though. She was able to locate two different signs that compared the governor of Illinois to Hitler.

It’s funny how the tables have turned here. The right is supposed to feel bad about signs of this nature when the left pulls out these analogies at every turn. Ever since Jacobson pointed this out, she has become one of the Governor’s biggest enemies. Pritzker is no longer allowing her to attend the daily briefings.

That’s the price the right has to pay for thinking in a more nuanced manner. If the left does it, everyone needs to accept it and anyone who doesn’t is a racist. When the right does it? That’s when everyone needs to sit down and think long and hard about what they have done. Pritzker is especially thin-skinned.

Can you believe that he is actually accusing this award-winning journalist of being a Nazi herself? When the left uses these types of slurs, it is okay. Now that the right is following in their footsteps, governors are losing their temper over it. It seems pretty hypocritical to us but what do we know?

In case you were wondering if this was all hearsay, Amy was more than willing to provide the proof. That’s another thing that separates her from the leftists out there. When she makes accusations about others, she does not hide behind her Twitter followers or her political affiliations. She provides the proof and keeps it moving.

Does Pritzker’s office really believe that all of the reporters who are allowed into their briefings are impartial? Of course, they don’t. Their only problem is allowing reporters into their briefings who might disagree with them. They allow the other sycophants in every day without any sort of issue. We’re not sure what they are trying to prove by banning top shelf journalists who have already been recognized as such.

These are the moves that are made by governors who cannot handle any level of dissent. We cannot begin to imagine the backlash that would take place if Trump was willing to make the same decisions about the reporters who come to his briefings. They are not impartial and they are only there to see if they can catch the president in some sort of “gotcha!” moment.

Does he act like this Illinois governor, though? No, because that would land him in all kinds of hot water. We are going to sit back and wait for the outrage that the left would normally be fueling in situations like these. They are not consistent. We are sure that they are all for this journalist getting banned from the briefings that she’s been attending. That’s how it works with the left. They judge the action by whether it makes them happy or not.

Maybe no one should be comparing anyone to a Nazi under any circumstances? Call us crazy but there are better ways to communicate than by going straight to the top shelf for the worst insult that you can find. We are not here to condemn anyone but it seems like the people who get the most upset about this stuff are the people who are most likely to engage in these behaviors.

Reporters are now being asked to forfeit their rights as citizens because their private activities hurt people’s feelings. This is the America that the liberals want us to live in. Liberal governors have been behaving like ticked off tyrants ever since the quarantine period started but this story might be the worst one yet. A reporter should never be forced to choose between their private lives and their professional existence.

We cannot wait until this situation happens in reverse and we get to watch all the leftists who were thrilled about the governor’s decision start backpedaling. They are going to have all of the excuses in the world for their actions once it comes time for Republican governors to start banning all of the lefty reporters from their briefings. As the kids say these days, it is time for these people to start keeping the same energy.


    • All Democrats these days are Fascists. Don’t trust anything they tell you and if you think you can then just really read or listen to what they say and you will be convinced that they hate you and do not care bout you whatsoever ! They are power hungry dictators that will tell you anything to get your vote. Don’t let them influence you as you are free person if you value that!

  1. Pritzker is a fatass bastard with shit for brains. This fat faggot needs to lose about 100 pounds. He’s so fat that he can’t tie his shoelaces. Yay, Pritzker, you fat turd.

  2. The response to the Wuhan flu virus has revealed which men and women are leaders and which are not. This governor is in the latter group.

  3. Who is this has been washed up old politico? Oh he a DEM from Illinois. That explains it He mimics the party line to the nth degree. He cannot think for himself. He needs to have his decisions cleared by the DEMS leftist part. He reminds me of the old overweight Jerry Nadler. All hat and no saddle.

  4. don,t worry people,jelly belly has no control due to his lust for power and it.s just a matter of time before he is doing time.

  5. PEOPLE PLEASE! Illinois toughest gun laws, highest murder rate in the COUNTRY? Mayor of Chicago gets a Haircut because SHE’S important and on TV? Governor bans Reporters, while calling out Trump for not bailing Him and his policies out? And the list goes on. Funny, if I didn’t know better, I’d think Illinois was a coastal state!

  6. Be very careful of these liberal leaders who call for totalitarian obedience to their rules that are not laws but dictates forced on the public by these despots that think they can. The images used to portray these people may be closer to the truth than you think. Look out for the thugs sent to enforce these dictates by the Socialist Party deep state. Hitler called them Brown Shirts and at the Nuremberg Trials they all said “We were just doing what we were told”. “We were just following orders”. An unholy alliance justified by what? Doing what’s right? By whose standards? Not by my Lord’s.

  7. That Governor would be at home in the Third Reich. Surely Der FUHRER would have given him an award for his exemplary governing style…..Ya Ya Wunderbar Wunderbar. HEIL HERR PRITSKER

  8. Govenor Pussykir of Illinois needs to be hanged in a public hanging like the Other Nazis. He is a real piece of anti human Sh–.

  9. Pritzer sounds like the rest of left – nut jobs with their stands. Journalists pretty much cover what they feel is newsworthy. This governor doesn’t like her party preference. He’s made all this political.

  10. One only needs to look at all of these states and cities run by democrats to see they dont care about the people at all. Just about power and authority. A lot of
    Wake up call here folks. Better get out and vote physically not absentee

  11. What is wrong with this fat pig from Illinois?
    He is as bad as that witch governor of Michigan and “Gruesome” Newsome of California and “curly” Murphy of New Jersey.

  12. From what i have seen and heard, the Illinois governor is a bit crazed with power. He is a Democrat, and that is what all Democrats seek — power. I hate to say it this way, but after all the people in Illinois vote the fat bastard into office. If the Illinois State Legislation cannot find a way to oust him, then voters must do so at the very next election. Just vote Republican and see the vast increase in Illinois life and prosperity. Fat ass can join a number of other Democrat governors and mayors who hopefully will be out of work come November 2020!!! The swamp extends extremely far from Washington, D.C. The swamp encompasses every state in the union. Help Trump drain the swamp and destroy the rodents who were part of the swamp.

    • Mr. Altee, you are absolutely correct, we have got to get out and vote in Nov. Every last Dem. needs to be voted out of office, this Covid Pandemic has shown their true colors, if you already hadn’t realized it, they are as corrupt as the day is long and in order to save the country we have to vote 2020. KAG!

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