Hunter Biden’s Attorney and Judge Throw Him to the Wolves

Hunter Biden was able to live in the lap of luxury for far too long, living off of his name as a Biden. When your dad is the former VP of the United States, your last name opens a number of doors. In some instances, it can entitle you to impressive monthly salaries by sitting on questionable boards for companies based in Ukraine, too.

However, things aren’t as easy for Hunter Biden as they once were. His lawyer quit, a judge wants to see three years of tax returns, and dad doesn’t want to talk about the DNA test that made him a grandfather again.

It’s not hard to see why Biden’s lawyer up and quit. The court proceedings handling child support are not going well, especially with Biden blowing off a hearing. To ensure that the mother in question gets the appropriate amount of money, the lawyer wants to see three years’ worth of tax returns.

The 49-year old son of former VP Joe Biden wasn’t in the courtroom in Batesville, Arkansas when his attorney quit – and it’s no surprise since Biden didn’t want to be there.

Lunden Roberts, the 28-year old woman who has the child support suit against Biden, was seen for the first time since having to file a paternity suit. She was seen in the front row of the gallery sporting 3-inch black heels. Biden supposedly met her while she worked as a stripper in one of DC’s high-end gentlemen’s clubs.

Judge Don McSpadden proceeded over the hearing and identified that three years of tax returns would need to be provided before determining the amount of monetary support that Biden will need to provide. Additionally, the sex of the child has still not been revealed as Roberts wants to keep the child out of the press.

It is also reported that Biden has requested to seal all of his financial records in an effort to avoid public embarrassment due to claims of substantial debts – something that comes as a shock to most of the world after learning about monthly salaries in excess of $50,000 thanks to sitting on the board of Burisma Holdings.

Biden shouldn’t be worried about public embarrassment at this point – it’s a little too late for that. He worked for a Ukrainian company, his dad had to threaten a country to get him out of being investigated, he got a stripper pregnant, and reports show that he was suspected of smoking crack in one of the DC strip club’s VIP rooms. Yeah, Biden, your significant debts are the least of your problems at this point. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before the Democratic National Committee asks him to run for president. After all, he couldn’t be any worse than Hillary Clinton as a nominee.

Perhaps Joe Biden should have talked with his son before creating the new campaign slogan of “No Malarkey” because his son is full of it. There have been plenty of angry tweets directed at Hunter Biden for not stepping up and taking care of his responsibilities. Lunden Roberts should not have to go through this much legal red tape to prove to him that he’s the father (which he is) and get him to pay child support (which he will). 

Many have estimated that Hunter Biden is worth billions due to his impressive salary with Burisma Holdings as well as the impressive sums of money that he’s gotten as part of his other business dealings. It’s no surprise that the judge wants to see three years of tax returns as that’s one of the few ways to ensure that the income is accurate – otherwise, Biden could hold out on some of his earnings, cheating his child.

And to think that Joe Biden’s ranking in the polls is dropping. He’s likely got to thank his son for that as no one wants to vote for a man who can’t raise a son to know the difference between right and wrong. Hunter Biden has spent a lot of time in the strip clubs and gentlemen’s clubs of DC, and it looks like he was leading with the wrong head at least once. It’s only a matter of time before more strippers come forward to identify that they, too, are carrying one of his children. By the time the primary elections happen, Joe Biden could find out that he’s the grandfather of at least half a dozen bastard children.

Hunter Biden has led the rich life for far too long – and now it’s time for him to pay. 


  1. We’ll see about the money and debt and where the money went to and how much dirty money in total passed to and through him. Oh oh hunter your being hunted. Hehe

    • As for the prospective GrandDad….. no doubt he will be singing poor old Joe, when he isn’t threatening pensioners….Is it just me or are the “Dimocrats getting more and more agitated when they are questioned about anything???, Nasti Blew up, Nader went ballistic, and Smokin Joe want to challenge old folks?????

  2. Joe Biden must have done some awful shxt in a prior life to be stuck with a son Like Hunter. Drug addicted, thrown out of the Navy, illegitimate child, refusal to pay support. never mind taking money from a corrupt Ukranian company….the boy is a real prince; and one wonders if the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

      • 2020 impeach JOE BIDEN!!!!!!.doesn’t matter what he does, we’ll think of something…….the Democrat party is stupid enough to run him, and like the we should get in front of the curve.

      • Just like Nancy whose son is an exec at a gas company though Nancy opposes gas. Despite her saying she does not hate our president because she grew up in a Catholic household, her father was a Mafia member and he and her brother were not allowed to run for governor of Maryland because of their corruption. So crooked Nancy is a chip off the old block. Lives in luxury in California while her constituents are destitute and homeless.

  3. Rachel Maddow,
    Wow! What compelling news getter this would generate if it were against
    Donald Trump Jr.
    Problem is though it is Hunter Biden.

  4. I can’t help but wonder why CNN,ABC,CBS&NBC have not reported on this. Could it be that,just maybe, these fake news outlets refuse to report any negatives against the Dems?

  5. Hunter Biden was not the only democrat that was heavily into Burisma. Nancy Pelosi’s son is too and Nancy is in it also. This is part of the reason why the Dem’s are trying to impeach Trump-if the can impeach him, they think they will have gotten away illegal dealings with Ukraine and no one else will find out.It is already out and has been for months. Even if they impeach Trump, there is nothing they can do to stop another lawsuit on themselves by Trump, or, even from any one of us! They deserve to be taken down permanently.

    • Why do you think they keep attacking Trump it’s because that whole group of Democrat’ have so much luggage in there clothes they don’t want to be exposed. The issue which has never been brought out is why was Glen Simpson in Vail,Co. with Shifty Shiff and as far as Pelsoi she should be looking for a confessional,maybe the Fake New’s could help.

  6. Let’s not forget that chunter was banging his deceased brothers wife . Nice family and daddy Joe says the poor kid had a hard life ?????little shit knows nothing about hardship . The poor kids with real hardships work like hell to make something of their lives. ( Not this little shit )

  7. So basically Joe Biden’s deadbeat son would rather have the mother of his child strip to support their child, or worse yet, have the taxpayers pay, rather than be “embarrassed” and reveal his debts. And you know who else is okay with that, Grampy Joe, former VP and current 2020 Dem candidate for President.

  8. These people are congenital liars. Plastic faced Pelosi (none of that ton of surgery helped) stands up there an indignantly says she doesn’t hate President Trump. Lying sack of excrement! You wear your hatred for all of us on your sleeve and on your face. Lying Joe likes the kids to sit on his lap. These people are something else. Too bad it illegal to fight anymore. It sure would be fun to introduce both of these people to a trash can head first. It is where they belong in my opinion.

  9. O M G!!! i’m so glad more and more people
    are catching on to the real story. please keep spreading
    the word about all the lies about President and their corruption.
    We all know, the media certainly is not going to expose
    any of their BS. if we don’t shut the liberals down by stopping
    the attack on our President & Vice President…the Bitch will assume the Presidency as the Speaker of the House is 3rd in line. can you Imagine
    America will be destroyed by Nancy within days, even before an election can be held to replace her with a duly Appointed President.

  10. ”Bastard Grandchildren” I’m afraid that term, while accurate grammatically surely should be eliminated in today’s world. The child is in no way responsible for the sin’s of their parents. The woman is a stripper (so they imply) the father is a wastrel, the child has enough to overcome, don’t call him a bastard.

  11. Michael I agree with you wholeheartedly I am definitely not a liberal nor am I a democrat but calling a child a bastard for what their parents committed is not proper in my opinion.

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