Hillary Calls Trump an “Illegitimate President”

If you ever needed more proof that Hillary Clinton is a sore loser and still not over her defeat from nearly four years ago, here it is. She even called him an “illegitimate president” and a “corrupt human tornado.”

The former Secretary of State hasn’t been all that vocal in politics since her fall from grace, but that doesn’t mean she has been idle.

Hillary, like many former politicians and government officials, decided to draw on her years of public servitude to write a book. Her newest volume, “The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience,” which was co-written by her daughter Chelsea, came out this year.

And as is the case with most authors, a new book for Hillary means a bunch of interviews to promote that it.

One such interview was aired this weekend on “CBS Sunday Morning.” Of course, the point of her being there was to speak about her new book, but none of us were surprised when President Trump and her 2016 loss was brought up.

Neither were we surprised that she has still not gotten over it.

According to Clinton, she is “doing well” and “very blessed. But…” And of course, there is a but. This began her rant about our nation’s fall from prosperity and the “damage” that Trump is creating.

She said, “But I can’t deny a big part of me cares deeply about what what’s happening in the country, and what I fear is the damage that’s being done to our future – the damage being done to our values, our institutions, and try to think of ways that I can help those who are on the front lines of the fight.”

Naturally, she is referring to the current president and his administration/party that she thinks is ruining our nation.

But she was far from finished, especially after host Jane Pauley mentioned that “lock her up” was still often chanted at Trump rallies.

She continued, saying, “I believe he knows he’s an illegitimate president. He knows. He knows that there were a bunch of different reasons why the election turned out the way it did. And I take responsibility for those parts of it that I should. But it’s like applying for a job and getting 66 million letters of recommendation and losing to a corrupt human tornado.”

“And so I know that he knows that this wasn’t on the level. I don’t know that we’ll ever know everything that happened. But clearly, we know a lot and are learning more every day, and history will probably sort it all out. So of course, he’s obsessed with me. And I believe that it’s a guilty conscience insomuch as he has a conscience. “

Well, she did say a couple of correct things. The first is that we probably won’t ever know everything that happened. We know she lied about certain aspects so what else is she not telling us. Secondly, history will sort it out and already has. Trump won; Hillary lost. End of story. Trump proved to be the more worthy person for the job, plain and simple. But apparently, Hillary hasn’t watched Frozen and let it go. Instead, she is still holding on to her job, claiming that he stole it from her. She complains, saying it wasn’t fair that she lost. In her eyes, she was attacked, by Trump, the Russians, Judge Carter, hackers, the Electoral College, and you and me.

And what’s even worse is that she is teaching the rest of the Democratic party to complain just like this as well. Nothing is fair for them anymore. Everything is collusion, and everything is impeachable.

Clinton says, “When the president of the United States has taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and by that, defend the American people and their interests, uses his position to in effect extort a foreign government for his own political purposes, I think that is very much what the founders worried about in high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Just don’t look at her past of the Russian hoax.

But she thinks this will be the reason that she wins this time. No, maybe not the presidential office itself but perhaps if she can get Trump ousted, she will feel some sort of satisfaction again.

Furthermore, she won’t accept that he could be president for another four years and says, “I don’t believe it will happen.” But obviously, she’s no expert on elections.

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