Hillary Calls Trump an “Illegitimate President”

If you ever needed more proof that Hillary Clinton is a sore loser and still not over her defeat from nearly four years ago, here it is. She even called him an “illegitimate president” and a “corrupt human tornado.”

The former Secretary of State hasn’t been all that vocal in politics since her fall from grace, but that doesn’t mean she has been idle.

Hillary, like many former politicians and government officials, decided to draw on her years of public servitude to write a book. Her newest volume, “The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience,” which was co-written by her daughter Chelsea, came out this year.

And as is the case with most authors, a new book for Hillary means a bunch of interviews to promote that it.

One such interview was aired this weekend on “CBS Sunday Morning.” Of course, the point of her being there was to speak about her new book, but none of us were surprised when President Trump and her 2016 loss was brought up.

Neither were we surprised that she has still not gotten over it.

According to Clinton, she is “doing well” and “very blessed. But…” And of course, there is a but. This began her rant about our nation’s fall from prosperity and the “damage” that Trump is creating.

She said, “But I can’t deny a big part of me cares deeply about what what’s happening in the country, and what I fear is the damage that’s being done to our future – the damage being done to our values, our institutions, and try to think of ways that I can help those who are on the front lines of the fight.”

Naturally, she is referring to the current president and his administration/party that she thinks is ruining our nation.

But she was far from finished, especially after host Jane Pauley mentioned that “lock her up” was still often chanted at Trump rallies.

She continued, saying, “I believe he knows he’s an illegitimate president. He knows. He knows that there were a bunch of different reasons why the election turned out the way it did. And I take responsibility for those parts of it that I should. But it’s like applying for a job and getting 66 million letters of recommendation and losing to a corrupt human tornado.”

“And so I know that he knows that this wasn’t on the level. I don’t know that we’ll ever know everything that happened. But clearly, we know a lot and are learning more every day, and history will probably sort it all out. So of course, he’s obsessed with me. And I believe that it’s a guilty conscience insomuch as he has a conscience. “

Well, she did say a couple of correct things. The first is that we probably won’t ever know everything that happened. We know she lied about certain aspects so what else is she not telling us. Secondly, history will sort it out and already has. Trump won; Hillary lost. End of story. Trump proved to be the more worthy person for the job, plain and simple. But apparently, Hillary hasn’t watched Frozen and let it go. Instead, she is still holding on to her job, claiming that he stole it from her. She complains, saying it wasn’t fair that she lost. In her eyes, she was attacked, by Trump, the Russians, Judge Carter, hackers, the Electoral College, and you and me.

And what’s even worse is that she is teaching the rest of the Democratic party to complain just like this as well. Nothing is fair for them anymore. Everything is collusion, and everything is impeachable.

Clinton says, “When the president of the United States has taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and by that, defend the American people and their interests, uses his position to in effect extort a foreign government for his own political purposes, I think that is very much what the founders worried about in high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Just don’t look at her past of the Russian hoax.

But she thinks this will be the reason that she wins this time. No, maybe not the presidential office itself but perhaps if she can get Trump ousted, she will feel some sort of satisfaction again.

Furthermore, she won’t accept that he could be president for another four years and says, “I don’t believe it will happen.” But obviously, she’s no expert on elections.


  1. The reason Hillary lost the 2016 election is because, well . . . she is a LOSER! She is a TREASONISTIC TRAITOR to this country, and is a REPROBATE, devoid of judgment, FULL of HATE and VITRIOL. I would shudder to thing of her as the COMMANDER IN CHIEF holding the NUKE button. I CAN’T believe that she isn’t in prison yet for 45 THOUSAND years. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (KEEP America Great Again)

  2. When is Hillary going to realize that she is less popular and thought of as less appealing than dog poop? God bye, Hillary and please take that bag you have strapped to your leg with you!

  3. She may have well been idle. No one wants that witch for any office. She is not a decent woman or person. She is a liar, she ois a criminal, she turned on her country, she has turned on her fellow women. She is a dog with no bark!

  4. a sore loserwho won’t understand that the president will always being elected by the Electoral College! If corrupt Hillary would have been elected, she would have continue the politics of her husband(NAFTA), spineless Obama who would not stand up to the Chinese and Russia (Ukraine) and losing even more jobs from the middleclass to China, Mexico and Asia!What she is not saying or even to recognise AMERICA is much better off under Trump!Now she is naming him a “corrupt human tornodo”,for what she very carelessly did, allowing foreign governments hacking in her e-mail, destroying evidents, accepting money left and right to her foundation,she put bein jail with Brennan and the rest of the sore gang losers!

  5. she is not worth commenting on. when the Clintons are in this situation, the people making waves seem to have a mysterious accident.

  6. hillary clinton is the most corrupt murdering lying cheating stealing bitch that has ever been born.she should be tried for treason and hanged , she will never be president of these united states. trump 2020

  7. The only illegitimate in this country are all the one Hillary Clinton run around husband produced, oops and Obama’s child! No birth certificate!

  8. This DEPLORABLE says, this crooked woman is a glutton for punishment. She has already used all the excuses she can manufacture for her previous loss! What in the world will she come up with when she loses again?

  9. The Clinton Cartel, Crooked Hillary, as I listened to her comments about the 2016 election that she obviously still feels was stolen from her I just can’t help but think about the Clinton Cartel and Crooked Hillary.

  10. Hillary Clinton is a first rate bitch.
    She can’t accept the fact that she lost the election. She is not willing to give it up. She is a loser.
    Trump has done a great job during his first term as president. In my opinion, Trump needs to stay quiet on some of the accusations by the Democratic party. He would be better off to ignore the majority of the accusations by the Democrats.
    Surely Trump is smarter than this. I am inclined to believe that Hillary Clinton will make a run for the presidency before the next election.
    The only hope she has is the debt ridden millennial group that is looking for a way out of their debt crisis.
    It is going to be interesting to see what the final outcome will be.
    The United States is fast setting its self up for a giant explosion and everything will be worth nothing.

  11. Hillary is a liar spewing lies and evil stories about our legitimate president!!! Hillary give it up you lost your own rigged election because of all your criminal dealings stealing millions from the Hati Relief Fund. We the people saw right through you and Obama with your treasonous acts against the United States for your own greed.

  12. Personal to that Ugly, Stupid Biotch. (politely referred to as HRC ) You are a typical leftist socialist communist. Pointing the finger at other people and accusing them of what you and yours are so guilty of. The only illegitimate president this country has ever had is that a**hole islamic terrorist that you worked for. Obummer was a total abomination, a disgrace, He was wasn’t even qualified to be a dog catcher in a town with no dags. And you Hillary, I’d rightly refer to you as a 2 bit hoe, but you are worth that much. No wonder Billy Boy spent a lifetime seducing other women. Just go sit in some slimy corner, and await the men in blue, because the DOJ will get to you after a while, and you can spend your remaining years in a nice cell in Gitmo !

  13. Am I correct? Didn’t she call off the air support at Benghazi, go back to bed and let the Americans there be slaughtered? Didn’t she arrange the sale if 20% of America’s uranium to Russia and then the Clinton Foundation received some large donations? Didn’t she when Secretary of State knowingly use a private insecure email system in violation of policy and then delete most of the emails when investigated? During the presidential debates didn’t she have the questions in advance? AND NOW SHE WANTS MY VOTE??????

  14. Our great president Trump is going to beat the pants off these ass holes again, most will go full nut job some will commit suicide more the better fuck these commie demo rats leave our great America now and don’t come back .Oh this is for new York especially the fucking illegal aliens dare ya to fine me 25000 ass holes.

  15. Hillary is a washed up vindictive horrible woman. She should just LEAVE us all in peace, but she really has nothing else to do except gripe & stir up trouble where there is none.Notice that “Slick Willy” stays far away from her. If she’s so popular then why isn’t anyone beatingdown her door OR buying her books.


  17. I saw the segment on CBS Sunday Morning. MS Clinton is and has been in continued denial. Apparently she thinks very highly of herself to believe that she was cheated out of what should have been hers. Perhaps she should take a cue from the Serenity Prayer: “Grant to us the serenity of mind to accept that which cannot be changed”. Get over it, Hillary! Accept the fact that Grassroots America didn’t want you in the White House!

  18. Hillary Clinton is a disgusting person, a fraud, a crook, a liar. She has had her nose stuck in gvt business for many years but has accomplished absolutely nothing. She should just keep her damn big mouth shut.

  19. now send this to “F”ing Hillary ! dang it!
    No photo description available.
    Mary Trump is with Beth Parris and 3 others.
    September 30 at 8:27 PM
    LMAO: In a major backfire, former DNC head, Donna Brazile, tweeted out a poll asking her followers if President Trump was a “legitimate” President. 225,971 people answered the poll.

    91% of Brazile’s followers said President Trump IS A LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT!

    Remember, Donna fed the questions to Hillary and was recently hired on Fox News as a “contributor” – part of Paul Ryan’s master plan to “break” Trump

  20. Hilary, you’re an illegitimate human! You’re so self absorbed. Trump DID NOT steal it from you. Don’t you get it? We didn’t want you for President. We wish you would stop whining, sit down and STFU. You’re crooked and probably mad because you couldn’t even win the election by cheating! You know …
    … the Russian HOAX? The fake story that you created? Get over it Hilary. You are no match for Trump. Just go away and stay away…trying so hard not to have to look at your ugly face. BTW…GROW UP LOSER !!

  21. Apparently, she is living in an altered reality. One where she is the rightful leader of the Kingdom but has been ousted by an interloper. Her attempts to recapture the throne that rightfully belongs to her are failing at every turn and her subjects are beginning to lose faith in her right and ability to regain her Royal Estate. Look for this queen to do something totally radical and destructive to the herself and the Kingdom. An act of TREASON that will possibly result in the end of the Kingdom.

  22. Atta girl Hillary, keep on whining and carrying on like a 7 year old.
    It becomes you. Yes, let the entire world feel your pain. NOT.

  23. Hillary, I KNOW that it is YOU that has things wrong. YOU would be the illegitimate President. You are a transvestite & that is not how things were meant to be, so if you can’t handle even you own life, how could you handle a country’s? You did NOT do well in Arkansas. I know because I, unfortunately, lived in it at the time you were in office & it has been MUCH better since you & Bill LEFT! I wish you would shrivel up & blow away & never show your ugly face again! I’m SO tired of hearing you say “I’m BAAAAAACK” like I’m supposed to be happy when I’m anything BUT the least BIT happy. I thought after the 2016 election was a GOOD RIDDENCE, but NOOOO. You have to show up again & again & again, ad infinitum. Others think like me. Go away & hide under a large stone that soon makes you go to H***. Then I will be HAPPY!

  24. Gee she her self is a ill legit as as normal human in her being the head of the Clinton Mafia and the huge number of connected people to her with mysterious deaths.

  25. The Democratic party is a joke and needs to be abolished. They never have a agenda that’s for AMERICA FIRST. THEY ARE SO BUSY LIEING/ STEALING AND MOSELY DIVIDING Our GREAT COUNTRY “AMERICA”!!!!🇺🇸

  26. Poor Hillary is a loser, a poor loser, and has no idea how far she is from what American wants and needs. She should stay home and try knitting. The polls showed what and who American wants and it is time she and her party came to the national party that is ongoing now that we have a competent American president. Get over it and join the goodness that is going on in the United States from one of the best Presidents our nation has ever seen!!!!!

  27. Hillary CLinton and her ego is what is wrong with the Democratic Party. They are mainly all crook, liars and power hungy just like the Clintons are and always have been. They think they are above the law ans no one can take them down. Well she’s wrong and will find that out soon I hope. I still have a Hillary for prison bumper sticker on my car from 2016. Told my Granchildren it will have to rot off before I ever remove it and hope she is in prison for her many crimes! She deserves punishment because the entire Democratic Party has fashioned themselves in her same corrupt, hunger for power and lies!! I still hope she gets what she deserves as punishment!!! She will in hell I know!!

  28. She’s still bitter that for all her cheating she wasn’t elected president. I’d tell her to grow up but if she hasn’t by the time she’s this old she never will.

  29. Hilary is the worst of all the democrats and they have plenty of idiots in office!!!
    why is what biden did not worst than what trump did?
    Biden strongarmed ukraine to fire the person who would have investigated his son!!!! abuse of political power by Biden
    and Obama allowed it!!
    it is absolutely a joke as to how stupid the people who think these democrats are right about everything they have done to thwart Trump the whole time he’s been in office
    not a brain amoung anyone who votes democrat! want to impeach someone, start with Omar !!!

  30. I just don’t understand the gutless Republicans have allowed this woman to still be loose on the streets. She committed crimes that should consider her no less than a foreign spy and a traitor to this country. And what she did, was mostly to gain power and enrich herself. This woman has gotten by with more crimes and she seems to think she is above the law. For right now. she is proving that very fact. For some reason, the law doesn’t apply to her and she thinks every political opponent of hers, needs to be in prison.

    She probably will run for president again, because she thought she bought the election and deserves the opportunity to kill the country.

  31. I’m tired Americans are tired of listening to her complaining ,investigate her, convict her, put her in jail and we won’t have to listen to her again. She can write all the books she wants and annoy the other inmates but that could be cruel and unusual punishment for the inmates.

  32. The fact that she’s a serial killer and has lied incessantly about absolutely everything and being married to a rapist and that she’s a pedophile and child predator has Not been lost on the American people. Bitch please shut up and sit down 🤡 If she’s stupid enough to run for president again and unfortunately she IS I hope they throw rotten tomatoes at her

  33. Clinton is still upset she didn’t win the presidency. The woman is evil and still in denial. Her crooked government thought they had her election in the bag. She should go back to the woods and convince the animals she should of won the election. That woman has no MORALS!

  34. This from a woman who is so crooked she can’t walk a straight line.There will be a special place for her in HELL. People die when they speak against her, plus all the money she stole, please just go away and die.MAGA!!!!

  35. Let’s see if the majority of the states elect a president then he must be illegitimate because California and mb e your didn’t vote for him.

  36. Hillary is the biggest ditz that ever ran for office in this great country. It is all about money and how she can fill her pockets.She needs to go back to her farm and smell the aroma of cow manure.

  37. Hillary cares SO MUCH she actually stated she would make those of us who disagree with her get in line using “the rule of law”. She was actually saying that she would have the rights of free speech TAKEN AWAY from those who don’t go along WITH her! REMEMBER NAZI GERMANY ANYBODY!??? WWII isn’t even 100 yrs in the past!! OVER MY DEAD BODY YOU PESKY WITCH! YOU LOST FAIR & SQUARE! GET OVER IT!!!

  38. Not allowed by to put the real feeling about dumb, killer, lier, Hillary or will be taken off Facebook. Hillary is such a Disgrace to our great country and women. She needs to go to the woods or completely out of our great country to live.

  39. It is amazing thet Hillery still thinks she is honorable and upright. She is a liar and along with her husband is a gangster of monumental proportions. She doesn’t love or respect this country and its institutions any more than Obama does. It is all about her and her massive ego.

  40. H, Clinton is so for gone she can no longer lie well. So sad. One of the greatest liars known to mankind sliding down the tube into oblivion. The daughter is trying her best to fill the gap but she doesn’t have the talent for it. Another dynasty vanished into darkest history.

  41. The true “illegitimate president” was Barry Sotero, aka Barrack Obama born in Kenya 1960 not Hawaii in 1961. NOT eligible to run for president.


  43. How can that lying witch say anything about our president Trump after all the crimes she has committed!! Her crimes are numerous even TREASON, selling our uranium to russia, allthe emails that went to foreign govts to be used to get our military secrets, killing and eating babies, conspiring with the obozo administration who all are guilty of TREASON!! ALL DEMONRAT ARE IN LEAGUE WITH SOROS WHO IS IN LEAGUE WITH SATAN! SOROS HAS PAID OFF ALL DEMONRATS BECAUSE HE WANTS TO OVERTHROW AMERICA JST LIKE HE HAS OVERTHROWN OTHER SMALL COUNTRIES! SOROS ISVA HATE FILLED EVIL DEMON WHO WILL THROW A TANTRUM UNTIL HE GETS HIS Way!! HIM AND HIS SONS NEED TO BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE!! THEY ARE ALL INSANE!!

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