Here is Irony: Bill Clinton Chimes in on Dems Impeachment Efforts

Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States addresses the audience at the Civil Rights Summit at the LBJ Presidential Library. Photo by Lauren Gerson.

There has been one President in recent history that was a viable candidate for impeachment consideration, and his name isn’t Donald Trump. That same man is also arguably the least likely if not the least qualified of all people to comment on the impeachment circus currently ensuing in Washington. Former President Bill Clinton, unlike the other Clinton, has been very hush regarding giving a public voice to his thoughts, ideas, or opinions on the Democrats fairy tale impeachment story.

His lack of input and even the absence of other media attempting to contact the former President to get his thoughts on the impeachment circus isn’t surprising, not given the history of his Presidency. So the fact that President Clinton said anything may be somewhat of a surprise, but it is more ironic than anything – especially after hearing what he had to say as one story reported.

For any of us who need reminding, this is former Democratic President Bill Clinton, who was the last President to go through impeachment proceedings. The vast difference with the Clinton impeachment and the impeachment efforts being waged at President Trump, however, are glaring and obvious. For starters, there was a real crime and serious accusations involved in Clinton’s impeachment. Another massive difference is that the Clinton impeachment wasn’t a decidedly partisan attempt!

Another obvious difference between these two cases and these two men is that there was no apparent reason or motive other than the evidence for impeachment in Clinton’s case. These fabricated impeachment efforts towards President Trump though, are full of potential and likely motives that have nothing to do with the President’s activity or actions. There is the bad blood of an embarrassing election loss in 2016 along with the “collusion” fiasco that followed. Both events that left the Dems with egg on their face.

Don’t think that the Democrats aren’t aware of the weakness within their own Party and their lack of viable Presidential candidates, they are. And don’t think that they have so quickly forgotten the continual embarrassments, such as the aforementioned events, that has been the monkey on their back throughout Trump’s first term. They haven’t.

Finally, if any more motivation for wanting to create an impeachment firestorm for President Trump was needed by the Dems, there is that upcoming election. How convenient to cast any doubt, any shadow, or attach any negativity to the President as the campaign season is on the verge of kicking into full throttle. Timely, right? So yes, unlike Clinton’s impeachment proceedings, there are plenty of ulterior motives for these Democratic-driven efforts.

Oh yes, and what did former President Clinton have to say about all of this? According to our story, Clinton said, “they’re doing their job as they see it, and we should wait to see it unfold. And the rest of us should go about our jobs and do them as we see it.”

Bill Clinton was undoubtedly a silver-tongued speaker, and his partisan loyalty has never been questioned. This statement, just as we would expect, is along partisan lines, and as always, is in Clinton-esque form. Regardless of how he said it, or even what he said though, the fact that it was this man with his history that said it, just makes it ironic.

Do you know who I would want to ask about making the best plans to catch a criminal? Here is a hint: It wouldn’t be a criminal. So of course who would we want to hear from about the honesty and integrity of impeachment hearings, or about the legitimacy of such partisan efforts? How about a man of staunch partisan loyalty who also happens to have been the target of an impeachment?

Well, there is the irony because that is what a reporter from FOX News, according to our story, asked the former President about. You heard him, “they’re doing their job,” he said – just like they did when he was impeached?

Of course, we know it isn’t the same situation or set of circumstances, but it is ironic, and if it weren’t so serious it would actually be really funny too. Instead, it is just sadly ironic, like Bill Clinton giving commentary on impeachment hearings.


  1. How dare he make such a statement….. was he smoking his “DelMonica” cigars and looking at the blue dress at the time ????…..I have read lots of News about Prince Andrew (Randy Andy)and the sex claims of the groupies, but no one has commented on the times “Uncle Bill” took flights on Pervert Airlines????”””’ If the truth was told the only reason witchiepoo Hillary did not divorce him was because he was President and a lead in to her future Political aspirations…


  3. Let’s throw this back in the lap of the democrats. I wish I could ask each one face to face. My question would be: How would you like it if you had not committed a crime
    and a jury voted you guilty? Or better yet, how would you like it if your son or daughter had NOT committed a crime but a jury found them GUILTY ?
    When you vote to impeach, you are that jury and you are finding our President guilty when he has NOT committed a crime. Show some ” guts” and vote not to impeach.
    If you don’t, you are the guilty one. Spread this around.

  4. I’m not sure if he was smoking CIGARS . . . But he MUST have been smoking SOMETHING (reminiscent of Jeffry Epstein’s parties, I presume?). The BIG difference was that Clinton was GUILTY and SHOULD have been REMOVED from office, and POTUS Trump is NOT guilty and should NOT be removed from office. Both cases were PARTISAN, and in BOTH cases, the Democratic party IS TO BLAME. Only THIS time, it’s NOT working for the DEMOCRATS. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  5. So solemn, with prayer, Ms Pelosi, Schiff, and many other democrats are the biggest farce(s) in my lifetime! They are ignoring the Constitution, even though they have sworn to uphold it. They all should be on trial for TREASON! Unlike Clinton, President Trump has not committed any crimes….and he has made all of his money legally.

  6. If this clown had not promised specter of PA support for his next run that idiot would have voted against and this jagoff would have been out on the street. Corruption is what he has always done.PS- Specter lost and billy walked away from him.

  7. All we can hope for is that historians will print the truth about Trump’s impeachment and of the Democratic Representatives in the House. He was unfairly treated by the Democrats who spent nearly three years searching for a crime, any crime, with which they could charge him and declare him guilty. The Democrats’ hatred for President Trump started the moment he was declared the winner. Yesterday was a very sad day for America and every law-abiding citizen in this country.

  8. maybe turkey neck Pelosi had, has a crush on Trump and is getting even for him not paying attention to her,
    do the same to her like the last speaker bye bye

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