Graham Going After Pelosi If Trump Impeached

Senator Lindsey Graham is prepared to fight if the House impeaches Trump. He is already talking about what he’s going to “insist” upon if it doesn’t happen of its own accord. The Republican Senator from South Carolina is the chairman of the Judiciary Committee who also has subpoena power. He’s planning on using that power to make sure that everyone hears what the whistleblower really has to say.

The whistleblower is the one who is holding the entire case together for the Dems. No one knows his identity except for a select few. However, the one who has complained only has information second-hand on what went on between Trump and the Ukrainian president on July 25.

Graham talked with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures. With the allegations being turned into an impeachment article, Graham wants to make sure that the whistleblower is publicly interviewed, under oath, and, then, cross-examined. He wants to make sure that the public is able to judge their credibility, whether the whistleblower is one or two people.

As Graham reminds people, no one goes to jail without being able to confront their accuser.

If the whistleblower isn’t publicly interviewed in the House, Graham promises that it will be done in the Senate.

Bartiromo wanted Graham to clarify what he said. She asked that if what is being done with the whistleblower is only done behind closed doors, Graham will issue a subpoena. Graham confirmed this. He plans to use Pelosi’s words about this being “the Constitution and democracy.”

Graham explains that the sixth amendment is what allows people to confront witnesses. There’s no inquiry unless the Dems vote. Then, once voted, there can be no valid impeachment unless Trump is able to confront the witnesses who are against him.

Graham is seeking answers, too. Who are the whistleblowers and where did they come from? He also wants to know if they have a tie to John Brennan, the former CIA director under Obama.

Bartiromo took this time to also ask Graham when he would be issuing subpoenas from his committee to get testimony regarding the FISA abuse from the FBI, the ones responsible for launching a counterintelligence investigation on the Trump campaign in 2016. Graham said that he’s not going to get ahead of the Inspector General but he’s going to look into the report and build on it.

The Senator is quick to explain that he’s not out to get anyone. He will call Horowitz before the committee and learn about the warrant application submitted by the FBI. From there, he’ll follow where the facts take him.

In the meantime, Graham is committed to finding out if the DNC is involved with the Ukraine scandal. The Bidens (former VP Joe and his son Hunter) need to be investigated to determine if there was a law violation.

Graham has also asked the prime ministers of the UK, Italy, and Australia to continue cooperating with Attorney General Barr to determine how much foreign influence was involved in the 2016 presidential election.

There’s a lot happening behind the scenes that most Americans don’t know about. The DNC doesn’t want America to know about it, either. They’re trying to keep everything hush so that they can make Trump out to be a bad guy who is neurotic about people who are out to get him. However, as more Republicans dig, they’re learning that Trump isn’t neurotic and the DNC really is out to get him.

The New York Times has written that Barr’s efforts are a way to advance Trump’s personal political interests. Graham corrected and wrote that the Attorney General is holding meetings to aid in the investigation being conducted by the Justice Department. These are well within his “normal activities” and is doing his job. The current proof shows that the intelligence community and the FBI relief on foreign intelligence as a way to monitor and investigate the 2016 presidential election. Now, Graham is simply trying to figure out to what extent.

One thing is certain – Graham is planning to use the constitution to make sure that Trump is able to face his accuser. The House should be doing their due diligence during the impeachment process to make the whistleblower known so that the general public can hear the testimony. If they don’t do their part, Graham will make sure it happens with a subpoena so that Americans can hear the testimony and determine for themselves whether it is legitimate or not. He will not allow the president to be impeached solely on the hearsay of the Dems.


  1. The demorats didnt win the election the Republicans won so Pelosi will never be President Donald J Trump is the President so she can go to jail now

  2. We have to hold these treasonous bastards accountable for all their crooked dealings, never mind looking at individuals start locking those individuals up forever, or better yet execute them

  3. The communist said almost a hundred years ago that they would take over America without firing a shot!! The communist are the demoncrats who are try to take Down a duly elected president, and take over America!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!! WE ARE FIGHTING FOR OUR FREEDOMS AND LIBERTIES!! NEVER VOTE DEMONCRAT!!

  4. The whistleblower does not want to be identified. The whole thing should be thrown out unless he or she identifies his/herself BEFORE this mess goes to the senate.

  5. Has Pelosi even read the constitution? She has a habit of not reading papers that affect American citizens. She and Schifty are keeping the whistleblowers name quiet, to keep the GOP from knowing who he is. Typical liberal socialists underhanded behavior. Have someone make it up, then try to use it to impeach the President. It’s really gotten old. It’s to bad they don’t work as hard for the taxpayers.

  6. I’m sure this will piss the communists off and that’s to bad for their sorry ass’s. If the tables were turned they would be having a heart attack and screaming about the Republicans. They believe that they are intitled to cheat, steel and make their own rules as they see fit. All they want is money and power period. They don’t care who they have to take down or destroy along the way. Piglosi, Nades and Shit would trade a childs life for money or power.

  7. don’t forget oretta lynch , she was obomas personal axe man , he gave her the orders and she o’bayed , talk about the president running the doj , that’s why he was never even looked at for his crimes , took 4 years for the benghazi crap and we never got the true story on it , same with hillary’s e-mails ,and trump is right his adminastration has bin open about every thing , where oboma was cover up after cover up ,everyone knows how corrupt hillary is and how she black mails people ,well oboma and biden are just as corrupt , so they filled their pockets to , i want to know why the irs doesn’t investigate politicians when they know they are making millions and reporting making only thousands

  8. Please help our president I think he is a really good man and he is doing his best to make our country better than it has ever been. I feel like we are letting him down by not helping him more. I have.been praying at night that the Good Lord will help him in some way, and who knows maybe you are the help that can change things around for him.

  9. Senator Lindsey Graham, please make it happen, because the Democrats think that the Constitution only applies to them. The Republicans should have a chance to request subpoenas and for President to confront his accusers. The Democrats need to make the impeachment valid by taking an official vote. They can’t have it their way – it has to be fair and equitable.

  10. More “I’m gonna do this” from Graham
    Let’s see if he really does it this time. Most of us in South Carolina have heard all of this before. The consensus among my friends is probably not.

  11. Yes I think someone needs to put pelosi in her place. She is as corrupt as can be. She needed to retire a long time ago. Her plastic surgery has given her a permanent smile! She’s duh a liar.

  12. Thank you Senator Graham for standing up for the Rule Of Law as per the U.S. Constitution. That should make EVERYONE think TWICE about abusing their power . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (KEEP America Great Again).

  13. Why do you all ask us to comment when not a single reply is received or our comments, addressed through this media or other like it. Honestly I am quite tired of the whole thing. And I realized that it is affecting me more than I could have ever imagined. Why can’t a common citizen bring suit against the democrats since the republicans seem incapable of doing it? I don’t care who they have behind them. Quite honestly the only one I see fighting is President Trump himself! Who else! This is annoying and perhaps some of you should learn a thing or two from Patton, and President Trump for that matter. It is sickening to see the democrats get away with EVERYTHING! is it because maybe they are the right ones? Are they the ones on the side of the truth! All this noise and yapper, yapper, yapper! Are they the only ones who have the courage to fight!? I wear my MAGA cap everywhere I go! Was asked yesterday, rather told! at Home Depot, that I should not wear it (although they said they liked it). My response: I refuse to live afraid! I love President Trump, heck I would do anything for him, I want to do more for him, but all I can do is pray! I donate $100.00 per year because that iS all I can afford. All of you, able men in particular, should show your support in a more visible way, with courage, fortitude, loyalty and persistence, without fear, without being on the defensive (that creates an endless war). Get on the offensive and bring this to a close. You can win a basketball game (“a” being the operative word – a battle) but you cannot win a title (the war) if you don”t score points, which you can “only” get by being on the offensive! What is so magical & powerful about those democrats (look at what they got away with last night in Minneapolis). It is sickening! What happened to our Democracy! Evil is winning gentlemen! Evil is winning! Nonetheless I will stand on the “good” side and should I die because of it, so be it!
    I pray God will PROTECT and GUIDE my PRESIDENT, that GOD give him the KNOWLEDGE,the WISDOM, SKILLS, STRENGTH, PERSEVERANCE, DETERMINATION, PERSISTENCE, ENERGY… and STREET SMARTS (you must know your enemy in order to defeat them) to bring this country back to HIM (GOD). I saw something in MY PRESIDENT TRUMP last night that I have not seen before. I have not been able to stop crying since. As I write this I am crying! So for my well-being, my health I plan to stop watching any news – this includes Fox News. But, I WILL CONTINUE TO WEAR MY MAGA HAT. In case you are wondering, I am 73 years old, a woman, an american citizen by Choice, who came to this country, now my country, because as I grew up I had the USA on a pedestal and I knew I wanted to be an American. Well, now I am and I will defend this country, it’s laws, it’s traditions, it’s constitution always. I do that today, by wearing my MAGA cap, by watching my President’s back, and to show that without reservation. PRESIDENT TRUMP, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING FOR OUR COUNTRY, I LOVE THAT YOU PUT THE CONSTITUTION AND THE PEOPLE OF THE USA FIRST, I WILL ALWAYS STAND BEHIND YOU. As for the rest of you PUT ON YOUR MAGA HATS, WEAR IT WITHOUT FEAR, WITHOUT RESERVATION, BUT WITH COURAGE, LOYALTY – WATCH YOUR PRESIDENT’S BACK!
    May God’s will be done.

  14. I was totally amazed when the liar comey and his co conspirators in the democratic party tried to present comeys’ hand written notes as evidence. But now with these unidentified whistle blowers being considered as some kind of proof, I’m really shaking my head!
    I’m wondering if these 2 whistleblowers might be the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.

  15. Too bad all the republicans do not have the president’s back like Graham, in this matter. The republicans need to stand up and grow some cahoonas and defend the people’s choice who we elected to do our work in the government. If not we can surely see to it they are not brought back in 2020

  16. Lindsay, you may not have to . . . If that demented witch loses the 2020 elections. The GOOD people of California may do it FOR you! KEEP the prayers up . . . God may do it FOR all of us. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (KEEP America Great Again).

  17. That’s a joke, right? Lindsay hasn’t gone after anyone yet as far as I know. There are many he should have gone after – Schiff, Nadler, etc., but nothing.

  18. Good for Graham, he’s doing something about the disgusting and corrupt behavior of the Democrats. Pelosi has absolutely no integrity just like the rest of the leftwing Nutjobs. They have not done their job of providing meaningful legislation that supports the American citizens for the last decade. If anyone needs to be impeached it’s Pelosi and Schifferbrains.

  19. Lindsey Graham, it’s time to step up and not let the Demo(n)cats destroy this great country. Pelosi is more concerned about illegal immigrants than the American taxpaying citizens who pay her salary and benefits. A quote from her “They just want a better life.”
    I want a better life but I can’t break the law to get it, can I?

  20. GOOD JOB LINDSEY … The entire point of this kangaroo Impeachment Process? … Is to put Nasty Old Nancy Pelosi in POWER. … And to allow the Puppet-Master Obama/Soros to get back into the Driver’s seat. Ya Know. …Soooooo Happy to see you foiling their EVIL transparent Plans Lindsey! (Can’t win an election? Steal It Right Nancy?)

  21. Senator Graham..I greatly admire you for what you are standing for and how you are
    proceeding in this matter…You are a very well informed and forceful person to do this
    for our country.Know that I am daily praying for you and your family for seeing this through ..Living in California has always made me proud until these deplorable attachs
    began..Thank you.Sister Joan Derry

  22. Senator..This is my second attempt to respond.I greatly admire your integrity, competence and willingness to persue these matters… so disturbing to the American people..I feel you have great integrity and pray for you and your family..Thank you for your courage..Sister Joan Derry

  23. I was not aware that USA had become a socialist country under The Squad and Democratic Congress I was also not aware that ROC is Speaker of the House. Shame on them trying to change a legitimate Presidential election including the former Secretary of State stating she won the election except for the Electoral College which was set in place by the Founders and really shows why it is in place Sad time for our country

  24. That’s right, Lindsey, wait until AFTER they impeach Trump! Just a bit late, don’t you think? The things you’ve said you are doing are not anything your voters can actually prove you are doing, even though you say you have and are doing them! Simply stated, we have not seen any actionon the part of the senate. . . WHY??? How difficult would it be to at least subpoena Hunter and his dad?

  25. It would appear the Democratic Party is doing every thing possible to destroy the 2020 election on a FAIR VOTE.Every ballot should have the question of Citenship on the ballot form. Why are the Democrates apposed to this????. This will be the last FAIR election possible. IN GOD WE TRUST>

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