Graham Going After Pelosi If Trump Impeached

Senator Lindsey Graham is prepared to fight if the House impeaches Trump. He is already talking about what he’s going to “insist” upon if it doesn’t happen of its own accord. The Republican Senator from South Carolina is the chairman of the Judiciary Committee who also has subpoena power. He’s planning on using that power to make sure that everyone hears what the whistleblower really has to say.

The whistleblower is the one who is holding the entire case together for the Dems. No one knows his identity except for a select few. However, the one who has complained only has information second-hand on what went on between Trump and the Ukrainian president on July 25.

Graham talked with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures. With the allegations being turned into an impeachment article, Graham wants to make sure that the whistleblower is publicly interviewed, under oath, and, then, cross-examined. He wants to make sure that the public is able to judge their credibility, whether the whistleblower is one or two people.

As Graham reminds people, no one goes to jail without being able to confront their accuser.

If the whistleblower isn’t publicly interviewed in the House, Graham promises that it will be done in the Senate.

Bartiromo wanted Graham to clarify what he said. She asked that if what is being done with the whistleblower is only done behind closed doors, Graham will issue a subpoena. Graham confirmed this. He plans to use Pelosi’s words about this being “the Constitution and democracy.”

Graham explains that the sixth amendment is what allows people to confront witnesses. There’s no inquiry unless the Dems vote. Then, once voted, there can be no valid impeachment unless Trump is able to confront the witnesses who are against him.

Graham is seeking answers, too. Who are the whistleblowers and where did they come from? He also wants to know if they have a tie to John Brennan, the former CIA director under Obama.

Bartiromo took this time to also ask Graham when he would be issuing subpoenas from his committee to get testimony regarding the FISA abuse from the FBI, the ones responsible for launching a counterintelligence investigation on the Trump campaign in 2016. Graham said that he’s not going to get ahead of the Inspector General but he’s going to look into the report and build on it.

The Senator is quick to explain that he’s not out to get anyone. He will call Horowitz before the committee and learn about the warrant application submitted by the FBI. From there, he’ll follow where the facts take him.

In the meantime, Graham is committed to finding out if the DNC is involved with the Ukraine scandal. The Bidens (former VP Joe and his son Hunter) need to be investigated to determine if there was a law violation.

Graham has also asked the prime ministers of the UK, Italy, and Australia to continue cooperating with Attorney General Barr to determine how much foreign influence was involved in the 2016 presidential election.

There’s a lot happening behind the scenes that most Americans don’t know about. The DNC doesn’t want America to know about it, either. They’re trying to keep everything hush so that they can make Trump out to be a bad guy who is neurotic about people who are out to get him. However, as more Republicans dig, they’re learning that Trump isn’t neurotic and the DNC really is out to get him.

The New York Times has written that Barr’s efforts are a way to advance Trump’s personal political interests. Graham corrected and wrote that the Attorney General is holding meetings to aid in the investigation being conducted by the Justice Department. These are well within his “normal activities” and is doing his job. The current proof shows that the intelligence community and the FBI relief on foreign intelligence as a way to monitor and investigate the 2016 presidential election. Now, Graham is simply trying to figure out to what extent.

One thing is certain – Graham is planning to use the constitution to make sure that Trump is able to face his accuser. The House should be doing their due diligence during the impeachment process to make the whistleblower known so that the general public can hear the testimony. If they don’t do their part, Graham will make sure it happens with a subpoena so that Americans can hear the testimony and determine for themselves whether it is legitimate or not. He will not allow the president to be impeached solely on the hearsay of the Dems.

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