Go Home Joe! Biden’s Attempt to Stay Relevant Fails Miserably (Video)

There are certain videos that make us wonder what we just watched and this is definitely one of them. Joe Biden’s media tour has been filled with all sorts of awkward moments but this one just might be the most awkward yet. He has been forced to cancel many of his public appearances but that has not stopped him from appearing on television in the meantime.

Democratic supporters probably wish that he hadn’t. He is now practicing the necessary social distancing but the only thing that he needs to be distancing himself from are the television cameras. Biden has been going viral for all of the wrong reasons lately. That has not stopped him from giving briefings from the privacy of his own home and appearing on various programs.

His interview on The View was a doozy and we all had a good laugh when he got chewed out by Jake Tapper. He coughed into his hands during the Tapper interview and was given a handy refresher course on the CDC guidelines that have been put into place during the coronavirus pandemic.

NBC’s Nicolle Wallace’s recent exchange with Biden may top those for sheer lunacy, though. Biden, like so many other Democrats, decided to spend his time on television dunking on Donald Trump. Unfortunately, his old and feeble brain petered out on him in the middle of the conversation. Wallace was left to awkwardly laugh off his dementia and you can tell that she was very uncomfortable.

While his first attempt at dunking on Trump went off the front of the rim, the second one did not even graze the bottom of the net. At one point during the clip, he even tried to compare Trump to a yo-yo before thinking better of it. We are not sure what the problem was here. A yo-yo is a nicer comparison than most of the analogies that are usually drawn by the hysterical leftists.

Why does the media bend over backwards to make that old Uncle Joe remains protected? He is clearly declining mentally and the Democrats keep sending him out there to humiliate himself over and over again. They can’t honestly believe that he has even a puncher’s chance in the general election but their dislike of Bernie Sanders has backed them into a corner that they can’t get out of.

Instead of calling out the Democrats for their willingness to debase their own candidate like this, the liberal media laughs off his goof ups and continues to allow him to speak. This is a man who can barely figure out how to set up a live stream in his own home and yet we are supposed to believe that he is a viable candidate for the presidency?

It does not matter what you think of how Trump has handled the crisis, there is no way that Biden would have done any better. We understand why he is focused on Trump at this point, though. The coronavirus pandemic has sucked all of the air out of the room and left us with little else to talk about.

We highly doubt that the people want to hear about Biden’s economic proposals or his thoughts on other mundane governing issues. All anyone cares about right now is the pandemic and how we are going to get through it. This leaves Biden with little else to do. He has to be trotted back out on a regular basis to take another bizarre swipe at Donald Trump that will not actually land.

Do we really live in a world where enough Americans dislike Trump to vote for an Alzheimer’s candidate instead? We would like to think that this isn’t the case but the liberal media believes that he has a chance. Biden’s latest gaffes are making the Democratic party pine for the “glory days” when they could count on Hillary Clinton to string a few words together without drooling on herself.

Joe Biden is too far removed from reality to realize that he has become a pawn. The Democrats are going to try and ride his name value to a win that is not coming and they do not care how foolish they make him look in the process. We are just waiting for Hillary to be announced as his running mate.

You know that it’s coming. He’s already hinted towards it. If it’s not Hillary, it will be Elizabeth Warren. This is the last bullet that Biden has to fire. If his running mate cannot take the reins and start speaking on his behalf, he is going to be toast when it comes time to debate with President Trump.


  1. I agree Joe Biden is not the best candidate for President. However, I wish the Republican Party could find another candidate to run. President Donny Dummy belongs in jail for cheating the American people (where are his tax returns?), forcing himself on women (sexual predator), his constant bullying (role model for America? – nope) and his continuous idiotic lies. What a disgrace he is.

    • hey john thomas-you sure pick on anything negative you can find. But—–what about all the positive-how did he cheat the american people because he hasnt pug his income tax returns forward (how do the two come together-only in your mind). His poll numbers are climbing every day because of the amazing job he and vp pence and all their group are doing on this horrible pandemic. But of course you wouldnt mention that would you because it might be positive. Too bad you democ-rat socialist anti-semites have such a joke for a candidate-Joe Biden can hardly make a sentence that makes sense, he doesnt know where he is some of the time, or what day it is,of who the leader of britain is, it is getting so embarrassing to watch him make a fool of himself-but of course the media is saying that polls show he is beating Trump-in what world would that be.Too bad democrats hateTrump so much that they cant accept the good that he has done for the country-you know-the low unemployment, bringing companies back to the u.s. the first step program, building a wall so that thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants cant flood into the country so get free welfare, free housing, free health care, free education—-while the homeless get nothing. But of course you dont know anything about all of this.

    • Trump is a hell of a lot better than the alternative was and I believe has improved in his almost 3 years but the hate was there from the start! Too many of the Left are SICK in their heads and the good and better ones are too scared to speak up!

    • This is a clear example of groomed stupidity. The simpleton unfortunately believes that the words spewing from his upper labia. Why can’t these undereducated liberal humans understand that pointing your finger at another person that you railing and demonizing as what is wrong with the world, three fingers are pointing at YOU. If you could remove the over biased view the truth would be apparent: President Donald Trump has done more to improve the economy, for all he has done to help all Americans. Obama waited about a year before doing anything about the Swine Flu, only 1700 Americans died. President Trump acted before any world leaders and continues to help Americans in need. It is sad that you, Obama and similar thinkers are the reason Trump was elected and why he will be reelected with massive numbers along with the house returning to Republican majority. Liberals unite, spew lies and REELECT PRESIDENTIAL DONALD TRUMP- U DA MAN!!

      • Reggie Yes exactly the liberals cant open their mouths with out spewing hate and lies about trump what have they done in the last 3 1/2 years except worrie about how well Trump is doing and how to fuck the American People put the Illegals first give them our tax money and screw the real citizens what do they know except there the ones paying the taxes so you can keep giving to the illegals and IRAN

    • Wow, some people sure see things exactly like the lame stream media says they should see it. Open your eyes and stop watching the lying MSM!

    • your living in the stone age show me one lie he has told and how is he cheating the American people and where are all the other politicians tax returns and when did he force himself on any woman maybe as a teenager you have no idea what your talking about except the BS yoiu keep filling your head with that Pelosi and her walking dead followers keep saying tell me one thing the DumacRats have done for the American People in the last 3 1/2 years NOT ONE THING oh yeah they outlawed straws in Calif ahahahah your a idiot

    • Tax returns are not required by law to qualify for office. Nixon began this back in 68 or 72. If you wanted a new job, how would you feel if I required 7 years of your personal and business tax returns? Despite constant unfactual harrassment he gas way out performed Obama.

  2. Trump isn’t perfect. But he’s the best best President this country ever had. Seems fitting since he took over from the worst President ever. If you want to see his taxes. Fine. Then let’s see the tax returns of all congressional members. Over 50% are millionaires on a $150,000.00 yearly pay. How is that legally possible. It’s not. And to help with the China virus, they vote themselves a $25,000 pay raise. Term limits and a time punch clock for minimum wage pay in the capital. Suddenly wouldn’t need term limits. Ban lobbyists. People elect congressional members, but congressional members bribed by lobbyists. Both need to be imprisoned. One for offering bribes the other for accepting bribes.

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