Giuliani Has Definitely Gotten Under Biden’s Skin, He Can’t Stop Squawking

Joe Biden is trying to make sure that he maintains a clean, unblemished record while running for president. He has seen what the news does to other Democratic candidates. It certainly didn’t help Hilary Clinton in 2016. As such, he has to make sure that certain people aren’t getting interviews.

Rudy Giuliani has been all over the news. As Trump’s personal attorney and someone heavily involved in investigating Biden and his involvement with having his son’s prosecutor fired in Ukraine, news outlets are all over wanting to interview him. Meanwhile, Biden is getting more and more upset by seeing Giuliani all over the news.

“Stop booking them!” Biden is starting to complain like a toddler.

Biden’s presidential campaign has actually demanded that TV networks stop booking Giuliani because it is spreading “Debunked conspiracy theories” about him. However, why would TV networks want to stop? It makes for good TV because Giuliani is providing people with a side of Biden that they didn’t know about.

Anita Dunn, the senior adviser for Biden’s campaign, explains that it’s not enough to simply fact check statements in real-time during interviews. Giving Giuliani air time allows him to introduce “increasingly unhinged” and “desperate lies” into the conversation.

It sounds like Dunn and the deputy campaign manager, Kate Bedingfield, are trying to discount anything that Trump’s lawyer may say about Biden before he even says it. Giuliani has a long history of politics. He was the mayor of NYC for many years and was once a presidential candidate in the past. He doesn’t have a reputation for spreading lies, which is likely why even left-leaning news outlets want to book him for an interview.

Dunn and Bedingfield have written to a number of news stations and papers to “demand” that they no longer book Rudy Giuliani for interviews as a service to the facts. They suggest that Trump’s lawyer has demonstrated that he will lie to advance his own narrative.

Although Biden’s campaign may not want Giuliani to talk, there’s nothing that they can do about it. There’s freedom of speech in the United States, which is something that they have seemed to forget about. The “demands” to stop booking Giuliani are likely being met with out and out laughter behind the scenes. News stations care about viewing numbers more than anything else. Even if Giuliani isn’t being 100 percent truthful in the interviews, it is causing people to tune in to what he has to say about Biden and the full investigation. People want to feel as if they’re in the know. Particularly when Biden is a major candidate for the presidency, people want to know who they could be potentially voting for.

There’s a lot that people want to find out about. Hunter Biden, the son of the former VP, was working with a Ukrainian company. That company was investigated, which included investigating Hunter. Then, it is alleged that Joe Biden had the prosecutor fired – and used money that was for military relief as leverage to ensure that the prosecutor was fired by the Ukrainian government.

Giuliani is pushing for a full investigation to find out. He’s been able to talk to quite a few people about the investigation, too – including “Face the Nation” on CBS and “This Week” on ABC.

The letter that the Biden campaign hasn’t stopped anyone from booking Giuliani. They all want to hear about what he has to say. Further, the Biden campaign has been very aggressive in pushing back against the allegations. Their goal is to not make the same mistakes that Clinton made in her campaign by staying quiet about the different allegations.

Giuliani was active on Twitter once he found out about the letters going out to various news sources. He talked about the affidavit showing a named accuser and how Hunter and Joe Biden are “clearly rattled.” He also talked about the level of arrogance that Biden had regarding being entitled to protection. He said that Biden doesn’t own the media and that he won’t be silenced.

Political campaigns have always asked to dispute coverage if it’s not fair. However, the fact that Biden’s campaign is asking for a specific guest to appear is ridiculous – and proves that they’re concerned.

This is only drawing attention to the fact that Biden is trying to mute Giuliani – and it wouldn’t be shocking at all if Rudy Giuliani ends up with more interview requests before the week is over as more people want to find out all that he has to say about the Biden cover-up.

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