France Bans Outdoor Activities Amid Exploding COVID-19 Death Toll

France is currently four weeks into their lockdown period. Unfortunately, the country’s death toll has now passed the 10,000 mark. They are the fourth country in the world to reach this number. According to reports, the country is still in the upward phase when it comes to its death toll.

Director of Health Jérôme Salomon believes that the peak has yet to be reached. This is leading the country to take some desperate measures, as they look to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. There are some signs that this rate is slowing up but the rise in new cases offsets the decrease in critical cases.

This provides French citizens with a glimmer of hope. The peak may not have been reached but they could be getting close to it. Paris is looking to speed up the process by tightening up the rules that they have already put into place as far as outdoor exercise is concerned.

These rules will now prohibit Paris residents from being able to head outdoors. Jogging and other forms of exercise will not be permitted for the majority of the day. Paris police chief Didier Lallement and Mayor Anne Hidalgo worked together on the press release. They are looking to increase their level of safety in the city.

On a certain level, it is understandable. They are looking to stop the spread of the virus and bring the death toll projections down. Those who are still looking to get some exercise will now need to head outside before 10 AM or after 7 PM. These are the moments when the Paris streets are considered to be the quietest.

The police on the ground have offered the mayor the necessary feedback to come to this decision. There are too many people outside at the same time and the surplus of joggers could be expediting the spread of the virus. It’s a tough decision to make but Paris authorities feel as if they have no other choice available to them.

There’s no perfect policy that can be enacted at the moment. No policy is going to have widespread approval at a moment like this. There were a number of photos taken in Paris recently that showed citizens clustered together. This is what makes the police force and the mayor believe that they are not taking the pandemic seriously enough.

Crowds cannot continue to form during the day. The new restrictions were added as a means of strengthening the rules that are already in place. Paris residents can only exercise outdoor for an hour each day and they must remain within 1 kilometer of their homes. Group sports are now banned and so is cycling for exercise.

Citizens are still allowed to ride their bicycles to and from the supermarket. People can continue to walk their dogs and take strolls with members of their immediate family. The daytime should remain reserved for children and families. This is the primary objective of the new Paris ordinances.

Paris joggers were interviewed by the AFP about the matter. Surprisingly enough, there are some who agree with the policies. One of them was willing to admit that there have been major crowds on the streets. AFP does not allow for the embedding of their YouTube content. You are going to have to go directly to the source if you would like to watch it.

These types of stories make us wonder if similar rules are going to be put into place in America. Since are we are still working tirelessly to flatten the curve, additional measures may need to be taken. No one seems to know what lies ahead and even our elected officials are learning about the best ways to handle the pandemic as they go.

This is the sort of crisis that does not have much precedent for the average citizen. We have never been told that we need to stay indoors for extended periods of time. The toughest part of all is that there is no end in sight. It is easy to see why people are becoming more and more frustrated by the day.

People are becoming fed up for a variety of reasons. For starters, they are forced to grapple with the fact that their fellow citizens are not taking the virus seriously. It has to be frustrating to see the quarantine period drawn out because people are not ready to alter their lifestyles in any meaningful way. Let’s hope that these types of stories start to become less and less commonplace in the weeks and months to come.


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  2. A good well-written and sensible article – Thank you.
    Maybe once those suicidal “murderers” stop their selfish activity we will see the peak of viral transmission followed by deaths start to move into “manageable” figures.
    Perhaps those in “Government” around the World will then see the opening they must wait for – that moment when they realise our health services can once again “cope” with the reduced numbers instead of being constantly overwhelmed.
    This will be the time, and NOT before, to start loosening the lockdown and moving towards a new “Normal”.
    This time WILL come – but how soon depends almost entirely on the idiots who ignore the dangers they are deliberately exposing thier fellow citizens and families to.
    Death still tends to be a PERMANENT condition – sadly it does not seek out only the wilfully stupid !

  3. The United States should take it seriously as well.In Houston texas the shop for new cars ,play golf ,no masks think its a joke

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