Forget Your Freedom: MSNBC Wants FBI to Track White Men Online

Katy Tur

MSNBC’s Katy Tur recently participated in one of the most shocking segments that we have ever seen. MSNBC is not exactly known for their well-balanced reporting but this is next level. She believes that the FBI needs to be using their resources to track white men and what they are doing online.

She essentially believes that all white men are on the verge of being radicalized. Instead of believing the best in people, she wants the FBI to start setting up sting operations. Once the white men are given the tools that they need to create bombs by FBI operatives, they can be arrested.

What makes this even more ridiculous is that she was willing to say it during an interview with the man who once served as the Assistant Director for Counterintelligence at the FBI! She’s got a lot of nerve. We cannot believe that she was willing to sit there and tell the FBI how they need to do their jobs.

White extremists do exist, for sure. There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging this reality. However, there is something to be said for thinking about these types of statements through. This is harmful rhetoric that has no place in American society. Frank Figliuzzi is the aforementioned assistant director and he was allowing her to speak like this without saying any negative.

He is a better man than we are. We would have been yelling at her and using some choice words. Instead, he seemed to be agreeing with her. What is this nation coming to? Frank Figliuzzi was even willing to mock people who would think differently about this. He said that people would refer to this initiative as the “thought police” and we are clearly headed down a slippery slope.

What happens when an online browser happens to look at some of these materials out of sheer curiosity? There is nothing wrong with being curious and if this insane woman has her way, these people would have handcuffs slapped on them before they could even blink. The idea that there are vast numbers of white men who are on the verge of being radicalized is not one that we subscribe to and we hope that no one else is willing to go along with this.

Otherwise, we are on the verge of living in a police state and that is not something that anyone should be rooting for. We wonder if Katy Tur would still be willing to engage in these sorts of tactics if she was the one who was going to be watched online. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that she would be singing a completely different tune if her browsing habits were being policed like this.

New Jersey releases an annual Terrorism Threat Assessment report each year and this year’s edition is absolutely ridiculous. White supremacists are now considered to be a greater threat to our freedom than ISIS or Al-Qaeda. Is there anyone on the left or right who actually agrees with this assessment?

The lines have been drawn now. If you are not willing to cast your lost with the leftist candidates of choice, you are now considered to be a threat to national security. This is the sort of hysterical fear-mongering that makes everyone skeptical of the liberal media in the first place.

It’s not like they care, though. They are just saying things at this point. The liberal media throws whatever they can at the wall, hoping for something to stick. Even the left’s precious Bernie Sanders is not safe. MSNBC referred to his supporters as “racist liberal whites” recently. This is about as sensible as it gets for them, as sad as that is to say.

Sanders is definitely becoming something of a Savior to these people and it bears monitoring. On the other hand, we are not about to emulate the insanity of the left by talking in the same sort of insane manner. There is a time and place to say certain things and we are not here to advance any kind of narrative that is going to make us look bad later.

If only the left had the same sort of philosophy! Katy Tur might be allowed to get on the air and shoot her mouth off but that does not mean that we need to be going along with it. We just hope that the left is willing to take a closer look at the type of people that they allow to spread their message. Good and decent Americans do not deserve to be slandered in this way for the sake of ratings.


  1. Some TV Anchors and Reporters have become so vicious in their statements and beliefs that they have entered the realm of never, never land. For anyone to advance such an idea is ludicrous on its face and it is an indication of their schooling in some of our communist Universities. They don’t seem to recognize the concept of freedom or freedom of speech. Of course their philosophy only applies to others, not to them.

  2. Because we are not followers of the STUPID, like so many have became.

  3. I seem to recall MSNBC’s Katy Tur recently complained about profiling as being Unamerican. Isn’t this gender profiling; however, I do believe that she has something, here. Let’s start by profiling the LGBTQ. That’s women who want to be men, men who want to be women, and those who are just plain confused.

    Great Suggestion!

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