Florida Teacher Gets Massive Blow Back Over Test Question

There is so much hatred in some people’s hearts for President Trump; it is unreal.  In Palm Beach Gardens, Florida at Watson B. Duncan Middle School, a teacher was reassigned for placing an inappropriate and irrelevant multiple choice question on an online test concerning President Trump.  A parent of one of the students posted a picture of the question which was given during a Computer Applications class.  The image was posted to Twitter and is going viral with massive complaints across America.

The question asks, “45th president, 2017, Republican, Real Estate businessman, idiot?”  The multiple-choice answers are, “Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter.”  Reported from WCHS News on ABC Channel 8, “Donald Trump is the 45th president, was elected in 2016, is a Republican and a real estate businessman, so he would be the correct answer, and the question seems to imply that he is an idiot.”

The parent of one of the teacher’s students went to the school district and brought it to their attention but wanted to remain anonymous.  The parent told them, “My reaction was very disappointing. It is an obvious example of indoctrination in our school systems, where teachers are forcing their opinions on our children.”  They also posted this on Twitter, “This was an actual question on my daughter’s middle school test today. Furious. Going to raise some hell with the principle. Indoctrination will not continue. (See word “idiot” at the end of our presidents multiple choice answer). Not having it!”

The parent also told ABC News reporters, “My daughter was doing her homework at the dinner table, and she said to me, ‘Daddy, you gotta see this question.’ I took one look, and it was very unacceptable,” said a father of a student, who wished to remain anonymous. “It’s an obvious example of indoctrination at our school system where teachers are forcing their opinions on our children. This is the first time I actually saw it in writing. It’s quite a different thing than when I hear it verbally.”

In response, the Palm Beach County School District sent out a letter to all of the parents which read, “A question on a quiz given by your child’s Computer Applications teacher yesterday, was brought to my attention this morning. The question was inappropriate and demonstrated an unacceptable lack of good judgment on the part of the teacher. An investigation is now underway, and the teacher has been reassigned during this process. Because this is an open inquiry, I am not at liberty to share any additional details with you at this point. I apologize for this incident, and for the offensive verbiage used in the question. Thank you for your patience, and your continued support of Watson B. Duncan Middle School.”

As per the parent, WPEC reported, “He’s not sure if the teacher should be fired. He says he wants to give the school district a chance to investigate fairly and do what they need to do.”  It was confirmed by the news outlet, and through a statement from the school’s principal, Phillip D’Amicothat that the teacher was reassigned and an investigation will take place to determine the proper way to handle the situation.  Many parents are calling for termination.

Florida’s Senator Rick Scott took to Twitter to express how he felt about the incident.  He posted, “This is UNACCEPTABLE. This liberal teacher was trying to indoctrinate kids in Florida with your tax dollars!  The teacher should be fired immediately.”

As parents, we should always know what our kids are learning.  Many complaints have come across America from parents who have seen or know someone who has in some form or other been in situations like these with the school system.  Common Core was one of the most significant issues which released such a doctrine.  Once the Common Core Curriculum reached across America, LGBT rights, political correctness, and other forms of intolerable teachings were pushed in schools while traditions like prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance were taken out.

These are not subjects for children or teenagers to be taught in schools, and if we let Democrats continue their crybaby sessions, they will do away with all that is good and replace it with everything morally wrong.  To put down the president like this is teaching the next generation, it is OK to be disrespectful.  The truth is, none of this hatred should be taught in schools, especially when they preach about “bullying.”  It becomes a one way street to hypocrisy.


  1. This indoctrination came from university professors (in the past) more so than lower education. Now, it is obviously in elementary and middle school education of young minds.
    Not saying civics cannot certainly be discussed, but not subjectively rather than objectively. School principals should make this clear during teacher’s meetings.

  2. Liberals can pretty much say and do anything they choose just look at the idiots on MSNBC Joy Reid and the other moron Rachael Maddow and clowns like that moronic congresswoman AOC

  3. While I totally agree that the multiple choice question & answer should have had no place on any test, as it was in a middle school in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. this is certainly not a new type of improper indoctrination of children. It is happening in schools, at all levels. Also, it continues from kindergarten, through elementary, middle, and high school and not much is being done about it!
    This same type of indoctrination happens in colleges, as well. it MUST be stopped!

  4. This person is NOT a teacher, this disgusting person is a propagandist and is a disgrace to the profession of teaching. This individual should lose their teaching certificate and NEVER be allow to “brainwash” students of an age for as long has he/she lives. This is a typical example of what liberal so called education is all about. No teaching, only brainwashing and lies. Disgusting.

  5. The comments I just wrote re: an improper question/multiple choice answers part of a middle school test in FL should require NO “modification.” After posting my comments, there was a response that “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” If you “moderate” my comments, I want to approve or deny those changes.

  6. Absolutely agree with the parents in asking for termination of the teacher. Schools are for teaching the fundamentals of living and being able to become a respectable citizen able to hold a job, take care of oneself and be responsible to themselves and to others. If I had a child in the school I would immediately pull him from the class until something is done. No room for hate.

  7. The Republicans are guilty of being quiet when the schools were being over run with liberal staff. They should have demanded that an equal number of conservatives be hired to teach children. I am a Republican and find it a little unnerving to challenge this kind of hypocrisy. But hopfully it is not to late to begin to demand a reshuffling of teaching staff. At this time it is almost impossible for a conservative teacher to be hired in the school system, including the universities. That is why these half-brained idiots are getting away with much of the bullying.

  8. I agree with Rick Scott “This is UNACCEPTABLE. This liberal teacher was trying to indoctrinate kids in Florida with your tax dollars! The teacher should be fired immediately.” It’s a good thing they don’t teach that crap in my School District or I’d be down at the District Office demanding that so called teacher of lower class indoctrinees be terminated, we don’t pay teachers to spew their 2 cents worth of garbage to our children

  9. Hitler’s Popaganda Minister wrote to German parents: “This new Reich will give its youth to no one, but will itself will take youth and give to youth its own education and its own upbringing”

    ….then Hitler said of his opponents: “I c amly say, “Your child belongs to us already…”

  10. Thank goodness this alert parent caught this reprehensible behavior and made a squawk. I’m quite sure this goes on all over the country but most teachers probably have the good sense to not put their indoctrination and political opinions in writing. This should be a wake-up call to all parents who have children in school!!! Investigate what your children are being taught and speak up if you don’t approve.


  11. The school system is so left leaning. It has been that way for years. My question is why has it taken so long to see it. It is even worse in the upper grades.

  12. Forcing adult opinions on children needs to be dealt with swiftly. Fire that teacher and make sure that person is not hired in a Florida school again
    Do it now

  13. I see you are saying moderation when you mean censorship. You claim to have authority but it is COLORED by your predjudices.
    .dont make me laugh…🤨

  14. Why should the teacher be fired? It’s just expressing one’s opinion, about a racist wall monger! That’s how I feel about President Trump! IMPEACH TRUMP IMMEDIATELY!! RACIST!!!!

  15. The purpose of school is to teach reading, writing and arithmetic and to get the kids ready for lie outside of school. teaching a trade and how to run a home is good. There is no reason to teach politics or sex in schools.

  16. There is no doubt whatsoever that the teacher (NOT) should be fired ASAP. It is time to stop this hatred, baiting and name calling

  17. It is time that schools went back to traditional teachings and leave the lgbtq and other nonsense out of the school room, if the teachers won’t agree to traditional teachings replace them with a teacher who wants to teach a child about the learning he/she needs to enter college or make a living at a job kids don’t need the BS that some teachers are trying to push on the kids today


  19. We need teachers who can inspire our children to think, not snakes, who can’t make in the real world and sneak into the teaching profession.This nincompoop needs to be summarily fired and given the appropriate recommendation that he/she/it should not be hired as a teacher. A teacher like this can not be rehabilitated because he/she/it has such a huge character flaw and personality defect as to prevent him/her/it from understanding the objective of teaching.


  21. if these Liberals are not voted out our country will soon be at a point of no return. they stand for ever thing that our great country is Against.

  22. The stealth take over by a totalitarian regime begins in classrooms with your children. You must be vigilant, brainwashing is very subtle. Anyone aware of the political leanings and unchallenged opinions of recent college grads knows full well the results of not paying attention. The innocent child we sent off to college brimming with hope returns fully grown, belligerent and often our enemy. Parents have little choice but to acquiesce if there is to be peace and further communication. The takeover is complete. Next they will go after the guns and free speech.

  23. School teachers are mostly ultra-liberals and should not be allowed to teach our children. They should be tested and interviewed before being employed and never hired if not qualified for the job. All teachers that are in the system now should be interviewed and dismissed if not qualified to teach our children.

  24. It is totally unacceptable!first they remove prayer, then the pledge of allegiance, then you can’t even pray over your own meal, because that offended somebody. Maybe prayer is a separation of state, and maybe the pledge of allegiance did offend somebody also, but in reality you are HERE BECAUSE YOU CHOOSE TO BE! Granted our young people likely don’t have a choice, however these should still be said as a tradition of standing up for country YOU LIVE IN! America, wow freedom to puck and choose your own lifestyle. Freedom to cross state lines and see others, sights, shop, work. There is NO COUNTRY LIKE HER ANYPLACE ON EARTH! Yet because he said, she said, is unacceptable for them, they took it didn’t like seeing OR DOING the very things OUR GREAT COUNTRY WAS BUILT ON IT OFFENDS them to the point they wish to tear it down from everybody for the one. SINCE WHEN DID THE WANT OF ONE, OUTWEIGH THE NEEDS OF THE MANY?

  25. Investigation should determine if the teacher gets 2 weeks of pay when they are terminated or just have their teaching license revoked! In any case they should be gone NOW!!

  26. send your kids to school and expect them to come home hating america and embracing communism….I suggest research and enroll them in a none political charter school. solve the commie problem

  27. Indoctrination is unacceptable in any democratic country. This hatred of President Trump must stop. He was elected legally and must be accepted as the legitimate President of this country. We are a two-party system (unfortunately) and as such must accept the possibility that every four years the President could be a member of the ‘opposite party”. I fear for America with this anti-Trump rhetoric.

  28. This exposure will reinforce the brainwashing that U S children arereceiving from the Far Left Dems. who will stop at nothing to remove the POTUS, Donald Trump from the leadership but in favt now it can be used as an example to teach children how careful they need to be in this wicked World now. The likes of Killary Clinton et al must be consigned to history now.

  29. I agree with the parents. I’ve been saying the schools are nothing but indoctrination to their social economic welfare state of mind.

  30. Mo question here, the teacher should be fired immediately and his teaching credentials pulled. There is no place for this child indoctrination in our schools. This is a prime example of what happened with the youth Bund movement in Nazi germany it it must be stopped now.

  31. The truth is that the Trump haters think its fine to say whatever they want to disparage the president and his supporters, but in many environments, you show support for the president at your own risk. Display of red hats, support for police, criticize support for illegal immigration will get you ostracized, persecuted or assaulted.

  32. This “teacher” more so a democrat indoctrinator, should be stripped if her teaching certification and never be allowed in a school again. Guaranteed, this is not a first time for these types of antics from our hateful and disgraceful democrat ideology has happened. This is just the first she/it was caught!

  33. This teacher; and ALL other teachers and professors , teaching their political views should be fired. They’re doing nothing but DUMMING DOWN our future.

  34. Totally UNBELIEVABLE. Can’t believe what extent the ugly, hateful, demented, DEMORATS will go to push any of their feelings or agenda. Teacher should be FIRED for demonstrating such nonsense INSTEAD of using common sense. She.he should have kept their ideas to themselves. I believe kids should be home schooled now days or in a private or religious school and NOT A PUBLIC SCHOOL just for this reason.

  35. It is not so much that the teacher is unacceptable, but he/she is a fool for doing that and thinking nothing would happen. These leftists live in Wonderland of their own making.

  36. That’s what most of the public schools are doing, brainwashing our children, just like HITLER did to the young in Germany, God help the USA !!!!!!!

  37. FIRE THIS TEACHER IMMEDIATELY! He/she should NEVER be allowed to bring their personal bias into the classroom. This person is not an educator but rather an indoctrinator into the leftist socialist mind set. Imagine what would have happened to this so-called teacher had the object of their hatred, bias and angst been directed toward Barry Sotero aka Obama.

  38. the only idiot in this scenario is the so-called teacher who should immediately be fired and never allowed to tech again!!! i’m sure somewhere there’s a a sewer that needs unplugging. thanks to the intelligence of the parents they realized what this low life “educator” was the start of communism 101 and nipped it in the bud. hope many more parents realize whats happening in pour schools and colleges!!!

  39. Teachers are not placed in our schools to push their political agenda, nor their opinion of ANYTHING.

    They are there to teach our children how to become self sufficient individuals who can take care of themselves in life. Teaching how to budget their money, balance their checkbook, put important life guiding directions in our children’s minds, self confidence, respect of others, supporting our friends, relatives & others who aren’t are fortunate as we. Our teachers are supposed to build the futures of our children by giving proper instructions on how to do such. Instead, they are there to bully, manipulate, force their political ideas & teach hatred for anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Self centered monsters are the teachers of today.

  40. This is unconscionable! There is too much brainwashing of our children by liberal teachers and professors! Exactly like dumbing down our children with Common Core! Especially with Common Core Math!

  41. Her feelings about President Trump Are childish and in mature for an adult. Since she can not keep business and self importance separated, she should be fired!

  42. Another sleaze bag leftie that has escaped from New York. She crapped all around her home state until it became unbearable, then moved to a clean state like Florida and started all over again. If the shoe fits, wear it.

  43. Please make all local school districts illegal. and issue vouchers to parents of school age children. Too much corruption and power to collect and spend in local school diztricts

  44. What is wrong with that whuss father of that girl to chose to remain anonymous, how spineless and testicless.

  45. So the teacher blew it. A good chewing should fix the problem–unless it happens again. Nothing was said when the professors at UC Berkley told all the students ” IF IT FELLS GOOD DO IT”. ” IT IS ONLY WRONG IF YOU GET CAUGHT”. The result was riots, pot-smoking, hippies, etc. These people grew up and are running the country now!!

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