Florida Teacher Gets Massive Blow Back Over Test Question

There is so much hatred in some people’s hearts for President Trump; it is unreal.  In Palm Beach Gardens, Florida at Watson B. Duncan Middle School, a teacher was reassigned for placing an inappropriate and irrelevant multiple choice question on an online test concerning President Trump.  A parent of one of the students posted a picture of the question which was given during a Computer Applications class.  The image was posted to Twitter and is going viral with massive complaints across America.

The question asks, “45th president, 2017, Republican, Real Estate businessman, idiot?”  The multiple-choice answers are, “Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter.”  Reported from WCHS News on ABC Channel 8, “Donald Trump is the 45th president, was elected in 2016, is a Republican and a real estate businessman, so he would be the correct answer, and the question seems to imply that he is an idiot.”

The parent of one of the teacher’s students went to the school district and brought it to their attention but wanted to remain anonymous.  The parent told them, “My reaction was very disappointing. It is an obvious example of indoctrination in our school systems, where teachers are forcing their opinions on our children.”  They also posted this on Twitter, “This was an actual question on my daughter’s middle school test today. Furious. Going to raise some hell with the principle. Indoctrination will not continue. (See word “idiot” at the end of our presidents multiple choice answer). Not having it!”

The parent also told ABC News reporters, “My daughter was doing her homework at the dinner table, and she said to me, ‘Daddy, you gotta see this question.’ I took one look, and it was very unacceptable,” said a father of a student, who wished to remain anonymous. “It’s an obvious example of indoctrination at our school system where teachers are forcing their opinions on our children. This is the first time I actually saw it in writing. It’s quite a different thing than when I hear it verbally.”

In response, the Palm Beach County School District sent out a letter to all of the parents which read, “A question on a quiz given by your child’s Computer Applications teacher yesterday, was brought to my attention this morning. The question was inappropriate and demonstrated an unacceptable lack of good judgment on the part of the teacher. An investigation is now underway, and the teacher has been reassigned during this process. Because this is an open inquiry, I am not at liberty to share any additional details with you at this point. I apologize for this incident, and for the offensive verbiage used in the question. Thank you for your patience, and your continued support of Watson B. Duncan Middle School.”

As per the parent, WPEC reported, “He’s not sure if the teacher should be fired. He says he wants to give the school district a chance to investigate fairly and do what they need to do.”  It was confirmed by the news outlet, and through a statement from the school’s principal, Phillip D’Amicothat that the teacher was reassigned and an investigation will take place to determine the proper way to handle the situation.  Many parents are calling for termination.

Florida’s Senator Rick Scott took to Twitter to express how he felt about the incident.  He posted, “This is UNACCEPTABLE. This liberal teacher was trying to indoctrinate kids in Florida with your tax dollars!  The teacher should be fired immediately.”

As parents, we should always know what our kids are learning.  Many complaints have come across America from parents who have seen or know someone who has in some form or other been in situations like these with the school system.  Common Core was one of the most significant issues which released such a doctrine.  Once the Common Core Curriculum reached across America, LGBT rights, political correctness, and other forms of intolerable teachings were pushed in schools while traditions like prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance were taken out.

These are not subjects for children or teenagers to be taught in schools, and if we let Democrats continue their crybaby sessions, they will do away with all that is good and replace it with everything morally wrong.  To put down the president like this is teaching the next generation, it is OK to be disrespectful.  The truth is, none of this hatred should be taught in schools, especially when they preach about “bullying.”  It becomes a one way street to hypocrisy.

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