Father Wants Money Back Under Warren’s Tuition Promise

It’s hard to hear Elizabeth Warren talking about student loan forgiveness when you actually saved money and paid off your daughter’s debt so that she didn’t have to deal with it.

One father decided to approach Warren about her “amazing” plan that she’s been touting throughout her campaign trail.

Warren’s plan would cancel some or all of the student loan debt that exists in America. Sounds great when you’re struggling to pay the bill. However, some can pay the bill – and they’re not too happy with Warren’s plan.

The father walked up to Warren to talk about the negative aspect of her plan. He explained that his daughter is in school and he’s been saving money to pay her student loans. That’s when he asks the question that is solid gold: “Can I have my money back?”

Warren responds quickly with, “Of course not.”

That’s when the father decided to break it down to the presidential candidate. Her plan will pay for the people who aren’t saving money but for those who “did the right thing,” they “get screwed.”

Warren stumbled a bit with a response but it wasn’t what the father wanted to hear. That’s when he continued to say that his friend had fun, got a car, and went on vacation. He saved money and even worked a double shift to make the money. He accused Warren of laughing at him since he’s doing the right thing only to get screwed over by her plan. Rather than listen to any more of what Warren had to say, he walked away from the conversation.

This is one of the biggest issues that people have with Warren’s plan. It’s allowing people who are making poor decisions to get off scot-free from their debt. What about the people who went to college and racked up loans when they didn’t even attend their classes? What about the people who shouldn’t have even attended college? What about those who are now working in a field that has nothing to do with their degree? People make choices and have to live with those, yet Warren is the typical Dem, allowing her bleeding heart to interfere with what makes economic sense for the country.

The full plan that Elizabeth Warren is promoting would cancel up to $50,000 in student loan debt for any household with an income of less than $100,000. Then, there would be “substantial” cancellation of debt for those who earn between $100,000 and $250,000.

As to where that money is going to come from, well, Warren doesn’t always have a plan for that. However, people can most certainly expect a tax hike because that kind of money isn’t simply sitting around in the budget. Oh, and she does plan on taxing the “ultra-millionaire” households to pay for some of it, too. After all, those who make a lot of money deserve to pay for those who made bad decisions, right?

More parents need to call Warren out for her bad plan. Tuition forgiveness shouldn’t be a blanketed issue. Veterans? Maybe. Single mothers? Maybe. However, too many people landed in significant amounts of debt because they didn’t do anything about it. Rather than forgiving everyone’s tuition loans, it should be easier for people to pay the loans down, such as by reducing the interest rates or even making the interest rates go away entirely.

Warren has come up with a lot of “plans” to make Americans vote for her. The problem is that it’s one of those empty campaign promises. Politicians have been talking about student loan debt for years but nothing has happened. Warren is already a Senator, so she does have some power. If it was going to happen, she would have gotten bipartisan support and passed the bill. Unless she plans on passing the tuition forgiveness plan with an executive order, it’s a pipe dream.

The good news is that Warren’s a long way away from realizing her plans. In the unlikely chance of getting the DNC nomination, she’d still have to beat Trump in the 2020 general election. With her plans sinking like lead balloons, most people question whether she can make any of them happen or if they’re just empty campaign promises. After all, she’s a left-leaning Democrat who thinks that she can just raise taxes and give everyone what they’ve always wanted. When she learns that capitalism is what made American great and that most Americans want to work for what they get, people will choose the stability of Trump’s economy over the promise of paying off student loan debts.



  1. I am Elizabeth Warren. I am running for President. If you elect me I will give each member of your family a million dollars. You can then decide which country where you will be appointed Ambassador. If that spot is taken then I will appoint you King or Queen of that country. All of your clothes no matter the cost will be free. I will pay for ALL of your food even at restaurants. I will fix it so that your favorite team will win the Super Bowl EVEN if they are not a football team. Elect ME !

  2. she is a wannabernie…she has a few, very few , ideas “pipedreams” that would sound great…but she has no way of making up how to do them except raising taxes and making hard working citizens pay for every schmuck that thinks they can get away with a freebie…she is a moron that needs to be put out to pasture

  3. To those of us who worked double shifts and drove the same cheap car for 15 years in order to pay off student loans, Elizabeth Warren’s forgiveness plan is hogwash. On every single break from college, I found work to make some money for loan payments. Now, students with huge loans spend their breaks in Cancun getting smashed. What does that tell you about work ethic? Senator Warren will get many demands from people who want their money back so THEY can go to Cancun.

  4. We paid off my husband’s college debt many moons ago. Took us a few years, but, I wrote the last and final check. When can we expect reimbursement, plus interest, Elizabeth???????

  5. Sounds more like she, Warren, is rewarding the people who squandered their money with no planning for the future and PUNISHING those of us who have saved and prioritized our spending and have or are paying their own way. I worked my way through school, it took 13 years as I worked and raised a family and I resent some idiot expecting me to pay for someone who has never worked for a living and who therefore expect someone else to pay their way. They will spit in our faces ust as they spit in the faces of their parents.

  6. Big deal! Ying-Yang-ting-a-ling wants to give every person in America $1,000.00 PER MONTH for doing nothing…even illegal aliens.

  7. Nazi, Compulsive Liar, Warren only care about herself. She will always make sure her pockets will be filled with $CASH, WHILE THE AMERICAN TAXPAYERS STARVE.
    Put Warren on the next plane to Russian, without a penny in her pocket, and never allow her to return to the Greatest & Richest Country in the World “America”.

  8. I had a lower standard of living to fund my three daughters university educations. I could be living in a much bigger better house and have driven much newer cars instead of the same one I drove for 25 years. I would like Elizabeth to reimburse ME TOO.

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