Explosive: US Warns Iran Over Gas Shipments to Venezuela

Craig Faller is the United States Southern Command Admiral and he has news that should be important to every American. Iran and Venezuela may be in the process of forming a new alliance. Since Iran is looking to get their hands on some South American territory, they are investigating their options when it comes to Venezuela.

The United States government is not about to sit idly by and wait for this partnership to form. Is Iranian President Hasan Rohaní supporting various terrorist groups that are looking to set up shop in the Middle East? How close are his ties with the Maduro regime over in Venezuela?

These are questions that need to be answered as quickly as possible. The Iranian regime raised more than a few eyebrows when they sent 16 flights that were filled with numerous spare parts to Venezuela. The parts were going to be used to restart an oil refinery. The Iranian government is also said to have provided Venezuela with five separate oil tankers.

For a socialist country that has the world’s largest oil reserves, this timing is rather curious. Why do they need the help of Iran in order to remain operational? Admiral Faller is well aware of what is taking place at the moment. Maduro needs all of the help that he can get right now. Without the assistance of President Rohaní, Venezuela would struggle to remain afloat.

The United States is looking to intervene but as you may have expected, these efforts are being met with derision. The Iranian Foreign Ministry has issued a stern warning to our country. If the US is found to have blocked these shipments, Iran could respond in an aggressive manner. This warning was sent back to the president after his administration let them know that they were exploring their options.

“Trump must be very clear about the outlook on whether or not to allow Iran’s ships to enter Venezuela. If you let them pass, the West loses. If he prevents them from arriving, he will have taken a step of no return that will force him to make other decisions to end Maduro.”

At this point, that’s all that can be done. The United States cannot afford to wage war with every country that is not willing to play by our rules. On the other hand, there is only so long that we can wait. A confrontation is brewing here and even Venezuela’s foremost political scientists are taking a closer look at what is going on.

A. Coronil Hartmann is one of their foremost authorities in this regard. In his mind, Trump is going to need to outline his expectations in a clear and concise manner. Are Iranian ships going to be allowed to enter Venezuela? It’s a simple yes or no question. If they are allowed to pass without any further issues, the West is going to be considered a major loser.

Meanwhile, it is not an easy decision to block them from entry. If it were truly that simple, President Trump would have already made this decision. Any decision of this nature is going to be met with force. At this time, Maduro’s reign of terror would have to end….one way or another. As you can see, this is not the type of choice that can be made with a short term point of view.

The ripple effects of the decision are going to be felt for a very long time. Venezuela’s economy could also feel the brunt of the pain. American leaders need to be thinking long and hard about what the next move is here. There is no reason to rush into anything when the nation is currently in a very weakened state.

Hopefully, all of the people who believe that the United States would be better off embracing socialist principles are willing to examine what is going on in Venezuela. When countries like these run into problems, they have no resources of their own to turn to. They are forced to turn to countries that do not always have their best interests at heart.

The United States’ enemies are currently monitoring the situation closely as well. This is not the time to be projecting any form of weakness whatsoever. We are sure that this is going to factor into any sort of decision that President Trump makes when it comes to this matter. Hopefully, this situation is able to be resolved without any bloodshed but we are sure that Maduro is very worried about what will happen next.

In the meantime, American leftists need to take this as a cue to stop playing footsie with socialists. While Bernie Sanders has already been eliminated from the Democratic race, these ideas are still flourishing in leftist settings. The issues that Venezuela is currently going through should be enough to give even the most staunch leftists major pause.


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