eBay Executives Sent Live Bugs and Mortal Threats to Bloggers Criticizing eBay

The most powerful people have the thinnest skin, don’t they? It’s amazing to watch them lose their tempers and act like the world’s biggest children. Stories like this one make us wonder just how low they can go. We are now learning about the ridiculously immature behavior that just took place at eBay. Can you believe that this company’s executives are currently conducting themselves like grade school bullies?

Their actions were so severe, they are now facing charges on the federal level. The target? A blogger from Massachusetts. Since the site in question had been critical of eBay in the past, something had to be done about it. The top executives at the company elected to harass a couple that was responsible for saying less than complimentary things about eBay.

If this seems like deranged behavior from where you are sitting, you are certainly not alone. Lots of people are wondering why eBay would go to such an insane extent over something that is not going to hurt their bottom line all that much. We highly doubt that people were sitting around, all worried about what this blogger had to say before they placed their merchandise up for sale.

Six former eBay Inc. employees have been charged with waging an extensive campaign to terrorize and intimidate the editor and publisher of an online newsletter with threats and disturbing deliveries to their home, including live spiders and cockroaches, federal authorities said Monday.

Executives were upset about the newsletter’s coverage, so their employees set out to ruin the lives of the couple who ran the website, sending a funeral wreath, bloody pig face Halloween mask and other alarming items to their home, authorities said. The employees also sent pornographic magazines with the husband’s name on it to their neighbor’s house and planned to break into the couple’s garage to install a GPS device on their car, officials said…

In addition to the disturbing deliveries, the employees set up fake social media accounts to send threatening messages to the couple, authorities said. After the bloody pig mask was delivered, the editor received a message saying: “DO I HAVE UR ATTENTION NOW????,” according to court documents. They also posted the couple’s names and address online, advertising things like yard sales and encouraging strangers to knock on the door if they weren’t outside.

The campaign against the bloggers was an extensive one, too. It’s not as if they sent one mean letter and that was it. There were various threats being made and the items being delivered to their home are disturbing. Live cockroaches and spiders were sent to the couple, who had to be wondering what they could have possibly done to deserve such treatment.

On August 18 just after midnight, the eBay employees allegedly posted a classified ad on Craigslist claiming to be from the Natick couple inviting “singles, couples and swingers” to their house to party after 10 p.m. every night.

“People were encouraged to knock on the couple’s door, anytime day or night,” said Lelling.

All of this because a newsletter said some things that they were not fond of. If anything, this behavior is only going to draw more attention to the newsletter and the couple that is responsible for it. Is that what these folks envisioned when they launched their attack? The attacks did not even stop there, either!

A funeral wreath was even sent and that would have given us major pause. Were the eBay executives insinuating that they could have the couple killed? It’s the type of thinly veiled threat that would have us sleeping with a gun under the pillow. The employees also stand accused of sending pornographic materials with the husband’s name on them to their neighbor’s home.

They also had plans to break into the couple’s garage, so that a GPS tracker could be placed on their car. Fake social media accounts were even made to harass the couple. Their address was even posted online, as they dared readers to stop by and pay them an unwanted visit. The eBay employees went so far as to take out a fake Craigslist ad that encouraged people to contact the couple at any hour of the night.

People were told that they could knock on the couple’s door during any time of the night. This is the type of behavior that you would expect from high school kids who are willing to write someone’s name on the bathroom wall as a means of taunting them. The feds have now ensnared all of these goofballs with various charges and we honestly hope that someone throws the book at all of them.

A half hour after the article was published, “Executive 1” texted another executive, identified as “Executive 2”: “(Victim 1) is out with a hot piece on the litigation. If you are ever going to take her down..now is the time,” according to court documents.

It’s the sort of situation that makes people look back at the mysterious resignation of eBay’s CEO, Devin Wenig. He resigned last September, claiming to have some sort of disagreement with the board of the company. It seems to us that he was looking to distance himself from eBay because the horrific events are said to have taken place last year.

In other words, this is not new information and we are not buying any story about the differences between Wenig and the board. How could people who are so successful be this hung up on a simple blog from a humble couple on the other side of the country? No one seems to know but they had better come up with a decent explanation once the Feds start to ask more questions.


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