Democrats Complain Obama is Being Criticized Too Much

As the Democratic party shifts more and more to the left, going against and even attacking former President Barack Obama, some are beginning to complain that it isn’t such a good idea.

It is a little befuddling, to say the least. I mean here you have supposedly one of the greatest and most successful Democratic presidents of all time (according to many), and yet several presidential candidates within his own party are bashing him, repeatedly.

And those of the conservative party aren’t the only ones confused by the attacks on his policies and Obamacare. Democrats themselves are not very understanding of the reason behind the recent attacks that took place during the second round of the Democratic primary debate.

Former chair of the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida Henry Crespo is one. He watched the debate surrounded by about a dozen other black Democratic officials and operatives, all of which were astonished at the way that some candidates, particularly Harris and Booker, voiced their opposition to Obama.

He told Politico, “Obama is an icon in our community. And they’re attacking his legacy Obamacare? And Joe Biden is the one defending it?” He went on to say, “We were sitting here watching this and wondering: ‘What the hell are you doing? What is wrong with our party?’ It’s like they want to lose.”

He like many others find it odd that as part of the black community themselves, and needing more black votes, Harris and Booker would so indignantly criticize the first black president of the United States, leaving a very white Joe Biden to defend him.

It’s just bizarre.

As for the former president himself, he obviously isn’t thrilled with the attacks, and neither are many of his administration members. But that is the least of his worries. He is more concerned about some of the policies and “unrealistic” proposals that are being advocated by his far-left party members, such as Medicare for All. And this isn’t the first time he has mentioned this view.

Several months ago, The Washington Post reported on Obama’s meeting with the new House Democratic majority, where he said, “We (as Democrats) shouldn’t be afraid of big, bold, ideas – but also need to think in the nitty-gritty about how those big, bold ideas will work an how you pay for them.”

While the former president isn’t necessarily opposed to the Medicare for All plans that White House hopefuls like Sanders, Warren, and even Harris are promoting, he is concerned about the how. He has said from the very beginning that Medicare for All was, in fact, “a good idea,” in one speech. However, was and still is worried that the upheaval of the entire private insurance industry would be too much for America, at least at this time.

When did Obama become a fiscal conservative? Or at least that is the way he appears in comparison to his fellow party members.

Even more confusing and frustrating to Obama and other seemingly more moderate Democrats is that suddenly these extreme leftists went from shouting from the rooftops about how much they hate Trump to attacking their own party member. This change, no matter how sudden, is leaving many to question the sanity or wisdom of those presidential candidates.

Wouldn’t it be far more productive for them to rage against the current president that is the bane of their existence? But no, these looney liberals have decided to really put themselves out there and take on one of their own.

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough certainly agrees. He said Friday morning on his show, “I will say it to Democratic candidates again: Focus on Donald Trump. OK?” he said. “Repeat after me: ‘I will not attack Barack Obama; I will focus on Donald Trump and the dangers his presidency brings.’ It’s really easy. … You’re letting yourself down, you’re letting the country down. Your focus should be on Donald Trump.”

He and others say to their fellow Democrats, “(You) need to wake up.”

Eric Holder tweeted similarly, “Be wary of attacking the Obama record. Build on it. Expand it. But there is little to be gained – for you or the party – by attacking a very successful and still popular Democratic President.”

However, if these radical leftists are intent on ripping their party apart and feeding on each other, who are we to stop them? Let them fall.

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