Democratic Consultant Lying About His Allegedly Affair with Omar

Ilhan Omar is known as the drag queen of Congress. She allegedly has two husbands and now a cheat on her side. Of course, Omar would deny all of these allegations. But the one thing that remains clear is that she has two husbands and a cheat on the side. The man involved with Omar has denied all the accusations against him. But his wife tells a different story while at the same time is filing for divorce from the man that is cheating on her.

It should surprise anyone that the Tim Mynett, the cheat, is a Democrat. The Democratic Party is known for cheating people and on people. Then they deny everything and act like nothing really happened. But not this time. Tim the Democrat got caught cheating on his wife and now is denying the whole thing. His wife claims that he admitted to the affair that had been going on for a long month.

His wife stated, “he was romantically involved with and in love with another woman, Ilhan Omar.” The long hours at the office and often trips would seem to support this kind of relationship. Tim the Democrat has asserted that he ever said those words to his wife. He filed this statement in court against his own wife. The Mynett’s have a 13-year-old son that is broken over these recent events. He is the true victim is his father’s dastardly dead of cheating on his mother. One moment he has a happy family and the next he is wondering where his stable world went.

Beth Mynett’s court statement also stated that the “Defendant’s more recent travel and long work hours now appear to be more related to his affair with the rep. Omar than with his actual work commitments.” This kind of behavior is consistent with the Democrats in American politics. They do things that make them happy. They get involved with illegal issues and try to cover them all up. When they are confronted about their nasty behavior they deny everything. They have been known to attack people with words and physical violence in order to shut the competition up.

Beth Mynett has also stated that her husband would travel a lot with Ilhan Omar on business trips. Omar’s campaign has been very generous with the consultant as her campaign has been paid over $200,000 in one year alone. This type of behavior makes everyone believes that Tim the Democrat is a cheater. He has effectively pushed his own family away in order to have a cheating relationship with another woman that has two husbands.

Beth Mynett believes that Tim the Democrat knowingly put their child in harm’s way. She is seeking full custody of the 13-year-old as she believes she is the best parent suited to care for his needs. Omar has been in the news a lot and has made quite a number of enemies as she has repeatedly trashed the United States and Israel. She has received many threats of harm and several death threats since her reign of terror in Congress began over a year ago.

Tim the Democrat says that his son wanted to go to the dinners. Instead of being the responsible parent and keeping the boy at home, Tim allowed the boy to come to the dinners. Beth Mynett has a solid case against her cheating husband. He has admitted that he is having an affair with Omar and now he is saying it never happened. So once again Democrats speak out of both sides of their mouths.

Omar is also being accused of marrying her brother in order to commit immigration fraud. She is currently said to be married to men at the same time. And now it looks like Tim could be the third. Omar denies everything like a good Democrat does. She is reluctant to talk about her personal life because she knows that everything is said in the media is true about her life and the choices that she is making.

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