Corruption in Puerto Rico! Trump Was Right Again

Puerto Rico Corruption

Time and time again, President Trump’s seemingly outrageous statements are found to be true. When he referred to the Puerto Rico government as “corrupt”, there were a lot of people who were outraged. As it turns out, these people were not actually mad at President Trump. They were simply mad at the harsh truths that were being presented to them.

2018 reports indicated that large amounts of relief related items were being left to rot. The food and supplies that were being sent down were not actually being distributed to the Puerto Rican people. Instead, these items were simply being left behind. From there, the animals and vermin that roam the streets were having an absolute field day with them.

Carmen Yulín Cruz should be ashamed. As the mayor of Santa Cruz, they decided to blame Trump at every turn. It was alleged that he was responsible for not sending enough aid. Food that was donated to Puerto Rico was not given to the people. Instead, it was left to rot inside of a warehouse.

Supplies were also found languishing in a parking lot. If that were not enough, an entire warehouse that was filled to the brim with supplies was also found in Puerto Rico. This discovery may be a more recent one but it makes us wonder why so many lies were being told about the United States and our willingness to help out during such a difficult time.

The only reason that the warehouse full of goods was found? The earthquakes that have recently taken place in Puerto Rico. We suspect that there are some people out there who owe President Trump an apology but they are never going to admit that they are wrong. Why would they allow themselves to be swayed by things like physical evidence?

All jokes aside, it is sad that the liberal media gets to control the narrative like this. That’s what makes an exposure like this one so amazing. Instead of being able to shape the narrative as they see fit, the fake news media now has to sit back and admit that they were not right. This should be a happy day for all those who saw this coming.

After all, why would Trump make something like this up? Why would he want a United States territory to suffer like this? There’s no way that he would ever sign off on such an awful thing. In case you are someone who remains skeptical about these things, we urge you to take a closer look at the video footage that was taken inside of the warehouse.

It is pretty bad to spin this into a negative for Trump, although we are sure that people will try. Maybe in the future, he will receive the benefit of the doubt. He seems to be right far more often than he is given credit for. We are not the type who look to give credit where it is not due, either.

There is nothing wrong with criticizing leaders and political figures when they get things wrong. This is what democracy is all about. On the other hand, there is something wrong with criticizing leaders and political figures about things that they had nothing to do with. We just hope that people are at least taking the time to delete all of their negative online commentary.

Too many folks have felt comfortable taking potshot after potshot after potshot at Trump. Apparently, he is someone who makes himself an easy target because of his brazen behavior and bold commentary. That does not mean that he is wrong when he speaks, though. He’s been right more often than he has been wrong, that much cannot be disputed.

We are also aghast at this mayor’s actions. Are political beefs important enough to endanger the future of a nation? According to this mayor, the answer is a very simple one: yes. A horrible attempt at destroying Trump’s level of credibility should never have made it this far but we live in a world where people essentially believe what they want to believe when it comes to the life and times of Trump.

This is a story that needs to be shared, so that the world can get the real deal about what is going in with Puerto Rico. Some would still like to believe that Trump is cutting off aid because it fits the narrative that they have come up with. In reality, those who actually take the time to study on their own know that the exact opposite is true.


  1. here is more truth about our great President, THey just keep taking the monies and taking and blame everyone else.. TIME TO HANG THESE DEM TRAIOTRS>>>>>

    • Amen! America has been sending aid to other places with either despot dictators, or corrupt governments (but I repeat myself) for at least the last century, including the lives of our military. Time to figure this out. The aid doesn’t get to the people, because they (the corrupt leaders) do not want it to.

    • The U S needs to apply a stipulation that U S personnel will distribute all Aid. Then those out in that position need to be Screened at the highest level to avoid embarrassment for the U S. Start building a pool if Volunteers now to be be ready when the need comes.

  2. We need our country cleaned out of these hate filled traitors trying to impose imperial rule over the good citizens of our great nation and the world. All while corrupting out nation and globe with endless corruption… Round Them Up, Tribunals for Traitors and deal with them according to real justice, not the usual liberal hand slapping for murder, rape and treason…


  4. Let’s face it-the Democrats are in cahoot! This is one of there schemes to make it look like it’s the Presidents fault. I hope the people here in Puerto Rico can see and realize that it is the Democrats(people here) are running the government here.
    Wake up people, open eyes and throw out these dishonest people. Locked them and throw the keys away.

  5. Yes, President Trump was right, I could see it early on. They left the bottled water sit out until it wasn’t any good and that was quite a while ago.
    If we are going to send more then someone needs to be sent along to set up the program on how it is to be done. The mayor has NO clue. She needs to step down and let someone with some common sense take over. The only person she cares about is like the Demonrats here, themselves.

  6. As the old saying goes on Hawaii 5 O “Bookem Dano”. Hay when we send relief to an area in disaster it needs to be delivered! If that does not happen then NO RELIEF WILL BE SENT AT ALL

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